Effects Of All Planets as Gnati Karaka In Horoscope-Ultimate Guide

Effects Of All Planets as Gnati Karaka In Horoscope-Ultimate Guide

Effects Of All Planets as Gnati Karaka/ Gyati Karaka In Horoscope-Ultimate Guide: Jaimini astrology is an ancient branch of Vedic astrology that is just as popular as the more ancient Vedic system. A cornerstone of Jaimini Astrology is the concept of planetary Gnati karaka, which gives insight into how these planets will manifest in the overall chart. The Gnati karakas, or ‘karakas’, are the planets most associated with a particular aspect of life, and they inform astrology readings in a way that is unique to Jaimini Astrology.


This article will explore the positive and negative effects of planets as Gnati karakas in Jaimini Astrology according to horoscopic readings. Here I will only talk about effects of planets to know other effects in detail please read this article.

Please Note: The results mentioned as per the planets can vary depending on the other factors and influences present in chart. If the gnati Karaka/ gyati karak is a very positive planet as per your chart’s other factor and placed in a good house then you will have many good results along with few odds in life.

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Positive Effects of Planets as Gnati karaka

Jaimini Astrology places great importance on the power of planets in a person’s life, and Gnati karakas are a powerful means of understanding their impact. The positive effects of planets as Gnati karakas can be remarkably powerful, having a profound influence on an individual’s life pah. For instance, if the Gnati karaka is of wealth (2nd houe) lord also is strong in a chart, it can have a very positive influence on the native’s material wealth and his or her level of financial security.

Negative Effects of Planets as Gnati karaka

While the positive effects of planets as Gnati karakas can be very beneficial, it is important to note that there may also be some negative repercussions that must be taken into account. For instance, if the Gnati karaka planet is also the lord of 7th house is weak or ill-placed in a person’s chart, it can cause a disconnect in the relationships of partner. This can lead to feelings of isolation, and the potential for emotional turmoil.

Similarly, if the Gnati karaka of wealth (2nd house) is weak or ill-placed, it can lead to difficulty in attaining financial stability. This can cause worry and stress, and make it difficult to reach one’s desired level of success. The negative effects of planets as Gnati karakas will vary according to the placement and strength of the planet in the overall chart, and it is important to be aware of the potential for these negative outcomes.

The Role of planets as gnati karaka in Jaimini Astrology

Jaimini astrology is an ancient form of astrology developed by Maharishi Jaimini, one of the oldest Vedic astrologers in India. It is believed that part of his teachings was handed down verbally to his students, as well as written in the ‘Upadesha Sutras’, a lengthy and detailed book outlining his astrological beliefs.

In Jaimini astrology, 9 planets have significant influence on an individual’s life. To gain a better understanding of what the effects of the placement of these planets in a chart indicate, let us explore their roles when acting as the ‘Gnati Karaka’ in a horoscope. Here I will discuss about 7 planets only because in jaimini astrology rahu and ketu is considered as any karaka.

Sun as Gnati Karaka

The Sun represents the soul, father, authority, leadership, creativity, and fame. As Gnati Karaka, the Sun represents the individual’s sense of self and self-awareness. The positive effects of Sun as Gnati Karaka include career success, leadership, and creativity. The career success age for individuals with the Sun as Gnati Karaka is typically in their 30s and 40s. They are likely to be successful in fields that require leadership, authority, and creativity, such as politics, management, or entertainment.

In terms of marriage, the Sun can indicate a strong and dominant spouse. However, there may be some challenges in the relationship due to the individual’s ego or desire for dominance. The Sun also represents the father, and there may be a strong connection with the father or father figure.

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In love life, the Sun represents passion and a strong desire for intimacy. The negative effects of Sun as Gnati Karaka include ego, pride, and arrogance. Individuals with the Sun as Gnati Karaka may struggle with humility and may need to work on developing more empathy and understanding for others.

Moon as Gnati Karaka

The Moon represents emotions, mother, nurturing, creativity, and imagination. As Gnati Karaka, the Moon represents the individual’s emotional well-being and sense of security. The positive effects of Moon as Gnati Karaka include emotional stability, nurturing, and creativity. Individuals with the Moon as Gnati Karaka are likely to find success in fields that require nurturing and caring, such as teaching, healthcare, or social work.

In terms of marriage, the Moon represents a strong emotional connection to their spouse. The marriage life of such individuals is often happy and harmonious, with a deep sense of emotional connection. In love life, the Moon represents a strong desire for emotional intimacy and a deep connection with their partner.

The negative effects of Moon as Gnati Karaka include emotional instability and mood swings. Individuals with the Moon as Gnati Karaka may struggle with emotional regulation and may need to work on developing more emotional intelligence and resilience. Additionally, the Moon can indicate a strong connection to the mother or mother figure, which may also present some challenges in relationships.

Mars as Gnati Karaka

Per Jaimini astrology, the planet Mars, known as the Mangal, is considered the Gnati Karaka for a horoscope. This means that Mars rules the first two of the seven Vargas, so it has the potential to greatly influence an individual’s life. Its effects may be positive or negative, depending on its positioning in the chart.

Positive Effects

Mars, when correctly placed in the horoscope, has the potential to bring about tremendous success in a person’s life. It can lead to a successful career, with the person being noted for their willingness to take risks and their ability to achieve their goals. In addition, it gives a person the power to progress in their professional life with success coming in the age of 24-30 which is determined by its strength and positioning. It is also associated with achievements in politics and a strong sense of justice.

When it comes to marriage, Mars is an important factor. It can lead to a great life-long relationship, providing the partners with enough energy and enthusiasm to work through all the problems that come up. It also indicates a good understanding between the partners, allowing them to have a harmonious, satisfying relationship. In addition, it can bring financial stability as well as physical and mental health.

Finally, Mars is associated with passionate and intense feelings of love, and couples with a benefic Mars in their horoscope usually have a strong connection with each other. They are often able to weather the storms with strength and determination.

Negative Effects

However, when the position of Mars is negative in the chart, it can lead to a variety of problems. The person may be easily angered and prone to outbursts and fits of rage, making it difficult for him/her to control their emotions. Excessive aggression and a lack of self-control are also other possible effects. If the placement of Mars is too malefic, it can lead to a troubled marriage or marital problems such as infidelity, separation or divorce.

In addition, when Mars is not auspiciously placed, it can lead to more difficult professions, ones that require hard labour, or at least a struggle for money and success. It may also be associated with potential risks to health and life due to excessive stress, overwork or dangerous activities. Finally, when this planet is malefic, it can cause a person to be promiscuous or unable to hold onto a true and stable relationship, often leading to broken hearts.

Jupiter as Gnati Karaka

Jupiter is thought to be another Gnati Karaka and thus has an important role to play in an individual’s life. When correctly placed and well aspected, Jupiter brings forth a host of positive traits and characteristics.

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Positive Effects

A benefic Jupiter offers a person success in all legal fields and helps one become an ideal leader. It also brings luck, wealth and fortune and it indicates that one will never have to worry about the basics of life. Jupiter also enhances spiritual qualities, promoting wisdom, inner peace and good fortune.

In addition, Jupiter contributes to a successful marriage, offering good luck, stability, understanding and compatibility. Couples with a well-placed Jupiter can always stay away from recurring conflicts and disagreements, living in harmony and mutual understanding. It helps them practice self-control and make wise decisions, allowing them to stay together for a lifetime.

Finally, Jupiter gives the ability to sincerely and deeply love and connect with someone, giving the relationship an intense romance and passion.

Negative Effects

On the other hand, when Jupiter is malefic, it can lead to a variety of problems. In general, it can bring about a lack of focus, an inability to complete tasks, and it can make one careless, lazy and unreliable. It can also lead to foolish and imprudent decisions, as well as legal issues.

When it comes to marriage and romantic relationships, Jupiter can lead to a lack of emotional understanding and a shallowness in the relationship. It can cause quarrels and bad feelings, leading to a difficult and unstable marriage. In extreme cases, it can cause the partners to drift apart not only in terms of feelings, but also in terms of practical matters.

Finally, a malefic Jupiter can cause instability in one’s life. It can lead to major changes and upheavals, constantly forcing one to adapt and start over in various areas of life.

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Saturn as Gnati Karaka

Positive Effects

When Saturn is the Gnati Karaka, this indicates stability and emotional maturity in one’s life. This can bring an individual great peace and focus, as they will be able to work hard and plan efficiently in order to achieve their goals. People who have Saturn as their Gnati Karaka are usually devoted to their job and career, often achieving great recognition in the field that they have chosen.

Furthermore, this individual is likely to have a good marriage life as they will become increasingly committed and devoted to their partner, providing them with a secure and harmonious relationship. Additionally, those who have Saturn as the Gnati Karaka are likely to have a successful love life, receiving the warmth and affection they seek.

Negative Effects

On the other hand, when Saturn is in a position as gnati karaka, it can act as an obstruction and bring difficulty and delay to an individual’s life. This planetary placement is known to produce an hesitance in individuals, preventing them from making decisions easily and swiftly.

Additionally, with Saturn as the Gnati Karaka, individuals can be extremely severe with themselves, at times bringing physical harm due to excessive amounts of hard work, causing them to become overly critical of their performances. Furthermore, this position can lead to insecurity and financial distress if the individual is not careful with their work and investments.

Mercury as Gnati Karaka

Positive Effects

When Mercury is the Gnati Karaka, this indicates an individual who is creative and imaginative, with much success at an early age. These people usually have a genuine interest in literature, arts and communication due to their intelligent and analytical minds.

In terms of career, these individuals are likely to have great success in the fields that require quick thinking and problem solving, such as those in economics, law, medicine, business and accounting. Additionally, those with Mercury as the Gnati Karaka will generally lead a fulfilled life, as they will be able to explore numerous interests of their own.

Negative Effects

However, when this planet is in this position, it can also bring extreme levels of indecisiveness and distraction, as individuals are easily distracted and prone to wanting to do multiple things at once.

Furthermore, those with Mercury as the Gnati Karaka can be overly ambitious, thereby taking on too much at once and ultimately becoming overwhelmed. Additionally, this placement can lead to difficulty in marriage and love, as the individual will be constantly seeking out new experiences instead of focusing on current relationships.

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Venus as Gnati Karaka in a Horoscope

Venus is known as the Karaka of success and romance, and having it as one’s Gnati Karaka can lead to a bustling and prosperous life. Astrologers have identified the planet as the source of creative power and a significator of gains.

When Venus is placed prominently in the horoscope, with respect to the ascendant, it will bring one luck in terms of material possessions and social standing, along with emotional and spiritual satisfaction. This planet can also be seen as a facilitator for those seeking to fulfill their ambitions.

Venus as Gnati Karaka

Positive Effects

Positively placed Venus the age may range from late twenties to early thirties, while connected to Rahu can bring career heights in a person’s 20s.

When Venus is placed prominently in the chart as your Gnati Karaka, these planets can bring about an early and happy married life. For Venus, marriage will be a result of the affirmative side of the planet, that is, its luxurious and romantic elements.

The placement of Venus as Gnati Karaka can portend a passionate and romantic life. Venus indicates that one may attract a lot of admirers, leading to experiences of a unique kind.

Negative Effects of Venus as Gnati Karaka in Jaimini Astrology

Venus is the significator of enjoyment and comfort in astrology. When it is in a weakened position in the horoscope, there could be negative implications on the life of the native. In Jaimini Astrology, Venus acts as the Gnati Karaka for all the ascendants, although its degree of influence varies from one sign to another.

When Venus is placed negatively in the horoscope, it can cause disturbances in the native’s personal life, especially in their love life, marriage, and long-term relationships, as well as in their career and finances.

For instance, a weak Venus in the horoscope of a Libra native could lead to them facing delays and setbacks in their love life. They could also have unstable relationships, or may never be able to find the right romantic partner. Similarly, this weak placement of Venus can lead to delays in marriage until the age of 30 or more, and the native could face problems during the same period.

Venus also has an impact on the native’s career. For example, if the placement of Venus is weak, the native might find it difficult to progress in their career. This can also cause stagnation, delays, and threat to status and reputation. Moreover, such a placement would affect the native’s ability to attract wealth and can make it difficult for the native to derive any financial benefits from their career.


In the field of astrology, planets are often regarded as Ghatikarakas, which can have both positive and negative effects depending on their strength and placement in the chart. While the positive impacts of these planets can be incredibly beneficial, the negative effects should also be carefully considered. It is crucial for an astrologer to interpret the chart for its unique properties and inform the native of both the positive and negative outcomes of the Ghatikarakas.

This understanding can provide a more accurate and insightful understanding of the horoscope reading, allowing individuals to better tap into the power of planetary Ghatikarakas. Overall, recognizing the role of Ghatikarakas in one’s chart can enhance one’s self-awareness and guide them towards a more fulfilling life.

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