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Cancer Horoscope In Astrology

Cancer Horoscope

Element is Water 

Gender is Female 

Ruler is Moon 

Cancer sign personality: This is a very subjective position, of the Moon.  Moon is just “at home” in the sign of Cancer, because, Moon is the ruler of this sign in the natural zodiac. Thus we can say, Cancer is fully ruled by, the emotional, soft-natured & motherly personality planet – Moon. In Astrology emotions, feelings, motherly behaviour, a real caretaker, a pure caregiver & someone, who thinks about others first, before themselves, are always represented by Moon. That’s why Cancer natives are very emotional & soft natured. 

As the 4th sign of the zodiac, cancer represents, the 4th house of the natural zodiac, which is your own home, your inner peace, your heart. Cancer people are best in managing in-house work as housewives, cooks, writers or they can be expert as emotional actors & interior decorators, they also do well in the medical field, especially as a nurse. A nurse must require having that type of motherly nature personality, someone who wants to take care of others, even a doctor also needs to have that type of personality. 

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Cancer can also make good hotel managers, because, Hotel is all about taking care of others in a proper way. Just because of their emotional nature Cancer people are very much expert as dramatic actors or romantic writers, because, love and romance is just everything for this water sign. Among 12 zodiac signs, Cancer, Gemini, Libra & Scorpios are the most romantic natured. Cancer can make politicians as well because they love
to observe & be with general people or mass, & as it is a water sign, they can drive themselves through people, to get their point & agenda across.

Cancer natives have a very large potential, to be able to get in touch, with the feelings & moods of others. Often, they keep themselves away from others. Their memories, of the past incidents, are outstanding, especially for all things happened related to the emotional

Cancer sign characteristics: Cancer people do not like to be de-touched with their home & people they care for. All the time they seek out security & familiarity, in all work they are involved. They always look for peace & quiet. These peace-loving souls dislike superficiality in all of its forms. They’re devoted & accommodating. Just because of their strong and deep attachment to the memory
of the past, other people thinks about them, that, Cancer natives tend to whip, a dead horse. 

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They may keep some incidents in their heart which hurts naturally, long after everyone else has moved on. Sometimes when they feel that, they have been taken something for
granted, they do not always oppose others directly. They do this thing when they can use some other ways to get your attention. In fact, cancer natives, when they’re insecure, they can become, quite manipulative. They may also be victims of any habit.

These people can have a hard time categorise their lives, that’s simply because, their watery planet Moon tends to know, no boundaries. More often, as a result of this, they may act as irrationally. 

Cancer people are truly dependable overall, but their occasional mood swings can be fatal sometimes. Make a friend of  Cancer & you will be taken care of for life. 

One of the most important characteristics to judge in Cancer people is their silly sense of humour. These type of people can be, extraordinarily funny. Their moodiness can throw others in difficulties, but their totally unique outlook on the “life” is something, that, most people can appreciate. 

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