How Much Money Will I Earn This Year, In Future Or My Lifetime?

How Much Money Will I Earn This Year, In Future Or My Lifetime?

How Much Money Will I Earn This Year, In Future Or My Lifetime? Will You Earn a lot Of Money This Year? Let’s see how Vedic Numerology can guide us to find out that. Today what I am going to discuss that is called by many names in many cultures including Chinese. But actually that is an age-old procedure followed by our sages. Today I am going to talk about “Kurma Chakra‘, some people spell it as KOORMA CHAKRA also.

Here “Kurma” is a Sanskrit word which means “tortoise” in English. In “Brihat Tantrasaarah” by “Shrimat Krishnanada Agambagish” this ‘Kurma chakra’ is mentioned in “Varnamala” chapter, page 89. Chinese people had adapted this “Kurma Chakra” and given their own name. They have just copied the procedure and applied it. It is not their fault. We are not that much aware of our scriptures and other cultures take the opportunity and present the same thing in a completely new package.

How Much Money Will I Earn This Year, In Future Or My Lifetime?

Kurma Chakra In AstrologyAnyways, there are many applications of “Kurma Chakra”. It can be used in Vastu, Astrology, Vedic Numerology and Tantra. Today I will talk about a simple Numerological application through which you will come to know whether a person will earn a lot of money in a certain year or not. The procedure is very simple but the prediction will match in 90% cases, provided,

  1. The birth details of the desired person is not wrong, and
  2. Any bad Dasa or Antardasa is not going on according to his/her astrological chart


Now let us discuss the procedure.

How To Draw ‘Kurma Chakra’ To See How Much Money Will You Earn This Year and Lifetime?

Draw a 3×3 square so that there are 9 equal-sized small grids within the main square are created. Each square or grid is represented by a particular number. Those numbers are also mentioned in the picture below.

How Much Money Will I Earn In Future Or My Lifetime

Rule To See How Much Money Will You Earn This Year?

Primary Wealth Yoga Indicator4, 5, 6 forming a diagonal sequence to give huge earning in that particular year.

How Much Money Will I Earn This Year, Or My Lifetime?

Secondary Wealth Yoga Indicator – 2, 5, 8 forming a diagonal sequence in the grid to give earning in that particular year which is less powerful than Primary Wealth Yoga.


Each Number in ‘Kurma Chakra’ and their significance

2 = Overall happiness.

4 = Wealth and prosperity.

5 = Well-being and stability

6 = Spirituality, Presence of helpful people, foreign travel

8 = Education, information and knowledge

To predict whether you will earn a lot of money in a particular year or not, you need to write down the year first.

Let us take one example here.

Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY) – 24/05/1990

Desired Prediction Year – 2016

So in this case, in the original date of birth, you will replace ‘year of birth’ by ‘desired prediction year’ ie 1990 to be replaced by 2016.

Now we have got some numbers from the above example. They are:

24/05/2016 = 2 ,4, 0, 5, 2, 0, 1, 6

Next we have to calculate two important numbers, they are:

  1. “Pravartin Ank = प्रवर्तिन् अङ्क” = “Active Number” in English = 2+4 (Birth Date) = 6
  2. “ApravRtti = अप्रवृत्ति अङ्क” = “Passive Number” in English = 2+4+5+2+1+6(Birth DD/MM/YYYY) = 20 =2

For a person, the Active number will always remain the same, but the Passive Number will keep changing as per the desired year.

Now place these numbers in respective boxes as shown in the picture

How Much Money Will I Earn in My Lifetime?

See in above chart 4, 5 and 6 is forming a diagonal line without any number gap. This is called diagonal Primary Wealth Yoga Indicator Group. If such a diagonal number group is present, then that year the person will/ has earned a lot of money. This diagonal group is also called Primary Wealth Yoga Indicator in ‘kurma chakra’. There is also a Secondary Wealth Yoga Indicator in ‘kurma chakra’ which will be a diagonal group of numbers 2, 5, 8.  

If any number is missing to form the wealth indication (Primary or Secondary Wealth Yoga Indicator) then the person will face problem that number related part of life. They are as following:

2 = Emotional imbalance or turmoil and wrong decision.

4 = Lack of opportunity, money flow got stuck, unable to the recovery of money sometimes even debt.

5 = Lack of stability due to a sudden major change in life

6 = Hidden and open enemies

8 = Wrong investment on the basis of wrong information

Rule To See How Much Money Will You Earn In Lifetime?

As you have learned to see yearly, now it will become easier for you to understand for lifetime earning also. Just, follow the same above rule, only exception would be to replace the present year with your birth year. For example, if your birth year is 1981 and the present year you are calculating is 2019 then replace 2019 with 1981 and follow the same calculation method to get the how much money will you earn in lifetime

Remedies For Wealth and Money Problem:

Here Numerology will not help us to solve the problem, we need to take the help of astrology and Vastu related remedies here.

First, let’s discuss astrological remedies:

Every number of ‘Kurma Chakra’ represents a planet in astrology. Following are the list of respective planets and their remedies according to astrology:

2= Moon = Pearl

4 = Rahu = Gomed

5 = Mercury = Emerald

6 = Venus = Diamond, White Zircon

8 = Saturn = Blue Sapphire, Amethyst

Remedy according to Vastu:

Number 2 in ‘Koorma Chakra’ = Represents Southwest direction, Element is Earth, and the color is Yellow.

If number 2 is missing while creating Secondary Wealth Yoga then do the following

If this is a relationship that is making your mind unstable and you are unable to concentrate on financial improvement then place both of your (your partner and you) picture in a yellow, golden or black frame here.

If it is due to the incapability of taking the right decision at the right time thus creating hindrances to develop or show your skill then place a ‘Brass Eagle’ here

Number 4 in ‘Kurma Chakra’ = Represents Southeast direction, Element is: Fire, and Colors is: Red, Pink.

If number 4 is missing while creating Primary Wealth Yoga then place a ‘Red Bulb’ of 10 watts in this direction.

Number 5 in ‘Koorma Chakra’ = Reprints Center position of the home, Element is: Earth. Colors: Yellow

If number 5 is missing while creating Primary and Secondary Wealth Yoga then hang crystal balls in this direction, preferably white or yellow.

Number 6 in ‘Kurma Chakra’ = Represents Northwest direction, Element is: Akash. Colors: Grey.

If number 6 is missing while creating Primary Wealth Yoga then place a ‘Pair Of Rabbits’ in this direction.

Number 8 in ‘Koorma Chakra’ = Represents Northeast direction, Element: very small amount of Earth. Colors: very light yellow.

If number 8 is missing while creating Secondary Wealth Yoga then place a OM symbol here in golden frame.

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