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Category Archives: Vastu Shastra

Vastu For Your kitchen

Vastu For Your Kitchen  Vastu for kitchen: According to the “Vastu Shastra”, kitchen should be placed in the “South-Eastern” direction of your house. In  Vastu system, the ruling planet & element of kitchen is “Venus” & “Fire” respectively.  You have to keep some factors in mind while you are planning to design your “Ideal-kitchen” according to Vastu Shastra.  1.      According to [Know More…]

Vastu For Your Study Room

Vastu For Your Study Room Vastu for Your Study Room – For Students & Others Just maintain some simple way of alignments according to the Vastu System to get better concentration on your studies. I am mentioning some important of them here:       1.    Do not keep your heads towards West or North Direction while sleeping.   [Know More…]

Vastu Tips For Your Bed Room

 Vastu Tips For Your Bed Room Vastu for bedroom Bedroom Vastu tips: A bedroom is a place where you take rest & take a sound sleep after whole day work-out. Not only that, bedroom plays a very important role for a married couple. But, still many couples just ignores the matter of “how should the bedroom look like” & many [Know More…]

Vastu For Your Home

Vastu For Your Home – An Ideal Home Vastu for home Vastu For Your Home – An Ideal Home: Vastu is an ancient science or system, where, how to arrange everything in order to get positive energies, this has been described. Vedic astrology is all about “study of time”; Vastu is the study of space. In the word “VASTU”, VAS [Know More…]