Love Or Arranged Marriage In Astrology

Love Or Arranged Marriage In Astrology

Prediction by date of birth whether love or arranged marriage

Will I have a love marriage or arranged marriage astrology

Love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth: How many times you have asked this to yourself – will I have a love marriage or arranged marriage? Let’s see what astrology says. Venus and Mars are the most important significator of marriage. In Prediction system of Horoscope (generated by date of birth, time & place) Venus is the “karaka” of marriage in a male horoscope and Mars is in a female horoscope. The 7th house is the ruling house of marriage. Therefore, the 7th house from Sun, Moon, Lagna or ascendant, Mars & Venus is required to be judged in the case of love or arranged marriage prediction.

Beside the above mentioned, Jupiter, Mercury, 2nd house, 5th house, 8th house, 11th house, 12th  house and their lords are auxiliary & also required to go into more depth of marital life. 

Among 12 signs, we need to give importance on two signs to judge marriage in astrological viewpoint, those are – Libra & Scorpio, as they are the 7th house and 8th house of the natural zodiac. 

2nd house represents your relatives. 

The 5th house represents the aspect of intimacy, love & romance, closeness etc. 

The 7th house represents the aspect of married life & your desire, for love & Sexual relation. 

The 8th house represents Sexual organs of both, male & female. Any kind of extra-marital relationship & longevity of your husband or wife. 

11th house denotes harmony or disharmony in a marital relationship and fulfilling of your desire to get married. 

12th house denotes the “Bed Pleasure of married couple” or another kind of. 

Now it is clear to you that why above mentioned houses are important for judging Marriages in Astrology.

Again we can divide Marriage System into two types.

Those are 1. Arrange Marriage  & 2. Love Marriage.

Let’s talk about those two, and how to get the clue from one’s horoscope that his/her marriage would be of Love or Arranged or there will be nobody else in his/her life that means “celibacy”! Now next one obvious question can come to your mind – ” Will I have a love marriage or arranged marriage? I will recommend you to read below-mentioned articles to get your answer:



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66 thoughts on “Love Or Arranged Marriage In Astrology

  1. gaurav kumar says:

    love intercaste marriage? my parents not agree this intercaste marriage
    12 08 1994
    4:00 am
    saharanpur uttarpradesh

  2. Ashu says:

    I am a married person.last 2 years in my office one of my female colleague trying to intimate with me.She always call me to meet in different places and everyday call me and talks around 1 now she is in a different company.But still she is trying to maintain deep relationship with me.I want to know whether I have a 2nd wife yoga in my kundali ??

  3. sunil kv says:

    sir my name is
    sunil kv
    3.10 pm
    when i will get married,love or arranged?

  4. pallavi singh says:

    my dob is 1st june 1991
    time: 06:00 am
    place: saharsa, bihar
    will it be a love or arranged marriage?

  5. shivani says:

    Dob 7 Jun 1988
    Place- Srinagar, j&k
    Time – 8:23 am
    When will I get married?
    It will be love or arrange?

    • Astrologer Dr Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

      Dear Shivani,
      You have asked two questions. The marriage timing answer I cannot give you here because this is not marriage time related article and you only can ask one specific question in free consultation. So please edit your question and ask any one specific question…

      • pallavi says:

        will it be a love or arranged marriage?

  6. Shikha Rana says:

    My birthdate
    Shikha Rana
    15 july 1993
    Place …una ( HP )

  7. shreni says:

    my birthdate
    15th april 1999 at 2:17 pm in kanpur , uttar pradesj
    arrange or love marriage??

  8. NIKITA SARAF says:

    When will I get married?
    Nikita Saraf
    Noida(uttar Pradesh)

  9. Dhruti Mehta says:

    Name : Dhruti Mehta
    Date : 04-01-1992
    Place : Mumbai
    Time : 03:33 am
    when is my prefect time to get marry. it would be love or arrange marriage. please help me for the same.

  10. madhuri says:

    will i have a love marriage or arranged marriage?d.o.b–22-06-1996 time 11:55 pm
    area–chakardharpur, jharkhand, india

  11. Divya Menon says:

    Hello Sir, My DOB is 6-2-91, born at 2:40 am in Palakkad Kerala.I am having lot of complications in my love life and marriage possibilities . I asked many astrologers buy some said its a love marriage and some said its arranged, There would be complications and all. Pls help me sir. I need a clear idea of what my marriage would be like and who and how it would be.

  12. sathish kumar says:

    29/11/1994 9.15 am vellore tamil nadu place of birth. name sathish kumar is there any chance for love marriage

  13. Priya Mann says:

    Good morning sir..
    I priya mann born on 2/11/1992
    want to know that I have a Bf named lokesh rawat, born on 30/5/1989
    Will I get married to him…Since it’s an intercaste affair…Please reply asap

  14. Hemalatha says:

    His Name: Manju
    DOD:06 April 1990

    My DOB:28 April 1993

    can you please tell me will we get marry in the future?

  15. mousumi dutta says:

    hello sir,,can you please tell me what I have get,,,arrenged marriage or love marriage?
    my DOB–22/04/1994
    Time of birth–7:00A.M
    Place of birth– krishnanagar, west bengal,india

  16. mousumi dutta says:

    hello sir,
    can you please tell me when I will get married? is it will be love or arranged marriage?
    my DoB–22/04/1994
    place of birth– krishnanagar, west bengal,, india
    Time of Birth— 7 A.M

  17. shreya basnet says:

    Hello Sir,

    Would like to know if it’s a love marriage or arrange marriage for me.
    D.O.B: 01.12.1988
    Time: 6.45 pm, Delhi

    Waiting for your reply,Thanks

  18. dejalin khuntia says:

    Hi sir pls may I know when I will get married
    Is it love or arranged one
    My date of :10/7/1990
    My place of birth: kendrapara, orissa
    Time of birth:6.30 Am

    Some people made me confused about this pls clarify it sir

  19. Rekha says:

    Sir myself rekha ponnamudi, I’m in love with a boy since 9yrs and also in relationship with him.. Now he is moving out and getting ready to marry one of his relative. Now I’m in a situation that I can’t go ahead other than ending my life I don’t have an option.. I just want to find out whether I have chances of getting married to my love or not.

    My name : rekha ponnamudi
    D. O. B: 10-4-1990
    Time: 8.30am,vijayawada,andhrapradesh,india

    His name: Jagadeesh kantheti
    D. O. B : 27-7-1988
    Time: 11.20pm,vijayawada,andhrapradesh,india

    • Dr. Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

      By mentioning the ‘suicide’ in your question, you made a mistake dear, I cannot predict you anything, because of your inability to accept the reality. But, one suggestion is there from you from my side not as an astrologer but a person who comes across with many many type of people everyday. That is – who can leave you after 9 years of relationship just to marry a new person he cannot be a true life partner of you at all and can leave you any time in life also even after marriage. Suicide can end a life in a day but get married with these type of person can give you death everyday.

      Forget him, I know this may not be that much easy, but you have to make that possible. You are very lucky that you have come to know the reality about him before marriage, because if this would have happen after marriage just think what would be your condition.

      Consult a psychologist if possible, You need a doctor now, not an astrologer dear……god bless you……

      • Rekha says:

        Sir, can you please tel me the reality of my astrology.. I sincerely believe nothing will happen beyond astrology.. Please tell me what my astrology speaks about my life

        • Dr. Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

          I could not understand the question you asked, what do you mean by ‘my astrology’? please explain in detail dear so that I can understand…

  20. rekha yadav says:

    hello sir,
    i would like to know about my life partner

  21. Vijay says:

    Sir my self vijay i loved one girl we are too gud each other earlier but nowadays we are quarreling want to know we will marry or not
    Vijay Kumar kn
    Date of birth 28/1/1987
    Shruthi N
    Date of birth 21/5/1992
    Profession both r engineers

  22. Navya says:


    Name – Navya
    DoB – 21-May-1989
    Time – 7.15 pm
    Place – Mangalore, Karnataka
    Question – love or arrange marriage & When?

    Please let me know sir….

  23. Rakesh Choudhary says:


    Name – Rakesh
    DoB – 3-apr-1988
    Time – 12.30 pm
    Place – Aska, Orissa
    Question – love or arrange marriage

    Thank you



  25. Harpreet Kaur says:

    Hello I am Harpreet Kaur. And my DOB 25/10/1993. and please tell me when my marriage will become and love ya arranged and where my marriage will become

  26. Rajani Pandey says:

    Is there any possiblity to get love marriage because I love someone.
    Rajani Pandey

    Father’s name – Jagdish Pandey

    DOB- 03/09/1992

    Place of birth – Thane (Maharshtra)

    Time 02:28A.M

    Please tell me about my life

  27. shital beloshe says:

    Hello My name is shital beloshe my date of birth is 05/05/1989 please tell me whether i get love marriage or arranged marriage.

  28. Mehul says:

    My Name Is Mehul Timbadiya
    My Birth date. is 10-04-1987 and birth time is 2.10 am birth palace at Amreli Gujarat now i want to answer about my marriage

  29. MONIKA says:

    Namaskar Bhattacharya ji
    MY NAME IS MONIKA. MY DOB 07.03.1993, TIME 05:45 AM & place ludhiana. MY QUESTION FOR MARRIAGE. I just want to know when I will get married and will i have an arranged or love marriage…

  30. rinnie says:

    Namaskar Bhattacharya ji
    I want to know whether I will do love or arranged marriage
    My dob is 24-03-1991 and time is 3:15am place -Jammu
    Please reply

  31. Dipanwita says:


    My name is Dipanwita. My question is very basic. I follow your website and articles. Definitely my question is Marriage related. Iam curious about my own future . While reading my own natal chart following the rules mentioned by you in your articles, I have definitely arrived at conclusions. But Iam not very sure about my own reading abilities as this is not my profession. So seeking for your help. I want to know how wealthy/affluent will be the person I’ll get married to ? Whether atal I’ll get married to a rich person or end up marrying a person with just medium to average financial back-up/status ? And also, will I have a passionately loving husband or just an average one ? I tried finding these answers all by myself, but couldn’t succeed. As per my horoscope, my ascendant lord Sun is posited in the 6th house in the sign of saturn who is said to be very inimical to sun, and also there is Ketu in the ascendant, so from here it can be understood that the lagna/ascendant is not atal powerful in my horoscope. 2nd house lord mercury is co-joining sun in the 6th house being retrograde, which is a negative aspect. so mercury is also weak, and being 2nd & 11th lord it’s a functional malefic as well as far as leo ascendant is concerned. So hereby the Budhaditya yog gets cancelled too. 7th house lord saturn is in the 5th house in the sign of jupiter along with venus (as per n.c.lahiri ayanamsha). jupiter and venus are also not benefic because of their weak placements and minimal strengths. Only the Mars is the single benefic planet in the rashi chart being the owner of 9th house and placed in 9th house itself without having any negative aspect but MOON, a weak waning moon is giving its full 7th aspect on mars, causing lowering its beneficial strength. but in D-9 chart this mars has gone to its full debilitation mode, jupiter got also debilitated accompanied by moon and rahu creating guru-chandal yog, mars is with ketu in the 8th house, saturn in the 9th house in its worst inimical sign leo. But in D-9 venus is in the ascendant and 7th house lord mercury is posited in the 3rd house in a friendly sign but being retrograde and aspected by saturn and mars. Overal Iam confused. Please enlighten me with your vast knowledge and kindly help me in finding the answers of my questions mentioned above… My DATE OF BIRTH : 29/01/1989 TIME OF BIRTH : 20:25:00 ( 8:25 PM ) PLACE OF BIRTH : KOLKATA LANSDOWNE

  32. Rtr Vikram Mukherjee says:

    My name is Vikram Mukherjee from Kolkata, my date of birth is 14.01.1995, time of birth is 03.38 pm, place is Kolkata. I am facing lot of hustles with a relationship. I just want to know when I ll get married and will i have an arranged or love marriage…

    Thank You.


  33. fowziya says:

    Hi sir
    May I know when my marriage will happen is it love or arranged one,sir pls I’m at in confusion so pls clarify it sir
    My date of birth:12/7/1990

  34. Rakshitha rakshu says:

    hello , My name is rakshitha.L.. DOB(22.07.1996)..11.30AM .. bangalore .i am loving a person his name is sridhar.p …(17.01.1994)..1pm.bangalore… i wnt to knw will i get love or arrange marriage. i like to get love marrige with dis person plss tel me and at what age i ll get marry

  35. nusrath says:

    Hi sir pls may I know when I will get married
    Is it love or arranged one
    My date of :12/7/1990
    My place of birth:Gudur
    Time of birth:2.40am
    Some people made me confused about this pls clarify it sir

  36. zubin says:

    Hi Sir,

    Pls. may i know, when i’ll get married.

    Name : zubin
    D.O.B : 15.07.1990
    Time : 00:17 – 12:30 am
    Place : surat,gujarat

    And sir when wud b best time.

    Pls. reply.


  37. chanchal says:

    sir my name is chanchal i a from ludhiana punjab, i am in relationship and the boy’s parents are against love marriage my date of birth is 24-jan-1988 and his is 30-jan-1988. tell me pls will we get marry. will i have love or arranged marraige.

  38. Moumita Das says:

    Sir, My name is Moumita Das and I am from Kolkata, West Bengal, I am in a relationship with a boy since my childhood but he is from Bihar so my parents are against my love…….My date of birth is 16/02/1991 and timing is 10:10pm…..Please tell me whether i will be able to marry my love and whether my parents will support me……..I will be waiting for your reply sir…..

  39. Moumita Das says:

    Sir, My name is Moumita Das and I am from Kolkata, West Bengal, I am in a relationship with a boy since my childhood but he is from Bihar so my parents are against my love…….My date of birth is 16/02/1991 and timing is 10:10pm…..Please tell me whether i will be able to marry my love and whether my parents will support me……..I will be waiting for your reply sir…..

  40. shewani says:

    Hi Sir,

    Pls. may i know, when i’ll get married.

    Name : Shewani
    D.O.B : 10.11.1989
    Time : 1:45 – 2:00 am
    Place : Panipat, Haryana

    And i’ll marry within Panipat OR anywhere else.

    Pls. reply.

    Thanks !

  41. Nikhil says:

    Hello Sir, its Nikhil Patil, DOB- 22/sep/1988, Time – 1:52am, born – Mumbai.. my family is looking a girl for me, as it will be an arriange marriage, but once a palm reader told me its going to be a love marriage for me, and now i am a bit confused.. so can you plz clear out my doubt… it will be help full. Thank you..

  42. Snehashish says:

    Sir, this is snehashish from bangalore. i am doing my post graduation in dentistry.i am deeply in love with my frnd since 1 year. My dob is 20/09/1989.time is 7:12 am, place is Dhanbad(Jharkhand). i want to know will i be able to hv love marriage??

  43. Priyank Patel says:

    Hello sir, I Priyank Patel wants to know about i will have love merrege or arrange merrege in my life.
    Priyank Patel
    Birth date : 30/05/1993
    Birth time: 06:33 am
    Birth place: surendranagar, gujarat, india

  44. Amrita Saha says:

    Hi sir,

    My dob is 13.11.1990 qnd time of birth is 12.50 pm birth place is Kolkata.. i wish to know if i shall have a love marriage.


  45. Swathi Swthrt says:

    Sir, my name is swathi.m date of birth 28.11.1991 and time 1:24am i love a person named lakshmanan.v i want to know whether I will marry this person and I want to marry this person only place: Bangalore and even he stay in Bangalore

  46. kajal choudhary says:

    Sir i want 2 lv marriage but i don’t know it is possible plz suggest me my date of birth is 01 mar 1996 from jammu

  47. Atul says:

    My name is atul Mishra
    D.O.B- 31/08/1996
    Time – 13:55
    Birth place – Mumbai ,Maharashtra
    Question- I want to know my marraige will be arrange or love and how she will be

    • Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee says:

      Dear Atul,

      My advice would be – before seeing that whether your marriage would be love or arranged just check once you have marriage yoga in your horoscope or not. To check that you will have to take the help of two charts – one is Rashi chart or natal chart and another is D-9 or navamsa, D-9 is called the chart of marriage. So, anything related to marriage if you want to get answer so you will have to check this chart, if this chart is not supporting something related to your marriage, but that is present in Rashi chart or D-1 so the situation will happen but that will not be materialized at all finally. Always remember conclusion will be decided by the D-9 chart as far as marriage or marital life is concern. For example – if in your D-1 there is a marriage yoga but it is not present in D-9 so marriage proposals will come but no proposal will convert into marriage finally.

      Here I am going to tell you a very basic procedure to check whether you have marriage yoga or not on the basis of Astrological facts (Vedic Astrology). Find out the the connection between 1st house, 2nd house, 7th house and 11th house or their lords. If that is present in rashi chart look for the same in D-9. If the connection is there in both charts and 7th lord is not very badly afflicted so the marriage will happen. If the connection is present but 7th lord is afflicted but not that much so also the marriage will happen, in that case it will happen after a lot of obstacles. This is a very basic way to find out the marriage yoga. Many other ways are there but those are of bit advance level, I am not mentioning here. After finding out your marriage yoga, just let me know, I would definitely help you out that how to find out whether you will have love or arranged marriage.

      May God Bless You Dear……

  48. somya says:

    i am soumyadeep . my dob. is 30.01.1993 , kolkata west bengal. 11.20 pm .. i want to know mine will be arranged or love marriage and when i will get married??

  49. Priyanka says:

    want to know that would I get married to my love in future . My marriage would be love or arranged please help me..

    My details are.

    Name -Priyanka Singh
    Date of Birth – 13 september 1988
    Time – 07:50 pm
    Place – Lucknow Uttar Pradesh India

    Please help me

  50. venki says:

    i want to know whether i will do love or arranged marriege my name venkatesh date of birth is 15-06-1988,time 1:00 Am place Ankola(Karnataka) my girl friend name rakshitha date of birth 12-06-1992 time 8:00Am place kundapur(karnataka)

  51. amrita singh says:

    Want to knw whether I wl do arrange or love marriage? 9:47am. 7.4.1991

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