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 Business Career Or Job In Horoscope – Astrology: Business Astrology Readings: Courage to take risk & Business skills these two are the most important factors to become a successful businessman. The rest of the things depends upon how far your fate is supporting you. Maximum people think, to choose a job as a career is most secured than business. The reality is – Job is ok if you want to limit your income but in business possibilities are unlimited. Just you need to take initiatives to do something on your own credibility and keep that going. Here, your perseverance needs to come into action. It would be better if you decide everything at the starting of your career, so your time won’t be wasted. If you want to choose Job so take it as your career from the beginning if want to do business start it. There is a proverb – “No risk, No Gain”. This is absolutely true in case of business field. Actually, what we call job that is also generated by a business house if a business wouldn’t be there in this world so there wouldn’t be any kind of job opportunities. In one word you can say business is the “father of career” of any kind.

Now if you want to know that you are made for business or Job, just be ready with your horoscope & concentrate on the following discussion and judge your own horoscope & try to find out the perfect combination for you.

Business Career Or Job In Horoscope – Astrological Analysis

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 House Analysis of Horoscope – Business Or Job In Astrology?

Combinations of – Destined to do Business:

1. To do any business at first we need the courage to take risk, that I have already discussed above, & in astrology, courage is seen from the 3rd house. This house does not only indicate courage, but it will also compel you to take initiatives. This is the house of your own effort. 3rd, 6th, and 11th houses are called “Upachaya” houses in astrology. If any “Krura” or malefic planet is there in the 3rd house so that will give you good results but in case of benefic planets in 3rd house – those will just doom you. This rule is only applicable to “upachaya” houses. Among all malefic planets, Saturn plays a very important role if it is placed in 3rd house. To become a successful businessman you need to have the ability to handle odd situations and some tricks to grow the business. These qualities come maximum time through experience and sufferings, which is the signification of Saturn. If the 3rd house is not strong, so the native won’t think about business also, and if somehow thinks, won’t take the initiative to start, even if he/she has enough knowledge and skill to do business.

2. After courage and to take initiatives you need the money or Finance. That is indicated by the 2nd house. If your 2nd house is not strong so you may have the courage to take initiatives or you have already have gone forward with your planning to start your own business, that won’t be successful at all. This is the house of your accumulated money, your bank balance your capital. This house also indicates “Family Business”. Somebody gets family business in inheritance, this is also the subject of 2nd house.  

3. He is a successful businessman who takes the right decision at the right time. To become a success in any field you have to know the trick that – how to utilize the time. What you are thinking today, maybe somebody has already done. Here comes the power of decision making, which is indicated by the 5th house. A strong 5th house makes you enough intelligent to do anything in life. Business is one of them. The 5th house gives you the ability – how quickly you can make and take decisions.  It makes you an independent & unique thinker. You do not need to use the power of anybody else’s brain, you would be the master of your own decision. Among all planets, Jupiter is the main “Karaka” for all stuff of 5th house that I have discussed till now.   

4. From starting the business to keep it going in-spite of many difficulties, do you know who will make you keep going throughout the whole process? That is your “strong desire” to do something on your own, and your “desire” is controlled by the 7th house.  If you see any person with a keen interest in the business you will be able to find a dominating 7th house in a chart, it may be dominated by 7th lord itself or connection of 2nd lord or 11th lord or any strong business-related planet. So many people are there they start a business, run that for sometimes and then stop that permanently. Several reasons could be there but the most common reason is they lost the interest to do business because their desire was not strong enough to keep that continue, they made their mind that it is not possible for them, they are just broke. A strong desire to reach any goal will keep you going through the way. You can take any horoscope of any successful businessman from history who has come out of cottage and made themselves millionaire, were with their strong 7th house.

This house represents your client base. Nowadays in business world, company’s stability is determined simply by its client base. How strong your client base would be, that much stable and strong your company would become.

The 7th house also deals with your “Business Dealings”, any kind of business relationship, your business partners (if it is a partnership business). In short the relationship with the business world, it may be national or international is the subject matter of this house. In the case of an “international business relationship,” 9th house may come into the picture, but that is a different matter of specification. In the future, I will discuss “International Business” also, but for the time being, let us concentrate only on overall business yoga.   

5. Now lastly whether your Dream or wishes or Desire will be fulfilled or not that will be decided by the strength of 11th house. 11th house deals with your fulfillment of desire, how far you would be able to spread your business. This is called the “Network of business”. A new business proposal is also the subject of this house. Finally, for what you are taking so many tensions, overcoming so many obstacles, that is – to Gain something, and in business money or which brings money – all type gains are controlled by 11th house. If this house is not strong so all will be in vain – your perseverance, hard work, etc. everything will become useless.   

Business Yoga/ Combination- Business Career Or Job In Horoscope:

How to predict business in horoscope/houses of business in horoscope

If the 3rd house is strong & 2nd, 7th, 11th houses are somehow connected with each other so you are destined to do business. How much strong those houses would be, this business yoga would be that much strong. To judge this yoga, you will have to judge the connection between those lords of those houses also. A strong 5th house will be an added advantage.  10th & 7th house connection also sometimes gives business, but, always remember, above mentioned houses should be strong enough to give business.

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Big investments – Business Career Or Job In Astrology:

Any kind of investment in business is controlled by the 12th house, especially big investments.

 Different types of other business yogas or combinations are there but, what I have discussed above that will match with almost 90% cases out there. 


Some Special Yogas – Behind Making a Successful Businessman:

I have seen in my practice life that some specific “Yogas” play a very important role in making a successful businessman. I am just mentioning some important of them below: 

1. Dhana Yoga: At first I want to discuss this yoga, because, I have seen this yoga in many horoscopes of successful businessmen. According to “Maharshi Parashar” Trines are the places for “Dhana” or “Wealth”. Trines are trikon houses – 1st house, 5th house and finally 9th house. Houses are stronger than each other respectively. If any of them or three of them(very rare) occupy their own houses or exchange their houses with each other, so that makes a very good businessman.

2. Panch Mahapurush Yoga: The condition of this yoga is Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Venus if it goes to their own house or exalted sign or Rashi and that becomes Kendra from Lagna so that will make a very high profile businessman.

3. Laxmi Yoga:

a.Combination of 1st and 9th house lords in Kendra or Kona.

b. Venus & strong 9th lord combination is in Kendra or Kona.

4. Bhadra Yoga: The planet of communication and business Mercury should be in Kendra which should also be its exaltation sign.


Combinations of – Destined to do Job:

Job in horoscope / Astrology predictions for jobs

Your 2nd, 6th, 10th, 11th house connection will say everything about your career in Job. Especially 6th house, this house always represents “Service or Job”.


Your Salary & Second House in Horoscope:

About 2nd house I have said so many things above. Just one thing to remember – in case of Job or Service, if the connection only between these four houses and represents Job or Service, so 2nd house will be counted as – how much salary you are getting at your hand. Any bad influence on 2nd house or lord will affect your salary badly. If this house is afflicted badly so you will not be getting the amount of salary according to your “Hard work”, it will be always unsatisfactory or less. A strong 2nd house and lord always gives a satisfactory or high paid Job with less work. In case of a high paid job – 10th house also plays an important role, but, the salary will be decided by the 2nd house mainly. 


From getting Job to Promotion & 10th House in Horoscope:

job prediction through astrology

The 10th house is a very important house for any kind of career. It may be Job or business. When this house makes a connection with 6th, 2nd and 11th then it gives a Job or Service. But, when this house connects with 7th 2nd and 11th devoid of 6th house, then it gives the ability & opportunities to do business. So from the starting of the career, this house will be in action. Because this house is the house of your “Karma” or “Action”. This action or karma could be anything – writer, social worker, doctor, advocate, etc. but those all are actions that are linked to society. What kind of action it would be for different individuals that would be decided by other combinations. Job is also a part of that.

In the service field, the 10th house also represents your “Boss” or any senior person (authority) in the office. So, if the 10th house or its lord is afflicted so the relationship with your boss or any higher authority in the office won’t be good. Thus, it will affect your future promotions. If you are expecting sudden promotions to a very high post so then your 9th house and lord and Sun should also be strong beside the 10th. Various Planets represents various department according to their significations. Like – Jupiter represents HR Department, Sun & Jupiter combine represents any kind of high managerial post etc.  


Role of Planets in Choosing – Job or Business:

Business Career Or Job In Astrology

career horoscope prediction

Planets are also very important. If there is business yoga in the horoscope but the Mercury is weak, so there will be difficulties in “Business Dealings”, lack of intelligence and implementations of a plan. If it is a matter of service so, the same will happen, but in different ways. Sun and Mercury always tend to make an independent person – means businessman. Strong Saturn and Mars – Rahu & Ketu always indicate high positions in society and service or Job field. The only exception is in 3rd house. If any of these planets are in 3rd house so the native will do something on his/her own effort. It may happen due to some other combinations, that – in the first half of his life he will be in a job but after a certain age he will be doing something on his own capability, something which will be independent. Especially, Saturn. If Saturn is placed in the 3rd house, so the person will do his own business but it will flourish fully after 35 years of age. Because Saturn always represents hard work and experience through suffering, as long as that is not fulfilling or the native and till the time he is not gathering enough experience through suffering he won’t be able to reach his goal.  

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To determine career path – so many other combinations are there. I will discuss this topic more deeply and elaborately in the future. To get updates of my all articles do not forget to like the Facebook Page.


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