Venus In 1st House/ Ascendant Love, Career, Marriage

Venus In 1st House/ Ascendant Love, Career, Marriage

Venus In 1st House/ Ascendant Love, Career, Marriage: Venus In First/1st House Personality: Venus is a Maya planet in today’s world. It is the brightest planet in the solar system. Luxury and sensual pleasures are the main theme of planet Venus.  Maximum celebrities such as musicians, actors, artists, and dancers have special dignity and placement of Venus in their chart.  Venus is a planet should be at the right place in a horoscope in native’s kundli as it is the most important planet in today’s world. Venus signifies material pleasure, love, romance, marriage, and friendship. Beauty, music, dance, or an artistic and creative ability has been given by Venus as a prime planet and prime source of entertainment, comfort and pleasure. Anything related to luxury such as jewelry, cars, beautiful house and aristocratic background is the representation of auspicious Venus.

Planet Venus is also known as Goddess of loves and romance and promising fulfillment of materialistic dreams and desires. Good placement of Venus in horoscope provides immense blessing to the individual in terms of charm, grace and attraction in this or her personality.

The Result of Venus in Ascendant or 1st house(lagna) vary from person to person because of different sign in the 1st house of different people having the same planet Venus in lagna; as because of different lordship due to change of signs. AS, lordship varies from Aries sign in lagna or 1st house to Pisces sign in lagna or 1st house.

General Effect Of Venus In First/1st House:Venus in 1st house personifies love, romance, physical wellbeing and physical attraction amalgamated with gracious charm in the personality of the native those having Venus in 1st house. This placement of Venus gives drive towards artistic taste and materialistic desires and sensuous physical pleasures with social upliftment in the society as native in 1st house climbs the ladder of social prestige, fame and materialistic abundance in their life. They lead their life as king size with much of lazy indulgence in comforts and leisure. Venus governs the pleasures associated with five organ senses as given- smell (the fragrances), savor (indulgent food), sound (music), sights (beauty, art), and touch (luxury textures). Charm and elegance with flamboyance, politeness with culture denotes Venus presence in 1st house. When Venus happens to be 1st house in the horoscope of a native, they will be charming and a polite person with charismatic aura and persona. People get attracted to you like bees to honey. Whatever you want in life usually but not always comes to you without much of labor or hard work. You should avoid being selfish and self-centered and should respect others feelings and priorities too. They could travel in foreign countries too.

Venus In 1st House Horoscope and Love Relationships

when  it comes to love life of an individual having Venus in 1st house, the native will be very attractive for the many many members of opposite sex as his charm and aura will be like magnet and he or she will possess captivating power and charisma to enjoy many love affairs. The only concern is they do get attached and emotional in their love life but their many love partners cheat on them and make them look like a fool. They dive in hot soup when it comes to love relations as they might encounter more than one love affair simultaneously. They fail when it comes to solidify long term relationship as their partner or they themselves find the guilt of infidelity or loss of interest. But they can have one single soul mate kind of love affair in long run after many initial setbacks in their love life.

Venus In 1st House Of Horoscope and Marriage – Vedic Astrology

When it comes to finding out final meaningful long term life partner, they get lucky thankfully and ends up getting married to their soul mate. Venus in 1st house bless native with loving, caring and beautiful and also dutiful wife or husband. After marriage they do enjoy abundance of good luck and wealth through marriage partner or with the help of his spouse or spouse’s relative. Married life remain happy, content and peaceful for the natives having Venus in 1st house without any affliction.

Venus In 1st House Of Horoscope and CAREER – Vedic Astrology

Venus in 1st house makes native gain tremendous wealth and success in business dealing of luxury items, cosmetic, import-export of garments or dealing in perfume fragrance, marble, tiles etc. Business in food industry makes ample gain and social recognition for native as running hotel, motel, villa or any Restaurant.

But ideally, Venus in 1st house bless the native with lots of creative and artistic talent which can provide native enormous fame and social star public image if they try to find opportunity with struggle in the sector of films, TV, media or radio. Venus in 1st house with affliction can make you dancer, actor, fashion model, musician,  or can make you grow in life with business related to cosmetics, music industry, fashion, arts, perfumes and other things which is represented by Venus. Venus loves sweet food items so some care is require to keep diabetes away but dealing in sweets business will give you immense profit in life.




If afflicted, Venus in first house gives attractive physique, pleasing  social appearance and romantic persona. They possess good fashion sense and love liquor and dance parties. These natives prefers and choose to be in center of attention, likes to be watched and talked about and being admired by one n all. if not afflicted in 1st house then it makes native wander for spiritual pursuit and he behave like a saint to everyone. Venus in 1st house gives ample exposure to the native with opposite sex and they can form illicit relations with them if not guided and checked properly. They can also get into porn industry in search of easy money and pleasure.

Overall, a great placement for the Venus if happens to be in good dignity in 1st house. As Venus will bless the native with easy life with popularity and much luck to the individual.

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