Astrology & Success In Stock Market – An Analysis


Astrology & Success In Stock Market – Analysis

Astrology & Success In stock Market – Analysis: The stock market, some people call it gambling or Jua and some says it is a good investment medium. We should accept the real fact that you can make a good amount of money through this, legally. This market is really very volatile and hence very hard to predict exactly what will happen, but always remember it can be hard but not impossible, especially if you take the help of Astrology. The price of a stock depends on many factors or parameters of the company, the particular industry etc. To predict the stock market through Astrology is also a challenge due to its volatile nature. Here in this article, I will share with you my own observations and experience what I learnt in my practice till now. I will keep adding more and more information in coming days in Vedic astrology stock market analysis related articles

First, let’s discuss the basics on How to predict stock market trends through Vedic Astrology.

In country related matters we take the help of different kind of astrological rules which is called ‘Mundane Astrology’. Though many rules are same like a general or personalised Natal chart, but still there are some mundane specific rules also.

Anyways, Taurus is the Lagna or ascendant of Indian stock market, because, according to ancient scholars The Lagna or Ascendant of India is Capricorn, and Taurus is the 5th house from that. In Vedic Astrology, 5th house is the house of making money on the basis of speculation, gambling and gaining sudden wealth. Some people opine ‘Taurus is the Lagna of India. Here I want to make one thing clear behind this difference in opinion. The reason is some people draw the chart on the basis of Independence Day of India. I also take Taurus as the Lagna of India at the time of other predictions, but in case of stock market predictions I always go with scholars, here that means Capricorn Lagna because the stock market in India was established before independence in the year of 1875 in Bombay (BSE) Bombay Stock Exchange. BSE is the first stock exchange in Asia continent. I predict stock market-related things on the basis of Capricorn Lagna successfully.

Stock market investments are not like other investments, but the root of all investments, who can take the risk and have the knowledge enough will obviously enjoy the butter. Other investment procedures are largely dependent on this market only. This stock market investment is highly speculative and extremely volatile as compared to other investments. Thus only a few people succeed in making money. Now, you may be curious to know whether you are best suited to invest money in this volatile stock market or not? Well, in that case, the Vedic astrology seems to have the key.

‘Carl Jung’ a famous psychologist once said, “Astrology represents the summation of psychological knowledge of antiquity.”

Planetary combinations for success in stock market (Only Prime Significators) in Share trading astrology:

Unlike other matters of life Vedic astrology can help us to understand an investor’s psychology better. In astrology Moon is the significator of mind, emotion and Mercury govern the analytical part or informational part (how much information one have). It also controls the nervous system of our body, thus it governs the intensity that ‘how much mental pressure or nerve pressure a person can take. In my future, I will discuss in more details on mercury planet and stock market. Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and gives the power to take right decisions at the right time without a time delay. If you ask is there any one primary planet responsible for share market? I would say “no”. There is not one planet behind this whole game, it is all about combination. More precisely, these three planets have a strong role to play in the psychology of individuals as an investor in any risky business or investment which in turns are controlling the stock market trend.

Apart from above planets some other factors to be judged for Astrology stock market prediction, These houses are also called share market house in astrology:

  1. The 5th house of the Natal Chart (for all investors)
  2. The 5th house and 10th house, 11th house of D-10 or ‘Dasamasa’ (for daily dedicated traders – intraday).
  3. ‘Tithi Pravesha Chart’s 5th house and 10th house, for that particular year or month of investment (To know the market more precisely)
  4. Obviously see whether there is any dusthana lord or house (6th, 8th, 12th) connection with above-mentioned houses and planets or not.

How planetary positions affect stock market:

I have already introduced three planets who play the key role for each investor. They are Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter. Now, I am going to introduce with another two planets who decides whether the market will remain negative or positive. These two planets control the heartbeat of the market. They are – Saturn and Rahu.

Rahu: Indicates sudden rise and sudden fall. Sometimes all speculations fail, also spread rumours in the market if connected with Moon. Rahu is also a cheater, Rahu cheats in a very tricky way, it creates a situation where a person cannot understand the reality before he steps into it. It makes the person become obsessed for a time being and it becomes too late till the time he sees the reality.

Saturn (if positive): It can give very slow but steady growth of the market or some signified stocks.

Saturn (if negative): It can give steady downfall. The downfall can stay longer depending on the negative intensity of the Saturn.

Here you can ask what about Ketu? Well, in that case, Ketu creates a total mystery, where sometimes even a person closely tracking the company performance or a very good market analyst also cannot predict what will happen. This is the time to take no action, just hold yourself tightly on the ground for a while and watch. Actually, kate doesn’t link you to any kind of materialistic matter. So, this planet rarely helps a person to acquire or gain wealth, it detaches the person from all these types of materialistic things instead.

As per the Vedic astrology rule, moon and Mercury control the emotional, as well as the nervous system of individuals respectively, and Moon controls the mind.  It has been proved several times these two planets and their transiting position has significantly affected the stock market trends.

Mass psychology controls the 70% of the stock market graph, and these two planets control that psychology very effectively. Sometimes some other influence like – Rahu, Saturn etc. give colours to that only. A practical example of that is whenever Mercury gets into regression mode you can practically observe that there is a negative change in mass psychology which in turn affect their behavioural pattern and investment plan.

In the same way, whenever Mars and Saturn come together there is a sudden rise of violent activities of human beings, it has been proved statistically. It has also been noticed that there is a sudden obvious increase in crime rate in the society at that time.  Similarly, eclipses that occur on lunation days affect the stock market and make it either bearish or bullish.

Gain of Wealth Indication through Stock Market In Horoscope:

I already have mentioned that 5th house controls the stock market matter in a horoscope. Now let me tell you about two more houses which have a direct influence on ‘gain of wealth through stock market’. They are:

  1. The 2nd house in stock market astrology: this is the house of wealth, especially your money in hand, bank balance also can be seen from this house.
  2. The 11th house in stock market astrology: The house of gain, income and success of any kind. Stock market success can be seen also from this house.

Now, if these three houses (5th, 2nd, 11th) house are well connected with each other and the Lagna lord also joins the combination, then you, without any hesitation can invest directly into the stock market. Now, if you ask me, how much a person can earn from stock market that depends on many factors, especially the strength of the related houses, planets and obviously if you are an intraday trader and trade daily or planning to do so then your same connections (above mentioned with planets) should be checked in D-10 or ‘dasamamsa’ also, and in this case the combination or connection should be between – lagna, 2nd house, 10th house and 11th house. Some other combinations should keep in mind while judging horoscope to find out stock market yoga:

  1. The house combination 2nd, 7th, 10th, 11th signifies the satisfactory profession or business (especially if you want to make stock market earning as your primary profession).
  2. All Dusthana Houses like 6th, 8th, and 12th are called the houses of loss, and they are not favourable for stock market investment matters too.
  3. The 9th house is the house of luck, and if this house is strong in your horoscope, then everything will fall in place.
  4. Judge the condition of 2nd, 4th, 9th and 11th houses and their lords. Whether they are well placed in one’s horoscope or not.
  5. Is there any house exchange between 2nd and the 11th house lords or not. This kind of yogas are called “parivartna Yoga’, these yogas are considered to be very auspicious in terms of financial gain.
  6. Check the placement of Jupiter, Moon, and Mercury whether they are strong or weak. If they are connected with 2nd, 5th, 9th, or 11th, that should be taken as a good indication for stock market investments.

Always remember if the mundane chart of the country is not showing that much good or positive effect on the financial market then your own horoscope’s result will also be affected. Because, the reality is, in this world all we are connected, we are only physically apart.

What Are The Bullish and Bearish Zodiac Signs:

Please remember, do not judge this bullish and bearish sign alone to predict any stock market-related matter. This information will only help you to identify or to start your findings of analysis on the market or certain stock (industry related)

Bullish signs of stocks: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces are called bullish signs. Whenever a benefic or malefic planets pass through or influence these signs in transit, bullish trends are anticipated in the market.

Bearish signs of stocks: Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, and Aquarius are deemed as bearish zodiac signs. Whenever benefic or malefic planets pass through these signs, bearish trends are anticipated in the market.

Some Practical Market related (Nifty & Sensex) observations:

Here I am going to mention some of my market-related observations that I have found to be true so far if you want you also can try to implement these rules practically:

  1. Already I said that I take Capricorn as Lagna of India’s chart (Mundane), then the 5th house here the house of stock market is Taurus – the lagna of the Indian stock market. Aries is the 12th from Taurus and when any malefic planet specifically Saturn transits through this sign then it destroys the inflow of wealth in the market. The intensity will be more if Saturn is present in Aries, due to the 3rd aspect of Saturn on the 2nd house of wealth. Such presence of Saturn here will create a temporary crisis of investment by spreading unknown fear among investors. Saturn also has 10th house aspect which will influence the 9th house of financial luck or overall luck, in result will create the situation to destroy the trade and commerce activity of the country and will discourage the export traders and confidence of foreign investors. In this case, If somehow it gets Rahu‘s influence then it will destroy the disciplinary factor of the market and will encourage price manipulation in the stock market. Any malefic planet’s placement in Aries always will aspect the 7th house from that house and in this case, it is 6th house. Due to this aspect, the market will lose its confidence and health.
  2. Now if Mars (Take Taurus as Lagna or ascendant of Indian stock market) influence the lagna, 2nd, 9th, 10th, and 11th houses then it will drag the overall market indices (Nifty and Sensex) down. It will spread panic among investors and will create selling pressure in the market, what will dry up the liquidity of the market and keep away new investors to invest. The intensity of negativity will be less if Mars gets an aspect of benefic planets, specifically Jupiter. If those houses are of Mars’s friendly house or own house then the result will differ.
  3. Sun, Mars and Mercury they are the short time buying spree creator in the stock market (Nifty and Sensex) if they get the influence of benefic planets, houses and friendly signs, especially If Sun and mars together are transiting through the same house. But one thing should be closely observed that is ‘combustion’ (if a planet is too close to the sun). That time is not the proper time for intraday traders. Wait till the time the planet come out of the combustion state. This rule is applicable for specific industry-related stocks. For example Mars and Saturn both signify Metal related industry. Mars also indicates Energy related industry and Saturn indicates Iron specifically.

These things and much more I will discuss in my future articles in more details. Do not forget to share your opinion below……

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  1. Bv SHYAMA SUNDAR says:

    I am trading in nifty and bank nifty options, lost huge money. D o b 26/101970 time 1:10 am place Bangalore

  2. Avinash says:

    Pls tell which type of service u provide for short term or long term investment on basis of astrology.
    Pls provide me all information.i am interested

  3. Roodal Sharma says:

    Article is very useful for person like me, who looking for some insight of Share Market thru Planets Combination & their movement.
    I am a Keen Learner to this Market as well as of Astrology too, and trying to make some Profit from this Market.

    • Nitin Chaurasia says:

      I am trading Intraday since two years
      I earn one day and lose with capital next day. How to get luck to retain profits to save money and capital
      DOB 26.11.1976

  4. Shasikant Patel says:

    I am really afraid to invest in stock market, I was always like that, that’s the reason I always choose insurance policies or rd to invest, but what you mentioned above some yogas I found in my chart also. Now I am confused and thinking should I invest in stock market or not. At least I should try this investment once, let’s see, but really I am thankful to you, u made my day and helped me to rethink, waiting for your next article on the same

    • Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee says:

      Stock market can be your best choice of investment, but always you need to update yourself, because there is no guaranteed return here but if you can handle this investment properly it change your financial status of life dear…risk factor is the main factor of this market……

  5. Trisha Kulkarni says:

    After a long time you posted an article, I always follow your blog, again a very informative article unlike other, waiting for your next one, keep writing sir 🙂

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