Love affair/ Relationships/ Love Life Yogas In Horoscope/ Kundli

प्रेम संबंध/ महिला और पुरुष में प्रेम के रिश्ते का योग कुंडली में कैसे देखे – ज्योतिष

Love affair/ Relationships/ Love Life Yogas In Horoscope/ Kundli Prediction – Astrology: Love, when we listen to the word or see the word anywhere our mind goes to a different realm. That may be a dreamy stage or the practical, we just like to feel that word. The word carries trust, closeness, and much more. (compatibility sign in the birth chart or Kundli).

To get real love really you have to be enough lucky because it is so rare nowadays that you can compare it with water in the desert. Now you can ask me that so what about them whom we see every day in the park, discos, pubs, and so many places walking together, having food together and sharing everything with each other?

If those couples are not in love so what they are doing? In my word, a maximum of them is just maintaining a relationship that is based on a give-and-take policy, based on some conditions, sometimes it may be related to your look or money or how successful you are, etc. And believe me, dear, where there is ‘condition’ love can not exist there.

Now you can think what the hell is this ‘Love’ can be unconditional also! Yes, real love is totally unconditional and only knows to give, do not expect anything in return. I have seen many love marriages, they had maintained a relationship for several years and after that, they got married, and just within one year of marriage they appealed for divorce in court.

Do you know why it happened? Because they didn’t know but their relationships were based on the give-and-take policy’ only.  

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Ok now let’s stop discussing love affairs in general and let concentrate on how to find love indications from your chart. Continue reading love affairs/ Relationships Yogas In Horoscope.

Love Affairs/ Relationships Yogas In Horoscope/ Kundli – Astrology

How to find Love Indications in Chart/ Horoscope: 

(Love relationship astrology)

To get the clue, you have to look at:  

  • 1.The 5th house & its lord,
  • 2. Venus, Jupiter,
  • 3. 11th house and its lord,
  • 4. Planets associated with 5th house or lord,
  • 5. The transit of the above planets. 

Now let’s see their significations

  • 5th house: The house of love and Romance. 
  • 11th house: The house of fulfillment of any relationship, and to get a new relationship too. 

Which planet is for love in Astrology:

  • Venus: Which planet is responsible for attraction? Venus is the significator planet of attraction, love, romance & sex. 
  • Jupiter: To keep the relationship intact and obviously the planet of real/unconditional & pure love.  
  • Transit: When the relation will come in and go away from your life.  

5th house, its associate planets & Venus bring relationships in life. But, both of them have to be enough strong to bring relationships into your life. For example, if Venus is combusted or debilitated so there would be contact with the opposite sex but that wouldn’t convert into a love relationship. The reason behind (not converting into love relationship) will depend upon who is influencing Venus, and in which sign Venus is.

If the Sun is responsible so your ego would be the barrier, and you won’t find enough room around to make the relationship easy. Like this, according to the characteristics of the planets, the relationship will suffer.

If the fifth house is afflicted badly by malefic planets and houses (sixth, eighth & 12th house and their lords) won’t last for long. You need to check while you are judging the horoscope to see Love affairs/ Relationships Yogas In Horoscope.

Love affair yog in kundali/ Kundli: A Love relationship will build up successfully or not that totally depends upon – the connection between 1st, 5th,11th house & lastly Venus. Whether the relationship will remain intact or not will depend upon Jupiter’s association with them and without the influence of ‘Dusthana House’ or their lords – 6th,8th & 12th. Jupiter or any benefic planet will give life to the relationship and “Dusthana Lord” will always ruin that or give death.

Planetary transit or “gochar” will tell you about the month and year of any, – whether it is a matter of getting a new relationship or losing the existing one. That means, in which month you are going to get a love relationship or going to lose the existing one, which can be known from the transit of the above-mentioned planets.  

Finally ‘Mahadasa’ and ‘Antardasa’. Period of planets should be related to the 5th house or its lord and Venus.  

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If the above conditions are fulfilled so you are going to get a love relationship, but, do you know whether you are in real love or infatuation, or whether your partner really loves you or not? Let’s discuss that in detail…… 

Love affair/ Relationships Yogas In Horoscope/ Kundli - Vedic Astrology

Planets & Real Love Vs Infatuation in Astrology: 

I have discussed what is real love and infatuation earlier in a very short. Though it is very difficult to understand what is real love and what is infatuation because both appear the same, and when it comes to the person who is already in a relationship that becomes tougher for him/her to understand whether they are in real love or infatuation.

Some people realize this after a break-up and some do not at all. We have also heard that ‘love is blind’. Why do such things happen? let’s find out the answer on the ground of Astrology. Why do we become blind when we are in Love? Let’s discuss……

In Astrology Jupiter is the significator of judgment, real & unconditional love, the wisdom.  

Venus is the planet that is the significator of ‘sex’. With all kinds of physical comfort and luxury, Venus is an earthy-natured or materialistic planet. Venus always likes to enjoy all kinds of materialistic happiness in the world.

Venusian guys are like that ” hey, what are waiting for let’s have fun”. Always fun entertainment, and especially physical pleasure. Venus in Taurus is more physically satisfaction oriented than Venus in Libra. Because, the nature of Taurus is ‘earthy’ – which means physical and stubborn, but the nature of Libra is ‘Air’ – which means thinker and flexible. 

Rahu & Venus – Love Or Sex – Love affair Yogas In Horoscope 

(love relationship horoscope)

If somehow Rahu aspects or joins Venus so the sexual hunger becomes higher and the native tries to fulfill his/her desire by hook or crook, it may be under the cover of love. His/her lover may think his/ her partner is in real love with him/her but the objective of that person would be always to fulfill the sexual desire, once fulfilled, after that, they find a new partner again. It’s a never-ending search. Actually why it happens just try to understand.

Rahu is the planet of ‘illusion’(Maya), the planet is also called the planet of ‘smoke’. It creates one kind of situation that would be always mysterious, it would look like something apparently but the reality would be far away from the appearance. Rahu indicates obsession as well.

When he is obsessed with something, he is not bothered about the outcome of an action. When Venus is under the influence of Rahu then the native becomes obsessed with the partner with whom he/she is in a love relationship and if that connects the 7th house so they marry that partner, but after some days after coming out of the hangover, they start finding faults with their partners once whom they were obsessed about.

This is the reality. In Indian Mythology Rahu has been described as a bodiless existence. This is the sign of ‘endless hunger’, because Rahu doesn’t have any stomach to digest or be full, so these types of people do not say at all: ”Hey, I am full, I do not need more”. Instead, they always say, “hey, I am still hungry, give me more”.

Rahu-dominant people do not like to judge at all what they are doing, they always keep doing. If you ask them why they do so! They will probably answer: ”I do not have the time to judge”. Actually, Rahu gives one kind of fire within a person that makes him/her always keep going or hankering after what he/ she is hungry for.

If that energy is channelized properly so these types of people can rise in their life, but if that fire is not maintained properly so that will ruin him or herself, and whoever will come in contact with them.

But, remember, Jupiter’s aspect of Rahu always minimizes all those evil qualities. In these types of cases where Jupiter is involved by its aspect – the native suddenly understands his/her fault and keeps away themselves from any kind of misdeed.   

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Jupiter’s Influence & Real Love – Love Relationships Yogas In Astrology: 

(love in astrology chart)

As long as Venus doesn’t come in contact with Jupiter, Venus doesn’t leave its materialism policy. When it comes in contact with Jupiter it realizes that there is another world that is more dynamic and real than he felt.

He becomes a good decision-maker. He finds the real enjoyment which is within him. That’s why Venus is a YOGI or SAINT in 12th house of the natural zodiac and which is the house of Jupiter, where he is exalted also, there he finds real love, unconditional love, and stays in peace in his culmination point.  

So, Remember Jupiter only can give you real love, if Jupiter is not associated with the 5th house, lord or Venus you are far away from real love, a real partner. You have to deal with ‘Give & Take Policy Holders’. When the policy laps the relationship will also lap. 

Ketu – Venus Combination & Infatuation: 

(love prediction)

Now, let’s talk about Ketu. Ketu is the planet of ‘everything burns into ashes’, ‘To maintain total secrecy. This planet is called ‘The secret agent’ in Astrology. In Indian Mythology Ketu has been described as a headless existence.

When you think of any headless person actually you mean to say the person does not think at all or there is no existence of that person now. Here both are correct with Ketu.

That’s why it signifies ‘ash’, which is similar to ‘death’ of any kind. Death means total darkness, total secret, it is very tough to know about death. That’s why, the planet Ketu is called ‘secret agent’ also – that I mentioned earlier, and who is very difficult to catch.  

Now, when it comes to relationships or Love affairs/ Relationships Yogas In Horoscope how Ketu works, let’s see:  

If anybody’s fifth house or Venus is somehow associated with Ketu, so, it would be very difficult to understand what the native actually thinks or do in his/her real life, how he sees relationships or love, and romance.

He may have more than one secret relationship especially if there is a connection with 7th house or lord/ 12th house or lord. Venus and Ketu’s combination always creates secret relationships. The native will be in a relationship of this kind at any part of his/her life. Now, when that will happen, it is depending on the ‘Mahadasha’ & ‘Antardasa’ timing, but, remember, if Ketu influences the 5th house, so the relationships won’t last at all. Actually why it is so! Ketu doesn’t like matter to be with him for long. Here, you must be thinking this is similar to Rahu’s characteristic, right? But, there is a difference.

Where Rahu is always hankering after materialism, Ketu always keeps away himself from all those. Rahu does all for physical satisfaction but Ketu is totally opposite to it.

Which house it stays in just burns all the materialism side of that house and shows the reality of ‘impermanence’. When Venus will join Ketu by its aspect or joining, the scenario will change a little, then the native will hanker for sex and relationship and when the relationship will come within a very short time he/she will become bored, all ‘relationship’ kind of things will appear to him/her as a meaningless thing and will finish the relationship or will create a situation where the relationship will to an end.

Again after some span of time he/she will feel for making a relationship and if it comes, again it will be finished. Actually, Venus is bringing relationships and Ketu is just ruining them. This kind of conflict is always going on – in their mind.

Fifth House Of Horoscope & Love:  

(birth chart love prediction)

When I am talking about love or Love affair/ Relationships Yogas In Horoscope, so if I do not talk about 5th house, so my article would be incomplete. Because Fifth house is all about love & Romance. Besides that, the 5th house is also the house of taking decisions, giving judgment, etc. So, naturally, if any malefic planet would be there in the 5th house, so the native would be incapable to take the right decision, if you make a decision to take advice from them so what blunder is waiting for you, just think.

Thus, it affects their relationships also, in maximum cases the break-up of their relationship due to their own fault, sometimes they understand if Jupiter is strong in their own chart. If Jupiter is not strong so they always will keep finding faults with others without judging their own deeds.    

Malefic planet’s influence on the fifth house can give you the wrong decision to choose the wrong partner. Overall the malefic influence on the 5th house is all about misguidance and misguided, especially if the planets are Saturn and Rahu.

Jupiter’s aspect always minimizes the risk. If the house is under the benefic influence, so you can make decisions from them without any hesitation, they are the decisions maker. But, if your birth chart is afflicted by malefic especially Rahu & Saturn, you won’t go to them to take decisions, that I know, but if you can come out of this stubbornness, so you will be benefited.  

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Conclusion – Love In Astrology:  

This life is yours, you are the master of your own life. If you take any wrong decision so you will have to suffer, sometimes for a short time and sometimes for your whole life. So think twice before taking any decision, you do not know when and how a small decision can take the shape of a big blunder.

Always go with astrological rules, not because I saying so, but because you will feel so after leading a life according to astrological judgment. Some decisions may hurt you for a time being, but ultimately it will bring peace for a long time. Be, happy always, & keep others happy too.    

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