Aquarius Personality Traits In Astrology

Aquarius Horoscope In Astrology

Element is Air 

Gender is Female 

Ruler is Saturn 

Aquarius Personality Traits/ Characteristics: Aquarius people always tend to be rebels, simply for-the-sake-of having their own-way. Their obstinacy sometimes make them failure, they’ll continue to do anything in their own way, even after others have proved that is wrong, sometimes they they also understand that thing as wrong wrong, but they’ll continue just because, the has been chosen by them. They’re very fixed or rigid in opinion & stubborn, when confronted, but one thing is for sure that, they do not like to impose their ideas or opinions on others. 

Aquarius is simply the lighter- side-of-Saturn. If Capricorn represents a hard-worker, then Aquarius will represent a good communicator who really works hard. Aquarius, is the 11th sign in natural zodiac, it represents natural 11th house in astrology, & eleventh house is
just all about communication, socializing & networking with new and existing friends. That’s why Aquarius folks are very closed to friends and social circle. They fulfill their tasks and goals with the help of their resources of network and friends.

Each every zodiac signs has its own karmic related path that they generally take, as some signs make someone alone in this world they just do not feel anybody to be with them, while other zodiac signs simply require the company of others. Aquarius isn’t different in this matter. As Saturn control this sign, these people get very easy gains in their life
through friends & network, & they get-promoted much quicker, due to their own contacts.

Some people think that, Aquarius individuals are heartless & they’re very unemotional in romance, but actually they’re not heartless, Aquarius, is an airy sign like Libra and Gemini, & the one & only way a relationship survives in their life, when there will be the
best communication  between both & this will keep the relationship-alive. Best career, for Aquariuns are, fashion; PR Agent; media;  wedding planar; actor; party planar; Television show host etc.

 Aquarius people are in search-of-wisdom, they’re very good observer & can gather those informations objectively, because, emotions don’t get in their way, & when they speak, they just speak-the-truth. Sometimes they show disregard, for the feelings or emotions of
others & it might be shocking & painful to those people, but they do not have any intention to harm behind this behavior, actually Aquarius people are very much detached, from emotion.

Aquarius people can be also very willful, specially in their childhood. With age, they generally learn, to handle their own strong-needs. Their crave for independence is very powerful indeed, it is no matter, what their age is. With a quiet Sun and/or Ascendant, their desire to “shock” others is not always apparent until a relationship becomes
comfortable. They’re usually proud of their own family members, always busy in  boasting just how unique they are.

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