Vastu For Your Study Room

Vastu For Your Study Room

Vastu for Your Study Room – For Students & Others

Just maintain some simple way of alignments according to the Vastu System to get better concentration on your studies. I am mentioning some important of them here:


    1.    Do not keep your heads towards West or North Direction while sleeping.


    2.    In case of boys – Do not sleep at all in the north-west direction of your home.


    3.     In case of girls –  Try not to sleep in the south-east direction of your home.


    4.    Do not keep mirrors in your bedroom.


    5.    If a mirror is there in your study room so do not keep it in the west or south direction of the room.


    6.    Always study facing East, North or North-East direction.


    7.    Keep your study table always clean. Avoid keeping lot of piece of papers on the table. Try to keep everything in order.


    8.    Place your study area in the north-east direction of your home.


    9.    Always sit in the same place & to same direction to study.


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