Ketu In Astrology – A Planet Of Mystery

Ketu In Astrology – A Planet Of Mystery 

Ketu In Horoscope: Ketu, in other word The south node. This planet is always sits in the opposite direction of Rahu and in nature also they are poles apart. Like Rahu this planet is also mysterious to many people. In my article ‘ketu in astrology – a planet of mystery I will only mention those points what I have seen practically in my practice life.  

Ketu, a very mysterious planet in astrology, why it is mysterious? because how it exactly works no astrology scriptures have told us clearly. So, now the question is how to know about this planet! In this post Ketu in Horoscope – Vedic Astrology I have linked my article page, where I have shared some tips to understand this mysterious planet.      

In my previous article Effects of Rahu in Astrology I had shared tips on how to judge Rahu. Remember in case of these two planets we do not have any other way without our experiences, to know about these planets. After judging many horoscopes till the date, What knowledge I have gathered I will share with you those only and side by side I will add some of them which our Maharshis have told us about these two planets.     

It may happen that sometimes you find some of my principles not matching with your conventional, but frankly speaking I am not here to prove anybody wrong, I am just sharing my own practical experiences. Match with practical horoscopes, you will definitely find those as true. Let’s Start our discussion:  

About Ketu one thing you have to understand that it doesn’t like materialism. It simply takes you away from all bindings which could be obstacles in leading towards liberation or real & ultimate knowledge. That’s why where it sits , it destroys all the materialistic side of that house and gives sufferings. In this sense you can call this planet as malefic. Where Rahu is always busy in engaging one into materialistic world  at the same time ketu is burning into ashes all materialism – comes in its own contact.    

Ketu represents egoistic and selfish related deeds in the past life. Here you have to understand the difference between Rahu & Ketu representation. Both are representing egoistic and selfish deeds but, Rahu is of present live and Ketu is of Past live. one will suffer due to those selfish & egoistic deeds which at the present age it is indicating(house & planet association).  

As I have mentioned earlier – Spirituality is totally under this planet’s influence. One can gather knowledge of all scriptures but still he may not reach the final destination or may be far away from the ultimate knowledge. Jupiter gives the knowledge of traditional scripture’s or religious knowledge but what ketu gives that is full liberation, it helps to reach one to the ultimate truth. It is mentioned that if ketu occupies the 12th from ‘atma-karaka’ lagna or ascendant in ‘D-9’ so the person will get liberation in the present live.    

Ketu unfolds the mystery of ‘thyself’, supernatural power, moreover ketu gives the power of healing. In the sense of spirituality and purity ketu is a benific planet but if you want to see its materialistic effects so obviously you will find it a malefic planet.    

Rahu & Ketu – planets are dependent planets, means – they give result on the basis of association of planet and House or house lord. If the planet gets any connection of malefic planet or house so Ketu will project some bad results as well, like -mental illness, sudden bad changes in life, undetected or untreated diseases, will suffer from wrong treatment, worries, anxiety, sudden unexpected obstacles in life etc.    

Ketu is always hate any relationship. It may be girlfriend, wife or of any kind. If any of those come under the influence of ketu so there will be some hidden problems that can not be seen by the world apparently. If ketu is in malefic house so the effect would be more.    

A well placed Ketu represents a great philosophical mind what would be very much intuitive too. But, if it is under malefic influence so it can give unknown disease or untreated disease like Aids etc.      

Profession Indicated By Ketu:

ketu profession / ketu related profession

This planet is considered as spiritual planet in Astrology, it indicates all about spirituality as I said earlier. So Careers related to spirituality like – Yoga Teacher, reiki teacher, spiritual gurus etc. will fall under ketu. If ketu comes in the contact of malefic, so it can give career related to secret affairs like – Male Female escort services, where the identifications of those workers are kept secret. Career related to poisons, religious head etc.     

More professions ruled by ketu: Ketu represents electrical objects, Career related to computer. It will be related to software when it merge with Mercury and hardware when it merge with Mars. This part should be judged from D-10. Ketu also represents foreign languages and can make a person multilingual if he falls under the good influence of Ketu.

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  1. Shruthi says:

    If ketu in second from lagna,
    Lagnain meenam, Mars in 3rd house ketu with Jupiter in 7th house, venus in 5th simham in raasi chart.

  2. Rajesh Sangani says:

    Very nice inputs..regarding ketu mercury junction..looks true.

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