Venus in 11th House Career, Gains-Loss, Marriage, Friends, Finance

Venus in 11th House Career, Gains-Loss, Marriage, Friends, Finance

Venus in 11th house Love, Career, Friendship & Networking ,Finance, Gains& Loss Marriage in birth chart/ horoscope/ kundli – Vedic astrology: Venus in 11th bhav makes you a social butterfly and socially will be  attractive among others. You will have pleasing personality with this position of Venus. Native gains much success and popularity through social media, entertainment sector as well as in the career of designing, advertisement, feng- shui, Vastu, decoration,as a wedding planner etc.

Shukra in 11th from Lagna for all Ascendants

Venus here makes person very smart, diligent and socially very active. He or she will be very career oriented and very outgoing. Venus in this place makes native achiever, risk taker and never shy away from taking initiative or lead. Venus here gives romantic inclination with people who are quite elder in age in comparison to native.

Venus or Shukra in 11th  house from Lagna For All Ascendant General Effect:-  Effect and Result of Venus or Shukra in 11th house can differ from person to person as placement of different sign in 11th house,degree, lordship, malefic and benefic, dignity, degree, malefic and benefic aspect,affliction, combination conjunction, combustion of Shukra, Venus  in different Nakshatra (constellation) as well as strength and dignity of Venus  in 11th bhav.

Venus with specific placement gives very smooth childhood and youthful years of life for most of the people. This particular position of Venus gives strength and diplomacy to successfully deal with people with tact and  diplomacy in  profession, business as well as socially.Native will be his or her own favourite. Venus in this position make native bold , a crowd puller and an excellent host as well as  stage performer.

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Venus in this house makes native a crowd puller with their talent. Native may face hardship at times but it will be only for very brief time period. Venus in 11th house may lead native towards excess partying, alcohol or intoxicated activities which may lead to his or her downfall. All those glitters are not gold is synonyms which reflects the placement of Venus in 11th house.

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Results Of 11th house Venus and Your Career

Venus in 11th bhav  makes native an amazing dancer or choreographer. Native will be successful in artistic and creative pursuit. Native may taste success quite early in  life. This is good placement of Venus for becoming  singers, actors, choreographer, dancer, host, anchor etc. Business in Hotel line will make native very wealthy.

Business or work  related to garments, textiles,marbles, beauty product, styling etc will give native success, growth and wealth in life. Some native may enjoy big fame due to their artistic or literary work.Employment in sales and marketing sector will make native reach good position in  life along with solid  earning.Native will not be very good in  education but will be good in their career or profession.

Venus In 11th house in Kundli and Your Finance

Most native with this placement of Venus becomes wealthy in life or will have sound financial position in life. Person if in service will have decent and earning as well as advancement and increment in their life. Native will be successful and wealthy through their business. Native will be in comfortable financial position after reaching 30 in life.

Native may also get good support of wealth from in-laws, brothers and spouse if needed.Person may starts earning from very young age of life. Financial condition will be sound at least till 60 years of age. Some people may also earn from investments, brokerage, contract work or through business of cotton or cosmetics.

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Venus in 11th house in Kundli/ Natal Chart and Your Love Life

Love  life of these individuals with Venus in 11th house remains mainly positive but there can be hurdles, dejection ,heart break, emotional outburst initially especially at teenage age. After some initial failures, native may get reunited with old lover or may find someone very special someone very new.

Native may find love in their actual soul mate or twin flame connection which after some progress turns into Love Marriage. Love life can be very pleasing but yet some emotional disturbance will be there. There is also chance of some casual clandestine affair but it will be for very brief time period. Break-up separation will not deter from their path of success. Old love may also comeback in their life.

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Venus in 11th house in Horoscope and Your Marriage

Married life will be very pleasing, peaceful, with all the happiness, peace and conjugal bliss if 7th house or 7th lord is  not under the malefic influence. Bonding with spouse and children will bring happiness , pleasant experiences and  that will be the most important thing for the native.

Venus in  11th house gives very helpful and understanding spouse who will be wise , loyal and devoted towards the person. Marriage will give stability and balance in the life of the native.

Native fortune rises after Marriage. Possibility of love marriage is good with this placement of Venus. Spouse will be very attractive physically and there will be much intimacy and trust between the couple after marriage. Spouse will be very helpful in all of the endeavours of the native and person sometimes work with their spouse in case of self employment. Native may also get financial assistance  as well as assistance in their daily work in profession from spouse.

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Venus in 11th house in Birth Chart – Your Gains and Loss

Native will have lot of gains in life but only due to their own hard work and native would rarely take help or financial assistance from others. Business will be quite profitable if 11th lord is in good position in horoscope.

Native might become rich in an early age of life in within the age of 30.He or She  may get cheated or suffer loss due to friends or in love but native will quickly recover from it and will carry out their path of success with execution and perfection. Native may get role of leader in their society , colleagues, friends or gatherings. Venus gets gains from in-laws, spouse, sibling as well as relatives.

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Venus  in 11th  house in Kundli Your Friendship and Networking

Native will be very helpful towards their friends and may  make sacrifice sometimes. Person  can go out of their way to help loved ones. Native will be dedicated to their close relations and will be a loyal partner inn love and marriage. Native will have large circle of friends. Native will be the charmer and will be very pleasing in the eyes of opposite sex.

Sometimes, some fraud can happen due to person’s sweet and friendly nature. Native will have good contacts and one will be jovial in the party and star attraction in social gatherings. Influential contact at very young will make things easy for the native in their career especially . Even at work place Peers, seniors or authorities will be very supportive towards  the native.

Special effects of Venus in 11th house of Birth-chart/ Astrology

Venus in this house longs for freedom, expression, and independence at work place. Native attitude towards life and  towards others will be very positive. Person will be a sweet talker. One will be inclined to do  artistic and creative work and person will  give value to serving needy and poor.

Native will be amicable to almost everyone but hidden enemies and conspiracy may trouble native. Relationship with family and parents will be pleasing and amicable. Native may also get attracted to physical sports, racing, horse riding, boxing, wrestling, cycling etc.

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