Venus In 3rd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance In Vedic Astrology

Venus In 3rd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance In Vedic Astrology

Venus In 3rd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance In Vedic Astrology: In Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart: Native with Venus in 3rd house in their Natal D1 chart or Lagna chart or ascendant chart bestows and yields polite demeanor in aura and persona of the native, and native delivers or assert pleasing polite persuasive speech. Such a native is likely to possess articulation talent and creative prowess in their expression, both in speech and also in writing.

These natives tend to be fond of the short exotic pleasurable trip and short distance traveling related to their careers. Short distance travels are likely to earn and yield big gains in their life whether money or honey.

Your immediate surroundings or neighborhood also remains quite peaceful and comfortable. Individuals with Venus in 3rd house likely to be surrounded by beauty, luxury, and pleasing opposite sex personalities.

You share a cordial relationship and bond with neighbors, siblings, opposite sex and relatives too. You like to keep your things and relationships hustle and tussle free with peace like moonshine harmony, thus you usually avoid any kind of confrontations and arguments with people or competitors to keep the mental peace of life smooth sailing.

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Result of Venus in 3rd house can differ in a horoscope from person to person because of different signs, lordship, affliction, combustion, retrogression, constellation, aspect, etc.

Effects Of Venus/ Shukra In 3rd House For Any Ascendant

Venus in 3rd house General effect: When Venus is posited in 3rd house of the horoscope, the native will become wealthy, Sensuous and happy but he or she be a miser in terms of spending money in charity or for any good cause. The native is can be a mimicry artist, translator, mountain climber, and a very enthusiastic, optimistic positive and hardworking person.

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Venus in third house in a horoscope of an individual bestows many siblings or co-borns and he/she will be successful in the artistic field of poem, songwriting or fiction film writing especially a romantic one.

Such a person will desire pleasure through the opposite sex and will derive and indulge in sexual union with strangers or acquaintance while traveling.  if Venus in 3rd house is afflicted by any malefic planet, there will be chances of ear disease, especially the left ear.

If Venus is under the malefic influence of Mars, there will be extra marital relation and affair in the natives life and such individual will spend his hard-earned money on his physical felicity and his/her sexual desires, Saturn aspect or malefic influence on Venus can make native tilt and sway back to right path or on right track after some losses of money and respect or humiliation due to such sexual activities.

Venus Effects In 3rd House – Career, and Finance In Astrology

There is a strong possibility for the natives to get a higher degree in the education field related to arts and literature. You may become author and scholar or fiction imaginative writer in romantic movies or in romantic novels.

You may choose to speak as a motivator or orator, writing or lecturing as a full-time profession too. You may also do well in drama, fiction play, singing acting, dancing also may become an actor as a character artist. Anchoring may also give you instant fame in life.

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Venus Placed In 3rd House Of Horoscope and Love Relationships

You may sexually be attracted to a distant relative or your friends relative or to any neighbor of the opposite sex. You should avoid putting too much thought and doubt in your relationships.

Sometimes the urge to form a strong solid bond and emotional attachments with people overpowers your own individuality. You will always be insecure in your relationship and you or your partner may also suffer from trust and loyalty issues. Love life will have constant ups and downs and may not settle for one love partner until many affairs and heartbreaks.

Venus In The Third House and Marriage In Horoscope Or Kundli

If Venus placed in 3rd house of horoscope in feminine signs like Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces, the native may face many difficulties and obstacles in getting married to a person of his or her choice. and there will be lots of problems after marriage because of a lack of physical or mental compatibility. Arranged marriage will prove to be a successful one with peach and harmony as well as mutual understanding.

There will be chances for 2nd marriage after divorce. the native will have the lusty sexual desire with a fondness for adultery and may have more than one sexual relation. such a person may not have any female child or there will be trouble in having progeny.

When Venus posited in 3rd house of a horoscope in masculine signs like Aries, Leo, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius, the native will have a beautiful life partner and gains from a spouse will be definite. But still, he/she may cheat their spouse and have extra physical relations outside marriage.

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You will have co-borns and siblings especially younger sister or younger brother but you will share a pleasant and amicable relationship with them. You will have a good vocal chord or soothing voice and higher education with a passion for exotic pleasurable travel.

You will have some rich influential neighbors and your life partner’s family or father will be very wealthy and jovial. You will love Automobiles and would be crazily fond of high-speed l driving and you may go for a date on a long drive several times in your life. You will not lose your confidence, composure, and self-belief in any situation easily and you will taste the sweet victory over your enemies and competitors.

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