Writer/ Writing Skills Yog/ Planetary Combinations/ Indications In Astrology

Writer- Writing Skills Yog Planetary Combinations Indications In Astrology-c

Writer/ Writing Skills Yoga/ Planetary Combinations/ Indications In Astrology – Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart: Writing is an exemplary form of fine arts which requires a great deal of detailed and minute attention. Writing is one of the finest form of artistic and creative endeavors. Writing ability and proficiency provides a good change in the life of other people. Writing is the highest for of knowledge and many times wisdom. Writing ability in any person’s life bring good change and transformation in the life of that particular individual.

Writer/ Writing Skills Yoga In Astrology

Writing requires imagination, Visualization, Romantic thoughts, deep intellect, Vision for fiction, Proficiency in Storytelling through poetry or through own sense of imagination and Wisdom, a High range of Adjective and Vocabulary skills, analytical and calculative ability, especially in Astrology writing. Interest in writing only rises through the art of love for nature, romance, imagination, spirituality, astrological knowledge, etc.

Below I’m going to discuss the Astrological Planetary combination to become writer of great caliber in horoscope.

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Role Of Planets in writing Profession In Astrology

  • Moon- Moon represents imagination, tantalization, fiction, Visualization which are very important aspects of writing.
  • Saturn- Saturn represents deep thoughts in writing.
  • Mercury- Mercury represents analysis, intellect, and reasoning and gives a knack for writing.
  • Jupiter:- Jupiter represents talent and wisdom in writing
  • Venus:- Venus represents writing flare, style, and sense of charm and creativity in writing.

Houses or Bhav in Birth Chart responsible for Writer/ Writing Skills

  • 1st house:- 1st house represents interest and talent in writing
  • 3rd house:- 3rd house represents writing skill, analysis, intellect, and creativity in writing
  • 5th house:-  5th house represents imagination, Visualization, IntellectHoroscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart
  • 9th house:- 9th house represents wisdom, higher quality of writing, talent, deep thoughts, and intellect
  • 10th house:- 10th house represents the name, fame career, profession
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Planetary Combinations For Type of Writing In Astrology

  • Writing about Romance represented by -Venus
  • Writing about Action fiction represented by Mars and Mercury
  • Writing about Occult and Astrology represented by Sun and Jupiter.
  • Writing about literature or short stories or comical satire represented by -Moon, Mercury, Venus
  • Writing about biography, autobiography, fiction, poems represented by -Moon and Saturn

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Planets in Houses which makes you a successful Writer

  • Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart1) Sun and Mercury in 1st house, Venus or Moon in 3rd house, and Jupiter in 9th house can makes one an illustrious writer with much fame.
  • 2) Mercury and Moon, Moon and Venus or Venus and Mercury or Jupiter and Moon or Jupiter and Mercury in 10th house will make one an excellent writer.
  • 3) Mercury or Venus in 3rd house along with Moon or Moon in 9th house and Mercury and Venus in 3rd house will make an individual brilliant in writing especially writing poems, novels, stories, or any kind of fictional writing.
  • 4) Sun Jupiter together in 1st house, 3rd house, or  9th house or aspects each other from any house in Natal Chart.
  • 5)  Rahu with Moon or Venus in 1st house, 3rd house, 9th house gives fame in writing.
  • 6) Sun Mercury Venus in 3rd house makes one popular writer and if somehow Jupiter aspects the, then one become a very famous scholar, writer, artist.
  • 7) Venus, Mercury, Moon together in any house can make one a very famous writer especially if aspected by Jupiter.
  • 8) Jupiter in 1st house and Moon in 5th house makes one a great writer
  • 9) Jupiter in 5th house and Moon either in 1st house or 9th house or in 11th house makes one a very famous writer.
  • 10) Sun, Venus, Mercury in 10th house will give you talent and the urge to write.
  • 11) The conjunction of Venus-Mercury with Moon or Rahu either in 5th house or 9th house makes one a very famous writer.
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Zodiac Signs responsible to make a successful writer

All the dual sign which Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and the most important sign for writing is Pisces. A successful writer will at least have Sun, Jupiter, Moon, Venus, Mercury in these sign or at least  3 of 5 mentioned planets. Cancer sign when Moon or Jupiter is in Cancer also makes one a great poet and writer.

Lordship Combination in Horoscope/ Kundli to make a successful writer:-

  • 1) 5th lord either in 3rd house, 5th house, or 9th house makes one an illustrious writer.
  • 2) 3rd lord in 1st house or 3rd lord in 3rd house also makes an individual a successful writer. Exalted 3rd lord in 1st house makes one an excellent writer.
  • 3) 1st lord in 3rd house, 9th house, or 10th house can make one a very proficient writer.
  • 4) 9th lord in 1st house, 3rd house, 5th house, or 9th house can make one a very popular and successful writer.
  • 5) Lagna lord and Jupiter together in 1st house, 3rd house, 5th house, 9th house, 10th house makes one a very successful writer.
  • 6) 1st lord in 9th house or 9th lord in 1st house can make one a popular writer.
Astrological Combinations For Writers/ Writing Skills
  • Saraswati Yoga:– The benefic Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and to some extent Moon occupy trikona bhav or triangular house in Horoscope either in own sign or in the sign of Exaltation.
  • Panch Mahapurusha  Yoga:- Yoga like Malavya and Bhadra provide skills in fine arts, especially in writing. Means Mercury or Venus exalted in Horoscope.
  • Gaj kesari Yoga:–  Jupiter- Moon together in Kendra Bhav or trikona bhav gives flair in writing along with success and popularity. It gives Visualization and imagination in fiction writing.
  • Gandharva Yoga:-  Sun in 1st house and Moon in 9th house can make native an excellent prolific writer.
  • Kalanidhi Yoga:– Jupiter in 5th house in Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra can make one an excellent writer.
  • Sunapha/Anapha/Dhurdhura Yoga:- Yoga f0rmed by Mercury and Venus together especially in 1st house, 3rd house, 5th house, 9th house causes high proficiency and highly skillful talent, intellect which makes one a successful writer.
  • Influence of D9 and D10 chart for becoming a writer:-  The important factor here is if  Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, and Jupiter is either in Taurus sign, Gemini sign, Cancer sign, Virgo sign, Sagittarius, Pisces sign either in 1st house, 3rd house, 5th house or 9th house the native will surely become a successful writer. Out of all mentioned planets, you need 3 planets in the above-mentioned sign.
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