Medical Astrology, Astrology & Disease


Astrology & Medical-Health 

Medical astrology is a great science by which we can come to the conclusion that what exactly the disease is is with the help of astrological tool. In this matter a person who is applying medical astrology rule to judge a horoscope he must be familiar with pathology, physiology, anatomy etc., at least the basic idea.


Medical astrology is an expert practice, even sometimes good astrologers also fail to predict  in the right way, because, in medical astrology some rules are different than other matters in astrology.  


The world fears today in the name of cancer, AIDS, Cardio-vascular diseases, psychological problems etc. the modern system of medicines, whether that is allopathic or homeopathic guide us to prevent these dreadful diseases or early detection of those, so
that treatment procedure would be easy and curable.


The basis of astrology is fully of “Karma Theory”. The planetary influences in the horoscope simply shows the deeds of one’s past life. What we are facing or going to face all those are depending on the planetary influences arising in our horoscopes, it is just a map of our deeds what will be realized very soon or later.


In medical-astrology planets denote the functions / malfunctions, of specific – organs / systems in our body, depending, in which Sign or Rashi the planet – is placed at the birth


Now let’s see how medical astrology can help us to identify and cure disease in his own way.


Medical Astrology – Planets & Disease

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