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When Will I Get Married?

When Will I Get Married?

Question was asked by: Ms. Meera Bhagat

Email Id: [email protected]

Birth Details:  

Birth Date: 29/06/1985 

Birth Time: 01:15 PM (Time Zone: GMT+5.5 hours East) 

Birth Place(Country,State,City): India,Haryana,Karnal  

Latitude: 29:41(N)    

Longitude: 76:59(E)

Rashi Chart


Rashi chart

D-9 Or Navamsa Chart



Planetary Positions

Planet Sign Long
Sun Mithun 13:51:38
Moon Vrishch 01:03:50
Mars Mithun 19:30:33
Mercury Karka 05:34:32
Jupiter R Makar 22:22:50
Venus Mesha 28:55:55
Saturn R Tula 28:22:16
Rahu R Mesha 22:00:05
Ketu R Tula 22:00:05
  • House Positions
House Sign Long
Lagna Kanya 24:16:54
House 2 Tula 24:16:54
House 3 Vrishch 24:16:54
House 4 Dhanu 24:16:54
House 5 Makar 24:16:54
House 6 Kumbha 24:16:54
House 7 Meena 24:16:54
House 8 Mesha 24:16:54
House 9 Vrisha 24:16:54
Karma Mithun 24:16:54
House 11 Karka 24:16:54
House 12 Simha 24:16:54


Question: When will I get married? and with whom?  

These are the common questions I am being asked – Will I Get Married? or Should I get Married


Dear Meera Bhagat Ji,    

According to the rule, one person can ask one question and that will be answered. Here you have asked two, I will only answer the timing of your marriage.    

According to the birth data, you have given – at the birth time you had fallen under the influence of – Virgo Lagna (ascendant), Cancer Rashi(sign).  

Your 7th lord Jupiter is in Capricorn sign which is the debilitation sign of Jupiter. Jupiter is in 22 degrees and 22 minutes, so it has crossed its debilitation point, which is within 5 degrees. Jupiter is retrograde in your chart and afflicted by 8th lord Mars and has an ‘argala’(intervention) of Rahu which is in 8th house too. So here the picture is clear, that – you will face a lot of problems in finding a marriage partner. Your marriage will be delayed and if somehow it happens it will not be a happy married life at all. What I am telling you these are all on the basis of your Rashi chart. Now let’s look at your D-9 or ‘navamsa’ chart, which is called the ‘chart of marriage’.  

Here, Ascendant lord Sun is sitting in 7th house which is its enemy’s house – Saturn, which is in 11th house. 7th house is afflicted by Rahu by its aspect, though this house is a friendly sign of Rahu, but there will be a confliction between Sun & Rahu and will give a bad result. Again 7th house has got ‘argala’(intervention) of Mars which is in 8th house. So, Here D-9 is also giving the same message what Rashi Chart already has given.   

As far as your marriage timing is concern – Now you are running Mercury Mahadasa & Moon Antardasa. The Moon Antardasa had started from 11/04/2014 and it will be going on till 13/09/2015. Jupiter is there in Cancer. In this period your marriage can happen. This is a good period for your marriage. Whatever you have to decide about getting married, you have to decide in this period. After this period the chances are very low. You are advised to judge horoscope of both before getting married through astrological methods.    

Horoscope Judged by:

Dr. Shankar Bhattacharjee  

Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist & Vastu Specialist.    

Please note: Above calculations are based on mathematics, so if any part of the Birth Data is wrong provided by the person who has asked the question – the prediction won’t match. So please be sure, before submitting your Birth Data. 

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  1. nisaha gurung says:

    my name is nisha gurung.my dob is 31/12/1987 day wednesday time12:30 place lucknow meri shadi kab hogi ye janana chahti hu

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