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Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee

“Astrologer, Numerologist, Palmist & Vastu Specialist”

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If you want to personally consult (Personal Astrology Consultation) with World Class Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist & Vastu Specialist Dr.Sankar Bhattacharjee regarding any part of your life – it may be marriage, career, education, relationships or any other astrological Consultation, you can schedule an appointment here.

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Full 40 Pages Horoscope Report

full 40 pages horoscope report

Available In 8 Languages:

English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujrati, Kannara–—-

Full Life Horoscope Report

In full life horoscope prediction, you will get – The detail Horoscope Analysis + House Analysis + Remedial Consultancy + Dasa Chart + Gem Recommendation + Special Report On Your Marital Life + Career & Education + You will get four optional questions that you can choose from any part of your life. In one word it is a complete guideline for your whole life……

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Career Horoscope Report

If you want to know all the ups & downs of your career and want yourself to be prepared for that so you need this report. This report will cover all answers of your questions you need to know for your Career. Should you engage yourself in business or service? The detail about your service field, promotion and their timings. Good business timings and the forecast. In one word the map of your full career path……

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Full Marriage Horoscope Report

Marriage is a very important part of our life. We need to think twice while choosing our life partner with whom we are going to lead the rest of our life. This report will cover all major parts of marital life. Like, when you will get married, is that Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage? What type of partner you will get? Your Marital or Family life or Life after Marriage, and much more……

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Finance/ Wealth Horoscope Report

Finance is that part without which our life becomes hopeless. Though only financial strength can not fulfill a life 100%, but it covers the 50% of that alone. In this report, you will get all potentials regarding, Finance & status. through which way you can earn money that guidance will be there very clearly in this report. The State of Accumulation, “Instant Financial” gains, The state of rise & fall, negative & positive aspect & much more.

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Marriage Horoscope Matching Or Kundli Milan Report

This is the complete horosope matching report for you. Horoscope matching is very important part before getting married. Why so? This Report will cover – longevity of boy & girl should be checked, if there would be a big difference so that will be informed, mental compatibility and likeness, capacity of at least one child birth will be checked of both, Separative Tendencies, Financial Stability etc……

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Love Horoscope Report

Love is the sweetest & most important part of our life. Life without love is like food without salt, because, in both circumstances things become taste less. This Report will cover when your true love will come, whether will come or not, all aspects of your personal love relation compatibility with your love partner, characteristics & traits, will your love be converted in marriage? etc……

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Business Horoscope Report

If you are business man or planning for a new business so this the right report for you. This Report will guide you in the way of your best friend does. Like – which business suites you more? when you should start & which business? will you get in your existing business? Is partnership business good for you? Should you take a “Loan” for business? When the right time will come to invest for new business? & much more……

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Astrological Remedy Consultation

Te obstacles you are getting in life is there any astrological remedy of that ? The answer is “Yes”, where there is a problem there is solution also. Our expert astrologer will judge your horoscope deeply and suggest you the most suitable remedy to solve each problem. sometimes it may be Gemstones or other, our main purpose would be to guide in proper way to give you the exact solution to all your problems……

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Yearly Horoscope Report

Nowadays  “Free Yearly Horoscope” is available everywhere. But, the reality is those are all nothing but just Moon sign or Sun sign results, which is common for so many other people, but, this Horoscope report will give you the personalized yearly forecast, which will be on the basis of your own Birth Details……

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Health Horoscope Report

There is a proverb that “health is wealth” & how far that is true we understand when we suffer from diseases. You may have a lot of money but if you are not physically OK then you will be fully deprived of enjoying the life to the fullest. This report will cover all the ups & downs of your health. Whether there is any risk of serious disease or not and their remedial part also……

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Detail Vastu Report

If You are looking for a complete Vastu report for your office, Home, New Apartment, Factory etc., so this isthe perfect report you are looking for. It will cover all your Vastu related answer. Each report will cover four places to judge according to Vastu Shastra as per your choice. Whether you already have a home or planning to build a new one, this report will cover everything……….

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Education Horoscope Report

Which is the best educational path for you? which stream you should take which will give you good career in future? Planning for “higher studies”? Are you preparing for any important exam? All we know, so many people are there they had chosen a stream of education but now they are in a different career. This Report will cover those all questions which have already covered most the part of your brain…… Marriage Prediction   Love Life Prediction  Love Marriage Prediction Education Prediction  Divorce Prediction Financial Problem Prediction Suicidal Tendency Prediction Career Prediction……

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All Horoscope Will Be Judged and Predicted By Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee