Taurus Personality Traits In Astrology

Taurus Horoscope In Astrology

Taurus horoscope

Element is Earth

Gender is Male 

Ruler is Venus 

Characteristics of Taurus in astrology: Taurus people are earthy & strong-willed. Taurus generally is ruled by the sensual, beautiful, attractive & lovable planet, Venus. In 12 Signs/Rashi, Taurus & Libra are both, ruled by Venus, but Taurus is a male sign while Libra is a female. They feel with the help of their senses & they’re pretty much rooted, in their ways. They enjoy material comforts, in fact, building a solid & comfortable home & foundation helps to keep them feel safe & secure. 

Taurus personality profile / Taurus personality traits: A bull is a representative of Taurus, the bull who hits when it seeks, an opportunity. That’s why Taurus rules, fixed assets & family wealth; that’s why Taurus naturally represents the second house in astrology. People with Taurus sign are more concerned with having the presence of security in love & relationship than feelings. The way they relate to a romantic partner is by creating wealth & security for future. Taurus people love every luxurious thing in life, like the Libras, but, the difference is that Taurus people love to achieve them only on their own hard work. The Sign Taurus represents, the financial
aspect of one’s life, for that, they perform well in those fields deal which with financial planning, stock broking, asset management, accounting, bank managers, or any kind of profession that is directly or indirectly dealing with currency or calculation of money.

It isn’t good to try to push Taurus people into doing anything, but, if once they’ve made a commitment or decided to do, they show great perseverance. 

In this position of the Moon, creates a steadiness that gives comfort to those people who are close to them. They always focus on creating a reliable & secure life, around them. In relationships, Taurus people they may find it difficult to recognize their partner’s need for the change, growth or emotional stimulation 

Taurus people are naturally very romantic kind. Their affections are very strong, deep & un-wavering. They’re sentimental & warm. Since the sign Taurus is a practical earth sign, the Moon’s placement in this sign suggests an inner ability to protect themselves &
their own interests. They rarely make a move without first determining, that, it is safe & that, there is something in it, for them.

Generally, Taurus people have reliable instincts in their character. They’re very much tied, to the physical & sensual world. 

Relationships with the people born in this position of the Moon are often quite suffering type. Many of the Taurus people just hang onto their mates, even in face of very serious confliction. Taurus is, a fixed sign in Astro-zodiac, so in relationships, breakups don’t happen so easily. 

There is a kind of serenity to them that is very calming, that happens just because of the ruler venus. In fact, it takes a lot to seriously get to them. However, they also do get off-center every once in a while. When their own routine is interrupted, they’re not the most adaptable people for that time being. 

Taurus people are very much uncomfortable with surprises, these people value stability. Their needs are very strong but on the other hand quite simple at the same time. The world of the five senses is all and very much important, to these natives. Their love for stability & steadiness may make them a slave to routine. However, they’re loyal &
capable people.

Taurus Career In Astrology


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