Vastu Tips For Your Bed Room


 Vastu Tips For Your Bed Room

Vastu for bedroom

Bedroom Vastu tips: A bedroom is a place where you take rest & take a sound sleep after whole day work-out. Not only that, bedroom plays a very important role for a married couple. But, still many couples just ignores the matter of “how should the bedroom look like” & many people use their bed-room as a “mini-store-room”. 

In my previous article, I had mentioned that every object in this creation has its own
vibration & they are all on one energy field. If we miss-aligned something, we won’t be able to take the advantage of that field, which has a great impact on our mind & body.


I am going to discuss on Dos & don’ts Vastu for your Bed-Room. 

Vastu tips for bedroom

    1.    Remember, do not place a bed in the middle of your Bedroom, there should be always support of a wall and this gives strength to the relation between husband & wife, this keeps your mind also cool. 

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    2.    Two types of light should be there in bedroom one soft light should be there for sleeping and romantic time only and another should be at other times, which would be of bright. 

    3.    Do not use Metal beds made with iron, aluminum, steel etc. This type of bed can create misunderstanding & ego clashes between husband & wife and can create several problems in the relationships. In Vastu system, Wooden Bed is always preferable. 

bedroom vastu

    4.    Head towards “South & West Direction” can give you a deep sleep.  

    5.    Placing mirror is also an important thing in the case of bed rooms. You should not place any mirror in the bedroom, but, if that is necessary to keep there so – according to Vastu System do not keep the mirror in those places from where you can see your reflection while sleeping or on the bed. 

    6.    You should use bright color in the bedroom which will give the peace of mind.  

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    7.    Do not keep dressing table in the bedroom. 

    8.    Place pleasant painting pictures which indicate nature, on the wall.

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