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Love Or Arranged Marriage In Astrology

Love Or Arranged Marriage In Astrology

Prediction by date of birth whether love or arranged marriage

Will I have a love marriage or arranged marriage astrology

Love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth: How many times you have asked this to yourself – will I have a love marriage or arranged marriage? Let’s see what astrology says. Venus and Mars are the most important significator of marriage. In Prediction system of Horoscope (generated by date of birth, time & place) Venus is the “karaka” of marriage in a male horoscope and Mars is in a female horoscope. The 7th house is the ruling house of marriage. Therefore, the 7th house from Sun, Moon, Lagna or ascendant, Mars & Venus is required to be judged in the case of love or arranged marriage prediction.

Beside the above mentioned, Jupiter, Mercury, 2nd house, 5th house, 8th house, 11th house, 12th  house and their lords are auxiliary & also required to go into more depth of marital life. 

Among 12 signs, we need to give importance on two signs to judge marriage in astrological viewpoint, those are – Libra & Scorpio, as they are the 7th house and 8th house of the natural zodiac. 

2nd house represents your relatives. 

The 5th house represents the aspect of intimacy, love & romance, closeness etc. 

The 7th house represents the aspect of married life & your desire, for love & Sexual relation. 

The 8th house represents Sexual organs of both, male & female. Any kind of extra-marital relationship & longevity of your husband or wife. 

11th house denotes harmony or disharmony in a marital relationship and fulfilling of your desire to get married. 

12th house denotes the “Bed Pleasure of married couple” or another kind of. 

Now it is clear to you that why above mentioned houses are important for judging Marriages in Astrology.

Again we can divide Marriage System into two types.

Those are 1. Arrange Marriage  & 2. Love Marriage.

Let’s talk about those two, and how to get the clue from one’s horoscope that his/her marriage would be of Love or Arranged or there will be nobody else in his/her life that means “celibacy”! Now next one obvious question can come to your mind – ” Will I have a love marriage or arranged marriage? I will recommend you to read below-mentioned articles to get your answer:

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  • rekha yadav

    hello sir,
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    Sir my self vijay i loved one girl we are too gud each other earlier but nowadays we are quarreling want to know we will marry or not
    Vijay Kumar kn
    Date of birth 28/1/1987
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    Date of birth 21/5/1992
    Profession both r engineers

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    Name – Navya
    DoB – 21-May-1989
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    Question – love or arrange marriage & When?

    Please let me know sir….

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    Name – Rakesh
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    Hello I am Harpreet Kaur. And my DOB 25/10/1993. and please tell me when my marriage will become and love ya arranged and where my marriage will become

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    Is there any possiblity to get love marriage because I love someone.
    Rajani Pandey

    Father’s name – Jagdish Pandey

    DOB- 03/09/1992

    Place of birth – Thane (Maharshtra)

    Time 02:28A.M

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    Hello My name is shital beloshe my date of birth is 05/05/1989 please tell me whether i get love marriage or arranged marriage.

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    My Name Is Mehul Timbadiya
    My Birth date. is 10-04-1987 and birth time is 2.10 am birth palace at Amreli Gujarat now i want to answer about my marriage


    Namaskar Bhattacharya ji
    MY NAME IS MONIKA. MY DOB 07.03.1993, TIME 05:45 AM & place ludhiana. MY QUESTION FOR MARRIAGE. I just want to know when I will get married and will i have an arranged or love marriage…

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    Namaskar Bhattacharya ji
    I want to know whether I will do love or arranged marriage
    My dob is 24-03-1991 and time is 3:15am place -Jammu
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  • Dipanwita


    My name is Dipanwita. My question is very basic. I follow your website and articles. Definitely my question is Marriage related. Iam curious about my own future . While reading my own natal chart following the rules mentioned by you in your articles, I have definitely arrived at conclusions. But Iam not very sure about my own reading abilities as this is not my profession. So seeking for your help. I want to know how wealthy/affluent will be the person I’ll get married to ? Whether atal I’ll get married to a rich person or end up marrying a person with just medium to average financial back-up/status ? And also, will I have a passionately loving husband or just an average one ? I tried finding these answers all by myself, but couldn’t succeed. As per my horoscope, my ascendant lord Sun is posited in the 6th house in the sign of saturn who is said to be very inimical to sun, and also there is Ketu in the ascendant, so from here it can be understood that the lagna/ascendant is not atal powerful in my horoscope. 2nd house lord mercury is co-joining sun in the 6th house being retrograde, which is a negative aspect. so mercury is also weak, and being 2nd & 11th lord it’s a functional malefic as well as far as leo ascendant is concerned. So hereby the Budhaditya yog gets cancelled too. 7th house lord saturn is in the 5th house in the sign of jupiter along with venus (as per n.c.lahiri ayanamsha). jupiter and venus are also not benefic because of their weak placements and minimal strengths. Only the Mars is the single benefic planet in the rashi chart being the owner of 9th house and placed in 9th house itself without having any negative aspect but MOON, a weak waning moon is giving its full 7th aspect on mars, causing lowering its beneficial strength. but in D-9 chart this mars has gone to its full debilitation mode, jupiter got also debilitated accompanied by moon and rahu creating guru-chandal yog, mars is with ketu in the 8th house, saturn in the 9th house in its worst inimical sign leo. But in D-9 venus is in the ascendant and 7th house lord mercury is posited in the 3rd house in a friendly sign but being retrograde and aspected by saturn and mars. Overal Iam confused. Please enlighten me with your vast knowledge and kindly help me in finding the answers of my questions mentioned above… My DATE OF BIRTH : 29/01/1989 TIME OF BIRTH : 20:25:00 ( 8:25 PM ) PLACE OF BIRTH : KOLKATA LANSDOWNE