Astrology Consultation - Phone & Email Advice

Astrology Consultation

If you want to personally consult (Personal Astrology Consultation) with Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee regarding any part of your life – it may be marriage, career, education, relationships or any other astrological Consultation, you can schedule an appointment.

Book Online (Online Payment)

After making any online payment: Call – +91 8582816498.


For any other queries, feedback or any Issue you may contact us by clicking or taping the following button:

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A quick Look On Our Astrology Services:

1> Birth Time Rectification Service (If your birth time is not correct)

2> 1 Hour Telephonic Astrology Consultation (Detail Analysis)

3> Specially Designed Horoscope Reports (Detail Analysis)

4> 30 Minutes Astrology Telephonic Consultation

5> Email Astrology Consultation (Detail Analysis)

6> Online Palmistry Reading Service (Detail Analysis)

7> Astrology Remedial Service


Our Astrology Services To Choose:

A. Telephonic Astrology Consultation:


30 minutes Telephonic Astrology Consultation:

(With “Free Face Reading“)


1 Hour Telephonic Astrology Consultation

(A Detail Or In Depth Analysis With “Free Face Reading“)

1 Hour Phone Consultation

B. Email Astrology Consultation:

For any 1 Question & Answer (A Detail Analysis):

Email Astrology Consultation

Birth Time Rectification Service:


birth time rectification vedic astrology

Is your Birth Time correct?

Are you using the correct birth time while judging your horoscope?

Is your Birth Chart giving you exact guidance?

Are Astrology Predictions matching with your practical life events?

If your Birth Data is not correct so, you wil get wrong prediction & won’t be able to get benefits of this holy science called Astrology. In Birth Data, birth time is something what always we are confused about. Now your confusions will end up just by booking this service. Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee an Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist & Vastu Specialist with his years of experience in rectifying birth times will make your birth time correct. Please Note: In this service you wil have to be live over “Phone” Or “Chat” with Dr. Bhattacharjee, as long as the rectification process will be going on (1 hour). Click below to book this service:

Birth Time Rectification

For Online Palmistry Reading Service – Click the link below :

Palmistry Online Consultation Service



D. Astrological Remedy:

astrologycal remedy

During Payment Process for any kind of clarification you can call: +91 8582816498

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  2. piali says:

    nothing is going well in my life for 5 years long ..I’m trying hard bt not getting success in my career objective also m suffering a lot in my personal life my love relationship for last love marriage is predicted or arrange marriage or no marriage for me?what should i do what is stored in my future? is there anything good for me? It seems every happiness has ended in my life and there is no hope to overcome this situation.. please help me plz predict my future.. Name:Piali Saha..DOB:16.06.1988 time:6:52am place: kolkata..

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