Libra, Scorpio Horoscope 2021 For Marriage, Career, Finance, Love

Libra, Scorpio Horoscope 2021 For Marriage, Career, Finance, Love: The Prediction is based on mainly on your Ascendant/ Moon Sign. The year 2021 will be eventful but very positive year in comparison to 2020 due to several good planetary dynamics.

Jupiter will transit in the sign of Capricorn and Aquarius for the whole year 2021 . Jupiter although, will transit in its debilitation sign but due the presence of Saturn in the same sign whole years which happens to be Saturn’s own sign no major negative result of Jupiter will be seen. Saturn will transit in Capricorn sign whole year. Rahu will be transiting in ts exalted sign Taurus and Ketu will be transiting into exalted sign Scorpio. So, for most of the Zodiac sign 2021 will be favourable especially for Water Signs like:- Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

Libra Horoscope 2021 For Marriage, Career, Finance, Love

Libra-General:-  Libra people will have tough year ahead in 2021. There will be delays and obstacles in important endeavours. You will not be able to take right and good decisions for yourself. Students will have hard time concentrating on their studies. Thee will be some monetary losses and health issues as well. Family affairs will be challenging and expenses will be high on medication.

Career & Finance:-   There will be losses in business and few people might also loose their job during this time. Those looking for a job will have hard time finding their suitable job with good income. Many people those looking for going to foreign country will be in problems due delays and several obstacles in life. There will trouble in occupation and you may not be able to earn desired money despite of your hard work. Some relief will from December 2021 can be expected.There can be loss of power and position and suffering in the hands of powerful people as well.

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Love& Marriage:– Singles, may remain  single throughout the year in 2021 which will be god for the as they might meet their right match in 2022.  Married life of many libra natives will suffer. There will be disappointment, dissatisfaction, disagreement  in married life. Some committed relationship may end for permanent basis. Some married couple might take divorce as well.  Many people those are involve in serious relationship will have tough time maintaining solid bond as there will be loss of cool, anger, cheating and mistrust in love and relationship for many Libra natives.

 Family & Health:- There will separation from family members especially from parents due to education, career or due to tussle. Relatives and siblings will not be helpful but there can be some support from parents.  Some gyno issues to women and some mental health issues to men can be possible. There will be some problem in legs and accidents can happen due extra speeding with vehicle. Relationship with in-laws may also bring trouble and relatives will not be cordial also no  help is expected  from blood relations.

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Scorpio Horoscope 2021 For Marriage, Career, Finance, Love

Scorpio:- General:- Scorpio natives will have exciting time in all sectors of life in 2021. There will be gains from multiple sources. Multiple opportunities for growth in life will be there. Students will get bright and desired result in 2021. Life will be fulfilling along with dreams and wishes will come true for many Scorpio natives.

Career & Finance:-  Scorpio natives will have solid and career and they will experience good growth and much increase in wealth and overall income due to their occupation. Money will come from more than 1 source due to their multi-talented aptitude.  Career will take good height. Business men will be successful throughout 2021 with lot of profits. Those looking for Job will get one in desired place with high  pay scale. Startup business for many natives will grow fast in 2021.

Love & Marriage:- There will be romantic beginning in the life of many Scorpio native through networking, friendship and Internet.Love life will be blossoming and for those Scorpio native who are in  committed relationship will turn their love into marriage in 2021 . Single will meet their ideal match and will flow in the serenity of love, nature and romance. There will be much pleasure time and passionate moments for those who are already married. Married couple may expect a baby on the way as well. So overall, Relationships in 2021 will bring happiness  for Scorpio natives.

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Family& Health:-  Health will be fine and Scorpio people will feel very energetic in 2021 like never before. Relationship with family members will be sweet and there will be memorable vacation with family or memorable moments in family life in 2021. Domestic affairs will run smooth with peace and satisfaction. There will be joyful moments with parents, siblings and relations. Parents will be supported financially in important endeavours for Scorpio people. Relatives will help in need. Overall, a very bright year for Scorpio Sign people.

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