Will I Become A Writer? Horoscope Report


Will I Become A Writer?

Question (As it is): “Will I Become A Writer?” (Writer’s Horoscope Report)

The Question was asked by: 

First Name: Saptarishi
Last Name: Das 
[email protected] 
Birth Date
Birth Time
07:42 AM 
Birth Place(Country,State,City)
India, West Bengal, Calcutta



 Planetary position

Planet Sign Degree Lord Nakshatra Pad Lord
Asc Gemini 28.08 Mer Punarvasu 3 Jup
Sun Taurus 19.59 Ven Rohini 3 Mon
Mon Capricorn 07.52 Sat U.Asadha 4 Sun
Mar Aquarius 14.19 Sat Satabhisaj 3 Rah
Mer(R) Gemini 02.43 Mer Mrigasira 3 Mar
Jup Aries 26.31 Mar Bharani 4 Ven
Ven(R) Gemini 03.38 Mer Mrigasira 4 Mar
Sat(R) Sagittarius 06.44 Jup Mula 3 Ket
Rah(R) Aquarius 25.13 Sat P.Bhadrapada 2 Jup
Ket(R) Leo 25.13 Sun P.Phalguni 4 Ven

Horoscope Judged and answered by Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee (Jyotish Pravakar) 

Dear Saptarishi, 

You have asked me whether you will become a writer or not? First of all, I want to tell you that, nobody can become a writer, as long as he/she is not giving birth of a writer within him/herself. So be passionate and concentrate on what your dream is. 

Now, let’s come to the point. As far as your birth chart is the concern you had fallen under the influence of Gemini Ascendant (Lagna) and Capricorn Sign (Rashi) at the time of your birth. In Astrology Six planets play very important role to make a person – best writer. Those are:

1.      Jupiter

2.      Mars

3.      Mercury

4.      Venus

5.      Moon.

6.      Rahu

Important Houses in the horoscope are:

1.      3rd house

2.      5th house

3.      10th house

4.      12th house

Important signs are:

1.      Gemini

2.      Virgo

3.      Capricorn

Writer in Vedic astrology: Jupiter is the planet of knowledge. Mercury gives the ability to practically implement that knowledge, it is the significator of intelligence. Mars signifies passion for writing. Moon deals with emotions and imaginations of a writer. Rahu creates illusions, it is the planet of “Maya”. With the help of Moon, Rahu creates an imaginary world of creativity what physically doesn’t exist but virtually, yes, it is – a whole new metaphysical world. Ultimately Venus gives an artistic and attractive touch on it, and finally at the end Mercury convert that into writing with selected words, phrases and sentences. This is the whole story.

Now various combinations are also there. Like – combination of Venus and Moon can make a romantic writer, it can give birth of a romantic poet. A combination of Rahu and Mars can make such a writer who only writes about “Adventures” etc.

House also play a crucial role in writing. Like – a strong and connected 3rd house can make a writer famous for writing his own biography. The 12th house represents “Metaphysical” writing etc.

Always remember, all are not for you. Somebody may have the quality of writing novel, somebody may become famous by writing short stories. Somebody may become a famous “humorous story” writer. Sometimes somebody mixes many a thing in writing. Now you have to understand that what can make you famous. If you do the same what others are doing so your story wouldn’t be unique at all. Through Astrology and its planetary position it is possible to say – what is that within you? If once come out, the world will start recognising you! You will have to step into your own imaginary world yourself, astrology won’t do that, but astrology can show you the way because it is the subject to read our subconscious mind.

Anyways, in your natal chart Ascendant lord Mercury and 5th lord, Venus is sitting together have given you a quality of born writer. Mars and Rahu in 9th house. Rahu is aspected lagna by its 5th aspect. Thus, Rahu has connected three planets, those are – Mars, Mercury and Venus and formed a complete “yoga” which a writer should have in his chart. But, Ketu in 3rd house and Moon in 8th house have gifted you a restless mind and uncontrolled emotions. Your emotions are all scattered. Sometimes you gather all in one place but the next time again you find them scattered. As long as you are not becoming a master in organising your thoughts, you won’t be able to give a shape to those. Really there is a born writer within you, but not organised or has broken into pieces. At first become the king of your own internal world, outside manifestation will happen automatically. Organize everything. A whole new world is waiting for you because you have all that you want to. The key is at your hand.

Horoscope Judged by:   

Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee (Jyotish Pravakar) 

Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist & Vastu Specialist.    

Please note: Above calculations are based on mathematics, so if any part of the Birth Data is wrong provided by the person who has asked the question – the prediction won’t match. So please be sure, before submitting your Birth Data.  

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4 thoughts on “Will I Become A Writer? Horoscope Report

  1. Rashmi says:

    Will I become a writer. My date of birth is 19th November, 1974. My place of birth is Firozpur, Punjab and the time of my birth is 2.25 pm.

  2. Vijay parmeshwar mundane says:

    Namaste sir. I m interested in novel writing. Plz tell me can I become a good writer.my biodata is as follows. Name: vijay parmeshwar mundane. Dob: 16.04.1987. Time: 9.30 am. Day: Thursday. Place: Wardha(Maharashtra)


    Will I get my PhD degree, if yes then When? It has been more than four years and there is no sign of getting my PhD due to pending publication of the research paper. I was admitted in PhD on 21/07/15. Please help me. MY DOB 24/04/1985, Time 13:45 , place of birth : Daltonganj, Jharkhand.

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