Saturn Transit 2022 to 2024 Predictions For Leo, Virgo With Retrograde

Saturn Transit 2022 to 2024 Predictions For Leo, Virgo With Retrograde

Saturn Transit 2022 to 2024 Predictions For Leo, Virgo With Retrograde Results – Love, Career/ Finance, Marriage, and Family – In Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – Gochar Effects/ Results In Vedic Astrology: Saturn will be transiting in Aquarius sign from 29th April 2022. This transit of Saturn will remain in Aquarius sign from April 29th, 2022 to 29th March 2025. Although, in mid way from July 12th, 2022 to January 16th, 2022, Saturn will be in Capricorn sign in retrograde motion. This retrograde motion of Saturn can bring some good or bad changes in your life for a temporal time but it will not have major impact in the long run.

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Shani Gochar 2022 to 2024 Predictions With Retrograde

Below, I’m going to predict about results of Saturn transit on Various  Zodiac Signs. Today I am going to Effects on Leo and Virgo.

To be noted in Saturn Transit 2022 to 2024 Predictions:- The prediction will be based on Ascendant sign and there can be little changes in results if you have any planet posited in Aquarius sign or any planet aspects Aquarius sign in your Kundli.

Saturn Transit 2022 to 2024 Predictions With Retrograde for Leo

Leo:-General:- Saturn will be transiting in your 7th house from April 29th, 2022. This transit of Saturn will give you long-distance travel related to your profession  & business. You may not do very well in your education part. Students will struggle hard to get success in their school or college. Health will be generally fine but occasional viral fever and cold may trouble you.

Your success will depend on your patience and hard work. Your persistent effort in your career or studies will make you achieve your goals and dreams.

Saturn Transit 2022 To 2024 Love/ Marriage Predictions For Leo: Success in love marriage is quite possible. Singles will meet their right match in 2023-2024. You may meet and marry your ideal partner in 2023-2024. Love life will give happiness and joy. Spouse will bring fortune and prosperity to your married. Arranged marriage will also be successful with a very caring and amiable spouse. Your spouse may give you good advice and show your right path or right direction in life.

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Your spouse may become your inspiration. Childbirth will bring utmost happiness for some people. The love affair will turn into marriage and your partner will be kind, loyal, and devoted to you.

Saturn Transit 2022 To 2024 Career/ Finance Predictions For Leo: Entrepreneurs will have a good time with much success and gains. Business will accumulate substantial money and profit. Businesses in partnership will also run well. You may gain popularity due to your hard work in your occupation. Sports people will have glory time in 2023, 2024, 2025. People who are doing modeling, acting, anchoring, commentary, coaching will earn popularity and wealth.

Many writers and painters of Leo Sign will earn fame and money in abundance. Unemployed people will get good job with good income. Those who are in engineering or teaching profession may get goof growth in their career. Few Leo native will also get increment and promotions in their career.

Your popularity at your workplace or in office will rise and your peers will be happy and satisfied with your work. Your earning will be high during the coming 3 years.

Saturn Transit 2022 To 2024 Family Predictions For Leo: Family life will be blissful. Spouse will bring happiness and peace in your domestic environment. Your and your parent’s health will be good. You may also get some monetary support from your spouse or siblings. Marriage and childbirth in family is possible.

You may get good fortune due to blessings of your grad parents. Your father will also do well in his service or business. You may buy some new property or house as well. Some people will renovate their house as well.

Saturn Retrograde 2022 To 2024 Predictions For Leo: During retrograde period of Saturn transit from 12th July 2022 to 17th January 2023, Leo people will have favorable results as they will be victorious in any kind of competition and sports. Your enemies will be defeated and you will pay your debt very well.

Some may win scholarships or recognition in educational competitions or in debates. Health will be good and you will be energetic and active to fulfill your tasks and objectives. Your wishes may get fulfilled in form of love or marriage. You may gain wealth and profit through travel and from your business pursuit.

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Saturn Transit 2022 to 2024 Predictions With Retrograde for Virgo

Virgo-General:- Saturn will be transiting in 6th house for Virgo natives which will bring political success as well as success in law and judiciary work. You may win court cases or litigation issues may go in your favor. Your competitors, peers, colleagues, office workers will be jealous of your progress.

You will do well in your studies and education but may get delayed success in terms of clearing competitive examination or any kind of entrance examination. Some people will get success in higher education in foreign land. Health will be fine generally but there can be some pain in your back, knee, and in your joints due to injury or stiffness.

Saturn Transit 2022 To 2024 Love/ Marriage Predictions For Virgo: Love life will be successful as someone new may enter in your life. Singles, may meet their right match and those who are in committed relationships may convert their affairs into marriage. Success and happiness through love and arranged marriage will be possible.

New love affairs will give joy and happiness as well. Married life will be harmonious as spouse will bring peace, satisfaction, pleasure, and support in your life. Spouse will be loyal and caring to you. He or she will do things that will give you immense peace and satisfaction. Prosperity and fortune will rise after marriage for many Virgo natives.

Saturn Transit 2022 To 2024 Career/ Finance Predictions For Virgo: Those who are in sports field will do well. You may earn popularity through occupation in sports and entertainment field. Virgo natives will also do well in media field with good income and recognition. Writers, novelists, painters may earn fame and substantial wealth due to their latest work. Few will also do well in the communication and engineering fields. Many people will get a hike and increment in their salary.

You may get quick promotion in your field of work and service. Even unemployed people may get their dream job. Financial condition will improve drastically. Your income will be high and expenditure will be less so you will be able to save money especially in 2023, 2024. Overall, a very progressive period for your career.

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Saturn Transit 2022 To 2024 Family Predictions For Virgo: Your father’s income will rise and some people may get monetary support from mothers o siblings. Peace and prosperity will come in family. Harmony among family members will be there marriage or childbirth will bring joy.

Few will make their parents proud due to success in their academics or career. Health of the family members will be good too. Although, some property-related issues may crop up which may give you stress for temporal time period.

Saturn Retrograde 2022 To 2024 Predictions For Virgo: Saturn will turn retrograde on July 12th, 2022 to 17 January 2023 which will bring slowness in your growth and slow inflow of wealth. Although, it will not hamper your success for a long period of time. There will be no hiccups in your work. Few people may get sudden good break-in showbiz world.

Although, you have to work very hard with patience as burden of work will be more and your success may get delayed. Your payment may get stuck and some people may not return or give you money on time. But overall this retrograde period of Saturn will also give you success with slow speed and it will improve your quality of work related to your occupation.

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