Best Online Vedic Astrology Course learn In English/ Hindi/ Bengali: Vedic Astrology Course Conducted live online by Shankar Bhattacharjee Powered by: AstroSanhita Vedic Science & Research Academy, provide one of the best astrology classes online. This is an astrology distance learning course. Here you can learn astrology online, and do not go physically anywhere. It does not matter whether you stay in India, USA, UK, Australia or in any other country. Or within India in kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore or in any other city. Because the whole course will be conducted in distance mode online through Phone, Skype, etc.

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Best Online Vedic Astrology Course - Basic To Advanced Level

Best Online Vedic Astrology Course

Vedic Astrology is a sacred science and an ancient study based on mathematical calculations. At AstroSanhita Vedic Science & Research Academy Vedic astrology will be taught using time proved authentic scriptures on the subject by Renowned Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee who has more than 15+ years of experience in the field. The course will be taught in an easy to understand way through use of examples, logic and solid foundation will be laid for students to master this subject. Sufficient practice and review sessions will help the students gain mastery over the subject.

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Basic To Advance Level Online Astrology Course

Why You Should Choose This Course?

  1. Only by reading scriptures or various articles one cannot understand this powerful holy but bit complex subject. The principles of astrology in these scriptures sometimes are brief and too many in quantities, on the other hand by reading various articles one only become confused because various writers share their own experience in their article which clashes with each other.. What is more, that you cannot learn Vedic astrology by studying only one scripture, because all astrology scriptures don’t interpret all details clearly. If you are interested to learn Vedic Astrology or any kind of occult science then you certainly need an experience Guru or Guide.
  2. Shankar Bhattacharjee has already taught several batches of students and several of our students are practicing astrology. He will share him over 15 years of practical experience in this field with you which will play a crucial role in successfully predicting yourself and others.
  3. Step By Step Easy To Learn Method: In today’s online world, there are many articles and YouTube videos available about Astrology and learners often get confused due to excess or misinformation or how to interpret varied principles on the subject. This course at AstroSanhita Academy will help you learn astrology in a very precise manner busting your many myths or misinformation about Astrology along the way as well as answering your varied questions on the subject so that you approach Astrology with a very clear mind and become successful astrologers in the practical world.
  4. Secret Prediction Techniques: To predict someone’s future is an art, that cannot be learned only by reading some articles or watching YouTube videos only. This comes after learning thoroughly from a renowned astrologer and long years of practice. In this course, Dr. Shankar Bhattacharjee will share some easy to follow techniques to predict successfully.
  5. Till 2 years After Learning the course, You will be able to take any help of prediction from Shankar Ji, so that you can become perfect in your prediction.


What You Will Learn In This Vedic Astrology Learning Course (AstroSanhita – VALC):

    1. Astrology Basics: Learn the 4 most basic components of Vedic astrological study.
    2. Astrology Zodiac & Planetary Symbols: Learn all about the symbols used in Vedic astrology.
    3. All About Birth Chart-styles: Learn all about a birth or natal chart which is also called the D-1 and how this chart is organized and can help you to predict successfully. This is a must learning astrology section.
    4. In Detail Discussion On Houses Of Horoscope: This will help you to see 12 astrology houses of a chart from completely a different angle which will help you to predict more successfully.
    5. In Detail Discussion On Planets In Astrology: Learn what each planet brings to astrology. These are the star players of astrology!
    6. Separate Detail Discussion On Rising Sign Or Ascendant: Learn the importance of the Rising Sign which is also called the Ascendant.
    7. Elements, Qualities, & Polarities: All about 4 Elements, 3 other Qualities, and 2 kinds of Polarities that define the zodiac signs! (this is one of the most important lessons in learning astrology.)
    8. Detail Discussion On Zodiac Signs: Learn about 12 zodiac signs of the horoscope, and their characteristics which reflects in a horoscope. This section will help you to see all zodiac signs through a different angle.
    9. Detail Discussion On Aspects Of Planets: Learn all about planetary aspects in astrology and how that influence our life.
    10. Detail Discussion On Aspects Of Signs
    11. Step By Step Learning To Read a Birthchart: Learn how to interpret the planets in signs and houses of your birth chart, incorporate the house rulers and important aspects. This lesson is an introduction to Chart Reading.
    12. Understanding Of Relationship Astrology: Astrology reveals you and your partner’s unique and the true love flow, partner’s needs, and his/her preferences. When you come to know from a horoscope, you become aware of what you and your partner really want.
    13. Understanding Of Compatibility: Learn what astrology compatibility means in a relationship.
    14. Nakshatra or Constellation In Astrology: What is Synastry? Learn how synastry is an art and a science. An introduction to synastry.
    15. Understanding Of All Divisional Charts: Elements and Energy Deeper Into Synastry: Learn why you see eye-to-eye with some people, but not others.
    16. Understanding Of Planetary Dasa & Antardasa: Secret techniques to pinpoint a certain event in life easily.
    17. Secret Prediction Techniques For Successful Prediction
    18. Understanding and Predicting through ‘Koorma Chakra’
    19. Understanding Of Transits and MUCH MORE…


Class Details Of The Vedic Astrology Learning Course (AstroSanhita – VALC)

  1. Taught on: Every Sunday and Saturdays – Any one day as per your choice.
  2. Class Duration: 2 Hours
  3. Course Duration: 3 Months
  4. Teaching Mode: Live interactive sessions online. You can log in to your account with the help of credentials that will be given to you once you enroll for the course, from anywhere you in the world, where you can see every lesson step by step and hear/ see (Audio Visual – as per your choice/ as per the availability) lecture live and ask questions by talking to Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee.
  5. Language of teaching: Learn Astrology In English/ Hindi/ Bengali – As per your choice.
  6. Taught by: Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee, Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist, & Vastu Expert
  7. Qualifications: If you have already passed 10th class, and can understand very simple English, Hindi or Bengali – any one of the three and also can use a computer, laptop or mobile, and calculator you can easily learn this astrology course!
  8. What you need: All you need is a basic computer, laptop or mobile an internet connection and headphones.
  9. Advantages: You easily can learn our course sitting at home. This is completely a live interactive course with sessions of questions & answers and discussions of live several birth charts. You can ask whatever doubts or questions you have during the course which will give you excellent quality to predict any horoscope.
  10. Homework:  A few assignments from time to time to make you practice and review to assess your progress.
  11. Tests: Conducted online.
  12. Regarding Holidays: Significant festivals like Diwali, Durga Puja Shivaratri, 15th August, etc. if they anyhow fall on the day of our class, then they will be taken as holidays and will be informed well in advance accordingly.
  13. The study material provided: Study material of Vedic astrology principles will be there from authentic and best scriptures will be there in your account as a lesson. You need to just log in and access that.
  14. Conduct: Please remember, one should not use any indecent language while on live speaking or messaging in class or even by email. Use of any indecent language, behavior, unfair accusations or demands, or any kind of trouble-causing either in the live session or by message or email can lead to dismissal from the course and blocking of access to log in. Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee’s decision will be taken as final in this regard.

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