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Important Astro-Tips By Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee: Here you will get everytime short but very important Tips to learn Astrology & judge horoscope more proper way. I will only mention here what I found to be true in my findings.

Rahu & Jupiter – Guru Chandal Dosha and Your Life – Astro Quick Tips:

When Rahu and Jupiters are in conjunction or in mutual aspect, Jupiter cannot work properly. Jupiter is wisdom, represents all godly nature within us, Rahu is called demon or monster characteristic within us (according to natural malefic signification). If this Rahu and Jupiter both are strong in a horoscope and together so the native becomes very well known, people may know him as a very good person, but behind his fame, all demonic deeds are involved. The person could be from any field, he will have high level of knowledge but will use all those knowledge for demonic deeds……

Problems In Life – Saturn & Mars Combination In Horoscope – Astro Quick Tips 10:

The combination of Saturn and Mars in horoscope creates a lot of adversities in life. If this combination is present in the 8th house or 8th house lord somehow is connected with this combination so the fatal accident is inevitable. In the 4th house, the native may need to go for critical heart surgery at least once in a lifetime. If you have Saturn and Mars combination in 4th house please stay away from smoking (everybody should), and eat very light food, take Arjun Bark related ayurvedic medicine to keep your heart strong and maintained.

In short – this combination destroys all positive sides of a particular house matter and impose its malefic nature forcefully. The influence of benefic planets or house loads can reduce the intensity of the malficness of this combination……

12th house & it’s importance in Astrology – Quick Astro-Tips – 8

While judging horoscope some people do not give importance to 12th house, it is the most neglected house. But, 12th house has great importance to judge every way of life.

12th house from Lagna represents what you give physically or intellectually. This house represents – bed pleasures, hospital, loss of consciousness, donation of any kind or staying in an ashram. In this way, 12th house from Moon also shows many different things. Without 12th house, any astrological judgement is incomplete, whether that is a career judgement or of Marriage……

Successful Love Relationship & Marriage – Quick Astro-Tips – 7

The combination of the lord of 5th and 11th house makes a successful love relationship. It happens if both house and house lords are devoid of malefic effects. If 7th house joins that combination so it will become a successful love marriage. One Thing needs to remember here, marriage will be only 100% confirmed when D-9 will support it, otherwise, the relationship will remain as a golden memory and nobody will be able to forget each other throughout the whole lifetime……

Late Marriage & Manglik In Astrology – Quick Astro-Tips – 6

If you are Manglik, do not worry, follow a simple rule, get married after 26 years of age (for females), and after 28 years of age (for males). Mars’s ill effects on marriage become weaker after these age groups.

If this Mars is connected with any marriage related house or planet so it can give late marriage too.


Venus combustion In Vedic Astrology – The Reality: Quick tips – 5

In Astrology, maximum astrologers take it as thumb rule that when Sun and Venus are together within 7 degrees 20 minutes, then Venus losses its all power and Sun becomes the ruling planet among them. In my practical experience I have seen this is not true every time, venus always remains very close to Sun, so you will find at least maximum percentage of charts with Sun & Venus together. Actually, if Sun is very strong so Venus related matters (house lordship matters) become slow in giving the result. If Sun is not strong then judge it like other normal planetary combination, no need to apply “combustion rule” here……


Your surgery time and Mars – Quick Astro Tips 4:

If Mars is retrograded in the rashi chart and connected with malefic planets or houses or somehow afflicted so in its Dasa or Antar Dasa or associated planet’s dasa or Antar Dasa will be the native’s surgery time. Some kind of surgery is destined in that period. Especially if Mars is transiting through the same sign that time. Jupiter’s influence can minimize the risk of surgery, or can cancel the surgery possibility too. In these type of situations sometimes a surgery becomes more critical due to the fault of the surgeon/ doctor. In these type of dasas or time periods, any risky surgery should be avoided.

Astrology – True Love or Not? – Quick Astro Tips 3:

Is 7th house of your partner occupied by Mars and Venus both? If so, he/she may not believe in true love, only physical matter is main to them, it will be more intense if the combination is in Scorpio and Aries……

Moon In Astrology – Your Innermost Need – Quick Astro  Tips 2:

Moon is the significator of a native’s deepest or innermost need. It represents our overall habit and how we react to a particular situation which is also a subject of our subconscious & unconscious mind. If you want to know how a person reacts/ respond to a particular matter or problem so see the placement & association of moon. Moon controls our instinct and spontaneous reaction. Moon in horoscope also represents our own protection consciousness, if the moon is afflicted so the person will develop an insecurity kind of phobia, where always he will find himself unsecured and unprotected, it doesn’t matter what the real situation is. In one word moon gives us feeling of “comfort and peace”. You may have a lot of money to buy all expensive things but may not have these two, without which life is fully “lifeless”.

Sun In Astrology‬ – Quick Astro  Tips -1:

The sun represents our life force and a conscious – matured mind in Astrology. As it is the life force so it gives us the strength and will to live with the finest creativity. 
If you want to see any native’s life purpose, so see where Sun‬ is sitting, because that will show his/her life’s purpose in overall, it gives us the sense of individuality & pride. Sun gives death to the “child” within us and make us a real “adult” or matured. Means, the weakness of sun in the horoscope cannot give a proper shape to a native’s intellectual faculties of mind. He always does that what he should not do at a certain point of time.

2 thoughts on “Important Astro-Tips By Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee

  1. Pranita says:

    In Kark lagn 1st house sun jupiter conjunction and 7th house saturn moon conjunction how will be my spouse ,his appearance and profession his financial status

    • Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

      With Sun and Jupiter in conjunction in the 1st house (Ascendant) in Cancer (Karka Lagna), there may be a strong and confident presence about you. This combination suggests a person with a charismatic personality, possibly inclined towards leadership and optimism. You may have a nurturing and protective nature.

      In the 7th house, Saturn and Moon conjunction in Capricorn indicates a partner who is responsible, disciplined, and emotionally stable. This individual may be reserved in expressing emotions but is likely to bring practicality and structure to the relationship.

      As for the appearance of your spouse, the influence of Sun and Jupiter in the 1st house (aspecting 7th) may contribute to a strong and radiant persona. Your partner may have a robust and healthy physique, possibly with a warm and friendly demeanor.

      Saturn and Moon conjunction in the 7th house could give your spouse a serious and composed appearance. They may be well-groomed and carry themselves with a certain level of authority. The influence of Saturn might also contribute to a mature and disciplined outlook.

      Regarding the profession of your spouse, the conjunction of Sun and Jupiter in the 1st house suggests a potential for success in leadership roles, possibly in areas related to administration, management, or entrepreneurship. The influence of Saturn in the 7th house could indicate a career in a structured field, such as finance, law, or government.

      Financially, with Jupiter’s positive influence, there may be opportunities for prosperity and abundance in your spouse’s life. However, Saturn’s influence suggests a cautious and disciplined approach to finances, which could contribute to long-term stability.

      It’s important to note that astrological interpretations are highly depend on various factors such as the entire birth chart, planetary aspects, and the Nakshatras etc. It’s always advisable to consult with a professional astrologer for a more personalized and accurate reading.

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