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Extra Marital/ illicit/ Relation/ Affair

ExtraMarital/ illicit/ illegal Relation/ Affairs – In Horoscope/ Astrology:

(extramarital affair Vedic astrology)

Extra Marital/ illicit/ Relation/ Affair – In horoscope/ Astrology: Everybody wants a suitable partner for themselves, somebody gets, somebody doesn’t. Another very peculiar matter is there that, when you will meet your Mr. right or Miss right you don’t know, maybe before marriage or may be after. So far what I have mentioned that is just one aspect of behind the reason of developing an extra-marital relationship. Some other reasons are also there. Like:    

due to sexual reasons, it may happen that there is a mismatch of sexual need between you and your partner, or maybe you feel very happy when you stay away from your wife, whatever the reason could be, but the result is – “Involvement in an Extra-Marital relationship or illegal relationship”.    

Many people come to me every day to consult and believe me, a maximum of them ask me the question: “Sir, is there any kind of extra-marital relationship indication in my horoscope?” Especially men are very straight forward, they ask with a smile but women, they also ask but not a straight way, that means everybody wants to know the same, so today I have decided to write an article on that. Maybe some matters would be still very mysterious if you feel so you can ask me for learning purpose only.      

We all know that in horoscope 12 signs are there and those are also called houses when we get an ascendant of any particular time, date & place. In the natural zodiac, Aries are the ascendant and that is fixed, it is the starting point. Though individual ascendant will totally depend on upon the native’s birth time, place & date.


Planetary positions for extramarital affairs: So, remember whenever you are judging any horoscope for any kind of extra-marital or illicit relationship matter always concentrate on

4 houses: 4th house, 6th house, 8th house & 12th house.   

3 Planets: Moon, Mars & Venus.

2 Signs: Scorpio & Pisces. Other planets are also important, but these are the primary and a must to judge the matter. Why? Let’s see:    

1. 4th house indicates Mind & happiness at home.    

2. 6th house is the place to judge of “shara-ripu”. Six enemies within us which compel us to do a bad or illicit deed, illegal sex is one of them.   

3. 8th house is the house to judge sexual organs and this house has the capability to destroy good indications of any house.    

4. 12th house is the house from where we judge relationships apart from his/her wife/husband. We also judge bed pleasures in Vedic astrology from this house.    

5. Scorpio and Pisces signs are 8th and 12th signs of natural zodiac respectively, so, we have to keep them also in consideration.    

6. As a planet, Moon is the natural significator of mind.    

7. Venus & Mars both of them are the significators of “Sex”. Venus is for male and Mars is for female.

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How To Judge Male & Female Sexual Urge:

(extramarital affairs in birth chart)

Secret love affairs in astrology: So now, to get the clear picture of the sexual urge of anybody we need to judge – Scorpio sign, the 8th house from Ascendant or Lagna, Venus & Moon for a male. But for female Scorpio, the 8th house from Lagna, Moon & Mars. Whether a person will involve himself/herself in any kind of illicit relations or not that will totally depend on the position, conjunction and the aspect of Mars and Venus, because these two planets decides sexual urge of any person, if a person has very high sexual urge and his husband or wife is not capable of fulfilling his/her thirst, so other complications will start between them and finally those complications will lead to extra-marital relationship. That’s why when somebody asks me what you support, Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage, I give just one answer, I like both but should be judged astrologically before taking the final decision. always remember Venus and Mars play a very important role to make a sexual character of male and female respectively.    

Planets responsible for extramarital affairs: When Mars in both cases male and female chart is in Mulatrikon or in it’s own house or not afflicted by any malefic planet or has made a relation with benefic planet or house, so, their sexual urge will be very normal, they do not have extreme urge & for this reason if their partner is sexually little bit weak, so it doesn’t make any big difference to them, because they know how to control their existing sexual urge.    

If Mars or Venus is weak and also afflicted by malefic planet Saturn or Rahu (by aspect or co-joining) so those natives will be with a very high sexual urge. To them, sex is the most important part of life. In the later age, they suffer from diseases related to the sexual organ due to excessive usage of those organs.  

If in a male chart – Sun, Mars & Venus are under the impact of Saturn or goes to Saturnian sign or “Navamsa” or anyhow these three planets are badly afflicted by Saturn so the native will definitely become a characterless person.

In female chart – If Mars is somehow afflicted by any malefic planet or placed in a bad house so a she will be with very high sexual urge and may believe in multiple relationships.   

But remember, If Venus & Mars has any relation with 5th, 9th, or 10th houses so those ill effects will become less, and in spite of the high sexual urge the native will have an internal power to control him/herself.    

Some More Combinations Of Illicit Relationships:    
(extramarital relationships Vedic astrology birth chart)

Let’s go a little bit deep into this discussion – extramarital affairs in horoscope.    

1. This is a tip to all Astrology students, if you see any chart very closely you will find out that, if in a horoscope Scorpio & the 8th house from Lagna are under the impact of benefic planet and Venus is combusted by Sun, those male natives are less interested in female, and if Mars would be combusted in the same combination in any female chart so the female native will be less interested in male.    

2. If the seventh house lord is in the ninth house with 6th house lord and if the Planet is badly afflicted by malefic planets and do not get any influence of benefic planet so the native will be involved in several relationships with several women and a maximum of them will be elder to him.    

3. If badly afflicted Venus is placed in 7th house so the native will be in a sexual relationship with those women who already have relations with other men.

4. If badly afflicted Mars is in the 7th house so the native (female) will be in a sexual relationship with those men who already have relations with other women.    

5. Chances of extramarital affairs in astrologyIn case of female:

If Rahu is in 12th house and badly influenced by other malefic planets so that woman will have another secret relationship with another man apart from her own husband.   

6. If 7th house is occupied by Saturn, Moon & Mars without any benefic influence so the native will be involved in illicit relationships with other women and his wife will also be like that. That means, there will be the presence of other men in his wife’s life.    

7. If badly afflicted Sun & Moon is placed in the same house and 4th house is also afflicted by malefic without any benefic influence so the native will be involved in a secret illicit relationship with elderly or aged women.    

8. If Lagna lord and 6th lord are in the same house and afflicted by malefic so the native may fall into these type of illicit relationships.    

9. Planetary combination for extramarital affairs – In case of female: Mars, Moon, 7th & 8th house – if those are afflicted by Saturn by aspect or co-joining, so the native may fall into illicit relationships just due to her strong desire for “sex”.   If those houses will be afflicted by Rahu, so the sexual urge will be higher and the woman can cross any limit to fulfil her desire. If 7th house is occupied by two or three malefic planets without any influence of benefic planet so the same thing can happen, but always see the position of Mars while judging any female horoscope.  

10. In case of Female: Between Lagna lord & Moon who is stronger, if that planet comes under the influence of Saturn in “Navamsa” & “Birth Chart or Rashi Chart” both, so the woman can make illicit relationships with anybody in society, even a high society woman will go to the low standard man just to fulfill her desire. Especially if this yoga is found in Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius so there could be various male partners in her life. But the involvement of strong 9th, 5th house lord, and Jupiter will make this combination less powerful.    

11. If Venus & Moon both are in the 6th house and afflicted by malefic planet so that woman will have several illicit relationships in her life.    

12. If 7th lord is aspected by or o-join with Rahu & there is no influence of any benefic planet so the native will be attracted to those women who are elder to him or married or divorced, especially if Venus is also involved in this combination so the native will be with high sexual drive and will fall into many illicit relationships.  

So many other extramarital affair yog in Kundli or horoscope combinations are there also, I will discuss those later in another article. You can like AstroSanhita.Com Facebook Page to get new updates.

28 thoughts on “Extra Marital/ illicit/ Relation/ Affair

  1. Eswari Pavani says:

    Namaste Guruji, me and husband always had misunderstandings. He is very stubborn and don’t want to listen anyone and makes me cry everyday because of his decisions.i really fed up with him.we have a 13 .yrs old boy. Really I want to walk away from his life. My DOB is on Oct 24th 1974. Do I have a chance of a good and understanding person in my life as a second chance.

  2. somya says:

    Sir my DOB is 17jan1974 & time is 9:25
    PM Place is Delhi. I would like to know if my chances of extra martial relation and about my future. Pl give me some conclusion.

  3. Ravishankar says:

    My DOB is 15/7/1967 4.30 AM Bangalore. I want to know why I have more sex drive and my wife is very weak in sex. Do I have Ex Marital relation in my horoscope.

  4. Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear Manmohan,
    As an astrologer I can only guide you, when your
    question will be clear to me, please ask your question clearly, what you
    actually want to know? I will obviously guide you.May God Bless You

  5. Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear Ravi,

    From your comments I can understand that – you really have depth knowledge in Astrology. If you want you can send me that report, it would rather please me. But, sometimes birth details of a person doesn’t help us that much, Like it did not with you in this case, what you have mentioned in your comment. Many reasons could be there – 1. wrong birth details, specially time. 2. your lack of knowledge in any particular part of the subject etc. Whatever the reason could be, if you want the solution so you will have to concentrate on other sides of occult. Most important among all is “face reading”, secondly Numerology. Alone numerology cannot help you that much. but if you combine these three – Vedic Astrology, Numerology and Face reading – so you can predict like an expert. Another tool is there in Vedic astrology that is “Horary Chart”, and if you really want to know that what a person is thinking at time when he/she has come to you so you have to have command over the knowledge of “Gochar” or transit. There is a special way to judge all these and you cannot get those special calculations in any book. You know very well in “Guru Parampara/ tradition”, guru teaches some extra to whom he thinks deserve for that. In case of any occult knowledge learning guru/masters behave in the same way, especially in India. Keep learning and try to focus on subjects I have mentioned above. Always remember, whatever, you do, whatever you read all those won’t be enriched as long as you are not meditating daily. Practice meditation. At first try to find out from your chart which chakra or energy center should be activated, after that meditate on that “Chakra” in daily basis and apply your will force to activate that. Then you will understand Astrology is not a mere a mathematical subject, it is more than that. In “Sanskrit” Astrology is called “Jyotish”. If we divide “Jyotish” into two parts, so it will become – Jyoti + Ish – in English “The God Of light”. Discover that light within you. Be a realy “Jyotishi” or “Astrologer”.

    May God Bless You

  6. Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear Ravi,

    First of all, your question is very matured and also shows that you have very keen interest in astrology, that’s great dear. keep it up. I will be answering your question one by one:

    1. You are absolutely right, retrograde planets represent strong desire from past life. These planets represents many other aspects , but past life representation is primary. But, the way of reflection of the result is bit different than how you have described in your comment. For example, if somebody’s 5th lord Saturn is retrograde and is in 12th house, here not only the 5th house related matter will come into the picture but also the 12th house matters, the nakshatra, argala, rashi effect, aspect, conjunction etc. will also be added. Now you can ask me, if we bring all these together so – many things will come in front, like – children, love and romance, intelligence, stock market dealings, foreign travel, expenditure etc. So, which effect will be the prime? All can not happen in anybody’s life at the same time or in the same dasa. So, here, your experience of judging horoscopes will play the main role. If you are experienced astrologer you will concentrate on the characteristics of the planet, how the planet is behaving in the horoscope. This is really very descriptive topic and I will obviously try to discuss in my future articles.

    2. I always suggest my students to judge divisional charts beside Rashi Chart and I personally judge also at the time of consultation. Here again you are right whatever you have said about Rashi Chart in your comment. Rashi Chart is just an overall chart. You will get an over all picture of every aspect of life from here. But, for detail analysis or better to say to personalize any prediction you have to judge Divisional Chart. In “Brihat Parashari Hora Shastram” it is mentioned clearly by Maharshi Parashara. Whoever judge only rashi chart they only get half truth, sometimes lesser than that. Apart from Rashi Chart you need to judge “Tithi Pravesha Chart” to get more personalized and correct prediction. In case of “Tithi Pravesha Chart” you cannot use “Vimsattari Dasa Sysytem”, here you will have to use “Astattori Dasa”. In case of divisional charts you will have to use “Amsha Rullar” system to know anything more specifically. Suppose you have understood a person will become engineer, but what type of engineer, mechanical, software, civil etc. this information you will get from D-10 and “the amsha rular system”.

    3. I have already covered this in my ans.1 partly, but still I am mentioning. Always remember, Houses are inanimate, only planets are animate. Planet or a house lord is the representative of that particular house. If the lord is weak so that house matter may not reflect in your life. You can say – houses are just like “store house” of matters and planets or house lords bring those stored matters to you, so that you can experience. So, among so many house matters which one will effect that depends upon many other parameters. That I have discussed in ans. no.1.

    In case of extramarital affair, D-9 also plays important role in astrology. Especially the 9th house of d-9. 9th house in D-9 is the house of duty mindedness towards the marital relationship. If the the house and lord both are afflicted so, it can support extramarital affair.

    4. Navamsa or D-9 is the chart of marriage. But, it not only shows marriage, some other things are also judged from this house. But, Mainly Marriage. Like D-10 is called the chart of career etc. To take final decision, always go with divisional charts. For example if there is marriage yoga in Rashi chart but in D-9 the yoga is absent, so, the person will get many marriage proposals but those proposals won’t ultimate convert into marriage at all.

    If you have any further question, you can ask me.

    May God Bless You Dear

  7. Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee says:

    You have mentioned in your question about retrograded planets and their effects on your extramarital relationship. Here one thing should be very clear to you that – retrograde planet doesn’t always mean that – it would give bad result. It may be sometimes bad and sometimes good, that again depends upon the “Nakshatra, depositor and aspect factors of the planet. in one word retrograde planets connects your life with your “Past Karma”. If any retrograde planet is connected with any of your “relation giving” houses (5th, 7th, 8th, 11th house) in your horoscope so the relationships will keep coming in their dasa, antardasa or when the “gochar” transit time will come or related planet’s dasa timing. Now here planetary strength will come into picture if the retrograde planet is associated with many planets. Who is more strong and whose association is more prominent in that period the relationship will come. 5th house and 8th house combination with supported by other extramarital yoga (i have mentioned in my article) giving combination – gives multiple relationships, because one relationship doesn’t stay for long period of time, the native lose interest very easily. 8th house is also the house of our secret genital part, in case of male or female both, but seventh house will also come into the picture when in case of female (for depth analysis to find-out the actual reason, because nothing happens in this world without a reason). That’s the reason 8th house is so important house to get the indication of extramarital or illicit relationship.

    The 12th house is the house of Bed pleasure. This house is important for both marital happiness and to judge extramarital affair or illicit relationship. In your case this extramarital relation has already happened. So, it may happen again or may not also. Your horoscope will be telling you that clearly.

    In your horoscope see the relation between Rahu-Venus and other relationship giving houses as i have mentioned above. The transit of the associated planets, see if there any connection in between them or not, in your case especially Rahu and Venus. Venus is in 7th with mars and rahu is in 8th house giving argala or planetary intervention on the 7th house planets, further Mars and enus both are under control of “Hasta Nakshtra” and Rahu is in “Swati” nakshatra”, These combinations are saying a lot of things about your life. Your Horoscope should be judged thoroughly, with depth analysis. Because so many things are there in your chart – in your life, that I cannot discuss here publicly, because, whatever I will discuss here thousands of people will be reading the same throughout the whole world. I think you do not want also that.

    If you really want to know that – you will be further in any relationship or not, just follow the above procedure I mentioned, you will get your answer. But dear, always remember that – nothing happens in this world without a reason. If you really want to come out of this stage at first you have to find out that exact reason for all these, and that answer you will get from your horoscope. You are doing yoga and other exercises, that’s good, but, if there is a yoga in your chart so, that will definitely happen, and the best part of that is – you will be ready for that mentally and physically that time. Now you can ask me – isn’t there any remedy for that? Yes certainly the remedy is there, the destiny is really at your hand, you can change it at any point of time you want, but only you have to know the procedure. First – look for the actual reason, which is clearly indicated in your horoscope, then apply the special remedy which will be fully personalized for you or that reason, then when the time will come, you will be seeing there is no effect on you of all those. This is the magic of that remedy. Try to find out the reason first from your horoscope only and let me know, I will obviously guide you properly.

    Do not become depressed or broke dear, this is just the part of life, but not the heart of life. Find out the reason and get out of this, the life could be so beautiful & charming, just enjoy it with full of your heart.

    May God Bless You Dear

  8. Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear Khushi,

    I already have discussed so many things on Extra Marital affair in my article and in replies also. As you are availing free advice so I cannot tell you what I am exactly getting from your birth chart, but I can share with you the procedures or some tips by applying which you can easily find-out the reality. In your Rashi Chart 7th and 12th lord Mars who is in “Krittika Nakshtra” is sitting in 1st house, which is the house of your own-self. Further lagna lord Venus, 5th & 2nd lord Mercury and Rahu – three of them are in 10th house and influencing each other. Among them Mercury and Rahu both are in “Satavisha Nakshatra” and Venus in “Purba-Vadrapad”. Most importantly your Venus is of Taurus Sign, which is an Earthy sign and thus Venus get earthy or physical oriented nature when it comes in the contact of Rahu. In your case this has become the real fact. Your past life before marriage was really colorful, there is no doubt. You are saying you love your husband very much, that may be true. But, according to astrology & your horoscope, if your birth data is correct, so, you and your husband are totally “poles a part”. Actually you do not want those past incident to come back to your life again. It’s true you had a colorful life but you had faced also some unfavorable moments that time.

    It also may happen that you are right, that you love your husband, because, your birth time could be wrong, and thus it is showing wrong result in D-9. D-9 is the chart from where you can judge – what is going to happen after marriage. So, I will recommend you to please Rectify Your Birth Time before scare from unknown, it may happen that after the rectification the result will be totally different. Sometimes 3 to 5 minutes difference in Birth Time make changes in chart.

    Do not worry if some negative affect is there, that can be solved by some special personalized remedies too. It is totally curable and very easy to handle.

    If you are still confused, just let me know, I will try my best to give you answer.

    May God Bless You Dear

  9. Savitri_Devi_GuruBhakt says:

    Hire a private detective and set him over her. There’s no distinction of right and wrong.

  10. Savitri_Devi_GuruBhakt says:

    Sir. Isn’t cheating over husband, a sin? So wouldn’t a cheating wife repent for her sin in her next birth according to karma? And what does a woman go through for cheating her husband? Nothing?

  11. Savitri_Devi_GuruBhakt says:

    Sir, I need your guidance. What’s morally right or wrong for me? I deeply believe in the value of chastity and for that ready to preserve myself as well. But, these days I see women involved in multiple sexual affairs before marriage, which scares me off. I strictly do not want a wife who had slept with anyone else…but what if I don’t get one? So, the question is, should I let myself loose and bang on whoever comes my way, cause that seems morally wrong to me. And also, you said that karma brings the partner you deserve but what I see these days is that , there are many successful guys who never had affair prior to their marriage yet they get wives who had multiple affairs and continue to have so even after marriage, in some cases, even when they are sexually fully compatible.
    Also, the thought process has changed upside down. People used to rarely have pre marital affairs just one and a half decade ago but now it has become culture in metropolitan cities, this has resulted in an increasing number of cheating wives than ever before(if you look at the court cases) ….is it due to their karma? Or is it that time and things have changed big time? Please clarify the concept of karma revolving around these things. And also, as far as I know, chaste women( or one man women) are highly regarded and revered in Hinduism and are also held in high esteem in jyotish. Don’t they?

    I am ready to be a one woman man but only if I get a chaste , one man woman myself.
    This is where I need your guidance, what should I do? Ease my heart up, I feel tensed.

    My birth details: Piyush
    6:52 AM

    Please clarify things up for me. What should I do? And why do I get so tense and perplexed unnecessarily?

    Guide me, gurudev. I need guidance.

  12. anuj says:

    Hi, i would like to explain few things here , 1. you should love only to your husband ( it is a sin even to think about other guy) same thing applies to every male even. Be loyal to your life partner always . now i come to astrological facts here .1 Mars in 7 house makes you more passionate about *** and that’s main problem here .eventually it leads to a unsatisfied desire and i hope you can get better idea what i want to explain . Start reading hanuman chalisa on daily basis and recitation of vishnu sahashrnam and be loyal to your partner always

  13. Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear Prati,

    Thanks for the appreciation dear. I always try to guide people as far as it is possible for me. In your case the matter is related to extramarital affair. Some things are there what we should not discuss openly in public, because that is your very personal matter. Nobody has the right to know that without the person you give permission. So, that’s why I never had discussed those. Yes, some matters are there in your horoscope some of them you can guess, some you cannot. Those are very depth and needs to be handled with a lot of care, otherwise those can bring a lot of negative moments in your life. I am not saying here what is wrong and what is right, but, always remember, if you are doing anything wrong that will definitely give negative result. So, it is better to stop all these, but as long as you are unable to understand the disease properly, so how it would be possible for you to cure that? To know the reality, you will have to go to the root cause of it and to find out that root cause, your horoscope should be judged very deeply (with in depth analysis).

    Astrology is a tool with the help of which you come to know about incidents which are waiting to happen in your life, and believe me, most of them we can handle or modify, if we follow the way to solve it. How much depth analysis your horoscope needs, it is not possible to judge within seconds or minutes. It may take longer period. As I hardly get free time. Still, if I get any extra time obviously I will mail you. Otherwise you can book appointment.

    May God Bless You Dear

  14. Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear Rahul,
    First of all thank you for your appreciation.

    Everybody have their own life and everybody has the right to live life as they want without directly harming any other person. It is against my principle to discuss about anybody’s very personal matter without his/her permission. So, I am sorry dear.

    May God Bless You

  15. Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear Neha,

    I have seen your Horoscope. I can fully understand your problem dear. So, many things are there to discuss and to tell you. But, I do not want to make it public at all. If it were easy to solve so, I would have guided you. But, in your case, you need expert advice. So, I am not discussing anything here publicly. Just one thing I can tell you – the solution of your problem is there, you can solve it dear, there is a way out. Do not worry, everything will be ok.

    May God Bless You Dear

  16. Savitri_Devi_GuruBhakt says:

    Sir, is it possible to know whether a person had pre marital sexual relationship by looking at their horoscope? Please reply. And tell that for both genders.

  17. John Mathew says:

    Dear Ankur,

    I can understand the feelings you are going through. I am a palmist & its equally powerful science of understanding what’s happened in past & also predicting future events. If you can send your palm photos & if possible your wife’s as well, I can try to predict your future. Pl note that I will not charge anything for this. This is purely out of social service.
    Dear Sankar,

    Sorry for barging into your area. The motive is just social service as you are doing.

  18. Poonam says:

    Sir my DOB is 08 Mar 1974 & time is )9:19 AM Place is Ujjain (M.P) I would like to know of my chances of extra martial relation and about my future. Pl give me some conclusion.

  19. kavitha says:

    Hi sir,
    Can u pls tell me will my daughter have chances for extra marital affair in future.
    Dob: 27/11/2015
    Time: 12.32 p.m
    Place: chennai.

    Pls help me sir….

  20. Ankur Agrawal says:

    please let me know about the future of my married life and relationship as my wife wanna stay away from me, angry, don’t need me in her life,
    i am too much disturbed .

    we husband n wife are getting away from each other due to misunderstanding, she is too much angry with me that she don’t want to talk me and gone away from me and presently doing Job in Gurgaon.
    Presently she dont need me in her life.

    she is not listening to her parents or any body else

    my wife
    Parul Agrawal
    DOB 22/11/1985
    7.35 am
    he is getting away saying mismatch in our mind set
    please help.

    ANKUR AGRAWAL ; 24/02/1983, MATHURA , 06;50 pm , i am presently in Faridabad Haryana

    when we will get legally seperated.

    please suggest suitable wayout.


  21. Payal says:


    My DOB is 12/09/1980
    And place of birth is Ahmedabad
    And time of birth is 5.20 am
    I had an extra marital affair with a married man for more than 2 years. Once his wife found out about the affair he left me. I am depressed and broken from inside. I feel like a failure. My husband also knows about the break up and affair. I also fell pregnant to this other man in jan 2015 but I went for abortion. I feel devastated. I don’t want to get into any extra marital affair in future. Do you think from my horoscope that I will get into this sort of thing again? Will my marriage work out? I loved the other man but he cheated me by leaving me when his wife found out. I feel like a loser already.

  22. paddu says:

    querry: how my (male)horoscope 100% resembles with female horoscope ? confirms the illicit relation before marriage as per the rule no 7 under the head of other combinations for ililcit sex relationship ,how it possible

    for educative purpose i am asking ,pl reply sir

  23. dinesh says:

    very nice article.

  24. Mitul Patel says:

    Hi Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee

    Me and my wife are living separate from 2010 and has file case of divorce since 2010 and in 2014, januray with mutual understanding we live together and in May 2014 we had fight and she left my house and have case reopen in high court pls suggest me if my wife has an affair with other person or not

    Her Date is :

    Toral Shah
    DOB : 26-10-1984
    Time : 03.10 am
    Place : Rajkot

    I request you to pls help me out as we have a baby of 6 years, sometimes i thought that my wife has illegal affair and all relation with other person
    though she always telling lie if something caught what she not told to me.

  25. Krupa says:

    Dear Sir,

    This is an urgent requirement as I am having a lot of problems in my marriage life. Kindly match our Kundli and let me know if my husband is having an extra marital affair as he keeps wanting divorce and my money.

    His details – Chethan Bangera S
    DOB – 28/08/1983 Time – 12:02 PM
    Place – Mangalore

    My details – B G Krupa
    DOB – 15/09/1987 Time – 5:20 PM
    Place – Bangalore

    Marriage date – 02/12/2012.

    I am really disturbed and going into depression. He has given me 2 months to make this marriage work from my side, failing which he wants divorce. Pleaee HELP.
    Thanks you.

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