Number 1 In Numerology – Love, Career & Marriage


Numerology Number 1 Love, Career & Marriage

Number 1 In Numerology – Love, Career, Marriage: Hi, in this article I will talk about the life path number 1 in Numerology (Life Path Number 1 Meaning). This is a very interesting number itself, because behind the life path number 1 stands a lot of leadership, and idea oriented energy. Life path number 1 is basically something that creates from chaos. 1’s consciousness always wants to be number one. People with life path number 1 are true willed, they are pioneers, inventors, and they have the urge to be the first at everything. They really want to be the first. Be the first or to be in the front. A lot of number 1s as their life path number also need support and appreciation from others, especially from their loved ones.

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Being a life path number 1 they also can work alone, but that takes a little bit more time than when they get support. Another drawback of life path number 1 is if they improve or work alone in their life’s path then they become very self-centered and egoistic. I have seen many life path number 1 people who have achieved their goal almost alone, 99% of them believe that: “if you get success after a long time struggle, then ego must come and it is not bad at all.”

The life path number 1 has the urge to accept any challenge first, they always tend to be the first person. They are with very high energy and as they move up to success bit by bit that makes them more stronger than before each time they move up. How to believe yourself you need to learn that from life path number 1 people.

Now before I go into this, just like different, signs, planets in astrology we are made up a lot of different numbers, but the life path number to a lot of famous numerologists and also what I found is the most important. This is going to be how you run your life, how you respond and react to everybody on your journey in life.

 So, the number 1 life path is the aggressor, the leader, the quick thinker, the extravagant, the intelligent number. This number represents father in a family. Some call it fatherly number also. That’s the reason this number also a very dominating on other numbers or people. If you think about all numbers in Numerology as a family member, so number 1 is a father who is most masculine in a family. If you are a girl and you are a number 1 you can take up more masculine qualities from number 1 energy. It feels like you are kind of a tomboy or you are a little bit of a dictator in your friend circle or friendships. People may call you bossy, even when you are younger you were a little bit passive because you were afraid of energizing yourself because you know if your boundless energies come out then the conception of people about you may change to negativity.

As a number 1, you are the leader. You are the person who has the capability to take care of other family members and lead them to success. You are not necessarily a nurturer who only follows. The best part is number 1 people do not say: “I feel something”, they say: “I think or I know” instead, that’s how they react each time when any related situation come.

Maybe when you were growing up you felt like everyone around you is good at singing, drawing or something other but you are just kind of person who is good at telling people what to do in their life, but you may find the same is not going for you.

Nobody can give a decision to any life path number 1 person. They only do something that time when they themselves will take the decision to do that. That’s the reason people may find them egoistic many times. Actually, they are ready to give advice but not to take, their attitude sometimes looks like “I know, everything, stop trying to give me advice.”

Life path number 1s are really good at decision making. They are not indecisive at all, they are not that kind of person who will go and ask people before starting anything: “Is this the thing should I do?”, because they are well known to the fact that what they are doing. But unlike others, they are also not right all the time. This number also makes mistake but they do not doubt themselves at all. They try one after another if they fail. But if the number 8 is there anywhere in the numerology profile along with number 1 then fear, doubt, indecisiveness and other negative things will come due to several failures in life.

Life path number represents your ultimate destination in life there is another number that is called the karmic number that deals with your day to day basis life. A karmic number represents the situation you are facing right now in your life and how you should deal with them or learn from them every day. But the life path number works as a driving force behind. All you are doing in life will take you ultimately to the destination or life path.

Your talents are going to be more in the business-like sense, creative sense.1 represents a leader it can be in any atmosphere, in offices, business, political party workers etc. As far as Life Path number 1 careers are concern 1 could be anywhere but his/her personality, practical approach make them leader sooner or later. They have something magical in them what compel others to come under 1’s supervision. In offices generally, they become, managers, CEO or reaches some other highest post. But, remember, number 1 has the aura or magical power within him by default. But all number 1s in this world are not going to become a leader. It also depends on some influence of other numbers in numerology profile. Especially the Psychic or Karmic number and expression number.

Numerology Number 1 Career:

Most natives with this number deal with high positions in any organization, in military and also in politics. Careers which demand domination, authority and also aggressiveness will definitely suit you the most. You always look for leadership position and you are also good at that, because you have the capability to motivate people working under you to get their targets fulfilled. You are highly masculine and hence will do well as contractors, entrepreneurs, and management personnel. The mostly suited professions for you are law, engineering and the freelance art. You also can do well in photography field as photographer and freelance designer.

 Natural paths for career are head of department, director of any kind, executive, manager, inventor and promoter of any kind of new products or any new methods, owner of any business, freelancer, contractor, any kind of independent operator, you are generally inclined to self-made career.

Numerology Number 1 Love Life:

As you always behave like a leader in your normal life, likewise you also like to be in the leading position in your love life. In case of relationships, you always wish to be the architect and like to dominate your loved ones in areas of life. A positive side is you always like to contribute or give more than of taking. But sometimes, your over involvement with your professional life and your strong determination to be engaged with your professional objectives or goals may let your partner think he or she is left out and became unimportant to you. You are bit materialistic person and show bit aggressive attitudes in just everything you come in contact or deal with including your love life. This kind of tendency could often damage your love life and other relationships. Sometimes your loved ones may find you disloyal.

As far as Life Path number 1 love life is concern 1s always should control their energy. Here if they cannot control their energy so the relationship problem is destined. In maximum cases a lot of ‘I I I’ come in between two partners due to their ego. Here you need to forget that you are number 1, here you need to develop the submissive characteristics, I know you are meant for this but you need to try to develop because you can live alone.

Numerology Number 1 Marriage:

You like to be the boss in the family life too. You want to be in the position of final decision maker in the family. If there is something you do not like or wish to do then no one is there to force you, whether that is beneficial or not, does not matter sometimes to you too. This characteristic is often can be perceived by your spouse as obduracy, stubbornness, superiority and egoism. You are such a person who cannot forget their childhood relationships. You feel like they can understand you more accurately. That is the reason, most of the numerology number 1 people like to settle their life with their childhood friend/ lover. You do not like to compromise at any point of time with anything or any situation in life. You are partly obsessed about yourself that you have really some exceptional qualities what makes you select only extraordinary or exceptional people as your own life partner. You also have a taste of beauty, you tend to sense that in this way. For that reason, you can remain single for a long or certain period of time to find the best life partner who can fulfill your expectation. This tendency sometimes lead to late marriage too.

My advice to Life Path Number 1s: You are here to be very independent. It is very important for you, independence is a must to have in your life in day to day basis, whether it is in career, relationship, home etc. You just look a 1, this number is existing by itself, not depend on others, it is single. So you need to work independent, you need to stand on your own. As a number 1 the purpose of your life is to be comfortable with yourself. You are also someone that most to be original. When you look at the number 1 once again you will understand its uniqueness because it is the first starting number, it is not deriving from anything. This number is the originator, this is the beginning. You begin something and others just use or upgrade that. So, as a 1 you should begin certain things. If any totally new idea is coming in your consciousness, do not doubt just go for it to give it a shape, because it is you who really create something unique always.

You are the first or can start things very fast but you may not be able to finish it like number 9. So need your hands to complete that, especially a 9. Number 3 & 5 will keep the activity on so that it grows day and night. But, you are the boss. If there is 9 in your numerology profile then you really do not need to worry, because that time you will not be able to start anything but will conclude successfully also (for example: if you are born on 9th of any month and your life path number is also 1).

As number 1 you should not become selfish or self-absorbed. Number 1 is just like an only child in a family. What does an only child do? They use their own things, use their own tool, always have their own room they lead their own life, no one to share within family. In this way, they become somewhat addicted to be a single or lead their life by themselves. They do not have any brother sister to share. In short, they do not have any link with anybody in the family. For that, you may become self-absorbed, put yourself first everywhere, people may say you are somewhat selfish or too self-centered or self-indulging. You need be careful for all these. Do not create any negative impression because it can cause little harm your future career.

If you are in any organisation always try to create an image that you deserve to be the leader, you have inbuilt quality of leader so do not forget to utilise that aura here also. Because as long as you are not reaching the higher position you cannot become content.

If you are facing any problem to reach to a higher position, try to start your own business slowly, be your own boss. Always remember you are not a person who is to follow the instruction of others, you are the instructor instead. In this way, you may serve your life’s purpose better. Whatever you can do or wherever you are, It is very important for you to feel independent in your mentality. When you only follow people for a longer period of time, you start making yourself down by losing the self-confidence, thus doubt and fears will conquer your mind and you will lose the beauty of number 1 what could have given you the type of life you want.

In next articles, I will discuss other life path numbers one by one.

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