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Career Horoscope In Astrology: It is very much important to take the right decision at the starting of your career, that, which career suits you more, job or business, & then it won’t be difficult matter for you to achieve your pre-planned destination. This type of planning can also help you, to select the right stream of education & will definitely save your valuable time & hard work, so that, you can utilize time to prepare for competitive exams, after completion, of your main stream studies-. However, in case of choosing your career in business, the
preparations may-be different, and Once you decide that which career you have to choose, you can do the planning for your education & money management accordingly.

Astrology, not only indicates the inclination of a native towards a particular area or field, but it also helps him in finding-out the suitable or proper sector of career/ livelihood by reading the horoscope. It also indicates which profession or career will bring success & fortune for the native. Strong & positive planets in horoscope decide what will be most suitable livelihood or career for a person whether job / business. “Mahadasha (Main-Period)” & “Antardasha (Sub-Period)” & “Transit” of planets also play very important role, in deciding the favorable-timing of such-events. 

In Vedic Astrology the 10th house, is the house of “karma” or “action”. It is called the “Mid-Heaven of in Vedic Astrology. Actually it shows the destined “Karma” or “Actions” of the native. It is not only the mirror of your “karma” related to your daily “Bread & Butter”, but it also shows your involvement with society and what type of “Karama” is involving due to that. Suppose a person is school master, it may his bread 8 butter but he also serves poor people of the society with free of cost and invert a lot of time behind this, this also his “karma”, so both type of “Karmas” can be seen through The tenth house. In one word, it represents all “karmas” related to trhis present birth.  But if you want to get all details of your “karama” from D1 or Natal/rashi chart, so you are totally wrong, for details on your career you have to judge D10 or “Dasamamsa”. In D1 you will just get an overall picture of your career, and definitely that is not sufficient at all.


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