Marriage Horoscope In Astrology

How to judge Marriage in Astrology:

Marriage is an arrangement of co-habitation of man & woman which lays the foundation of the prime unit of a society. Marriage therefore is most beautiful bond which unites two souls on their journey of life. Though marriage relation among the human beings is created and developed, marriage therefore has leagal sanction of law of the land to which a couple belongs. In our hindu society marriage is considered as one of the sixteen “Sanskars”. So marriage is regarded as a religious deed which keeps the flow of
humanity from generation to generation.


With the help of Astrological knowledge, it is possible to unfold mystery of marital life. Like –

1. When a person will get married?

2. Will the marital bond last for long ?

3. Will it be love or arranged ? etc.

Here I will explain all aspects of marital life.


Navamamsa & Marriage

Navamamsa or D9 is a Divisional chart. In Vedic Astrology Divisional charts play a very important role. Divisional Charts are like “Special Pathological test Reports”, when we can’t diagnose something through “Natal Chart”, we simply goes to “Divisional Chart” to get the exact view. I personally do not like to judge any part of life without judging “Divisional Charts” of that particular house, because who has come to me to know his/her details, he/she has the full right to know everything not beside the short part
of the judgment which D1 gives us. Navamamsa or D9 is one of them while you are
judging your marriage life or any kind of marital issues.


What are the combinations you are seeing in natal chart see those in your D9 also. I have seen, in so many cases, some people are with very bad marriage life indications in the aspect of D1 but in D9 the combinations are great, we suggest them to get married in later age so the they can lead a very happy married life and those have been proved as truth also, because some astrologers in India think, that, D9 refers to the life after marriage.


So many mysteries are there in life, which “Navamamsa” or D9 can unfold and can guide you just as your mentor. It can show you the path through which you can get the supreme knowledge, I mean to say the spirituality or the ultimate “Dharma” of your present birth and so on, it can show you the career path also, but In case of career we always follow another Divisional chart, that is “Dasamamasa” or D10, but, which career D9 shows that career is directly connected to your soul, may be right now you are with a different kind of career just for “Bread & Butter”. In future articles I will discuss more
about D9.