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Aries Horoscope:

Everything about Aries personality

Element is – Fire 

Gender is – Male 

Ruler is – Mars 

Aries is fully ruled by the red, angry, energetic and fearless planet Mars. This zodiac sign contains the positive & fiery energy of Mars. Aries makes the personality of taking charge & leading the team to the finish line of the work. 

Aries sign characteristics Vedic astrology: They have an immense energy to take the chance of big tasks & finish them on time. That’s why, maximum time Aries comes out with unemotional behavior because they do not like to waste time on thinking & talking, which is a primary nature of an emotional person. Aries people are very logical & straight forward, in their thinking. However, they have one big negative point also, generally, Aries people are is that they don’t like to be corrected, and be told what to do. 

Even if when they’re wrong, they wouldn’t admit it at all, rather, they will do whatever to justify it. That’s why Aries are best when they are their own bosses or in the higher position in any corporate field, like a Vice President, CEO, D.M, Chief in Police etc. They remain so busy in their professional life, for that, their home life may suffer sometimes. 

There always remain one kind of inherent impatience with getting something that they want. Life is always a series of emergencies for, Lunar Aries people. They always live in the present moment & have a hard time waiting for things to happen. The impulsiveness of the moment takes absolute precedence, in their lives. 

Why are Aries so emotional? Here moon is posited in fiery sign. As the moon represent mind, so, moon in Aries people possess a kind of inner passion & fire. Emotional issues take precedence always It is hard for them to see the long-term, or to wait for things to happen with no times to waste. They always believe in Instant and rapid gratification rule! 

Other sides of Aries sign in astrology: Previously I mentioned that the moon represents mind, so it is oddly enough, that, this is a quite defensive position of  Moon. These natives always take things very personally, & they deal with problems, by facing them right away, so that they can then, get on with other matters. Their maximum flare-ups generally end up almost, as quickly as they started those. 

In the case of Aries people, their self-confidence is actually very much variable, but although to the outer world, they project a very strong outlook personality. Moon in Aries people always goes through many ups & downs in life. 

Some could say, that people with Moon in Aries, actually enjoy trouble & confrontations. Indeed, too peaceful environments can easily bore them. Their homes, especially their childhood homes, are often a battleground. They always like to be a ruler, Moon in Aries men & women are tend to have plenty of crashes & other short-lived yet intense desires. In their minds, what they want, that is so powerful that, it becomes an absolute (or must have) need for them.

In the case of young adulthood, they could be very dangerous with credit cards. Because their flare-ups are for certain moments but as long as that  feeling of needs would be there in their mind until that moment they can not resist them from doing that, and if it is a matter of buying something so they will buy that thing whether that thing really needs for him in future or not. Actually, they are generally ruled by, their own emotional needs & moreover they are not always as concerned about others needs during, these “emergencies. They have a character of child-like innocence, even when they are getting their way again, that could be charming indeed.

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