Moola Nakshatra-Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Characteristics

Moola Nakshatra-Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Characteristics

Moola Nakshatra- Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Characteristics, Business/Profession, Health, Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart Prediction In AstrologyMoola nakshatra is the 19th nakshatra in the Vedic Astrology system. This nakshatra falls in Sagittarius sign and its start lord is Ketu. Moola nakshatra people are generally blessed by Jupiter’s benevolent qualities but their life will see a lot of struggle till the age of 48 due to the impact of Ketu. Moola people will be spiritually blessed in their life.

Moola Nakshatra- Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility

These people will be blessed with materialistic as well as spiritual success but only after the age of 42. Moola people will have natural investigative and research-oriented skills. These people will love to travel and explore the beauty of Mother Nature.

Although, childhood life will see a lot of struggles and hardships. Some people may go through a long deep transformation in life to attain success in life. Financial scarcity and loss of opportunities at young age will give you mental trauma and emotional vulnerability in life.

Luck will not support you in your childhood or in your youth. Some people may lose their parent’s early life. Few may get proper nourishment, love, and care from their family members or relatives. Although, you will be hardworking but may not get desired or required success at a young age. Your fortune and prosperity will rise after the age of 42.

These people can hide many secrets from the world. Few may get inclined to seek and know the deepest secret of life, earth, nature, and mystic science. Moola natives are persistent and never give up attitude will give late but well deserved long-lasting success. Although, these people can easily angry or frustrated due to outer circumstances.

To Be Noted:- (Moola Constellation-Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Characteristics):- Here, I’ll discuss the effects and results of Moola constellation as Moon and Lagna Nakshatra. The overall impact and results of this nakshatra will mostly be based on Moon Nakshatra which is also known as Janam or Birth Nakshatra. In later articles, I’ll also discuss the impact and effects of different planets in this nakshatra.

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Moola Nakshatra Significance Overview

Moola nakshatra natives can get bored easily in life. Their work-life may go through several monotonous phases that make him or her change their jobs frequently at a young age. Although, you may start earning money from a very young age to support your family. However, there will be a lack of financial stability and prosperity in your life at a young age.

You may suffer from debts and bankruptcy in your youth. Your love for peace and solitude may incline you towards spirituality. You should protect yourself from excessive greed, hunger, high ambitions, or lust. Your humble nature and communication ability and diplomatic tact can take you a long way in your career. You can reach a good height in your career after the age of 40 or 42.

Moola Constellation Characteristics/ Personality Traits

These nakshatra people will be blessed with charming personalities, medium height with beautiful limbs and bright eyes. However, some physical injuries may trouble you in your childhood or in a young age. These people will; attain peace and calmness in life after the age of 40.

Their intuitive and speculative nature may give them unexpected gains. They may win lottery and a lot of money from their investments. Many Moola natives will be god-fearing and self-made men or women.

At times, they may get involved in conflict or office politics at workplace. Sometimes, these things will give harm as things could go out of control several times in their life.

Moola Nakshatra – Your Love Life and Marriage In Kundli

Moola nakshatra natives are very committed in their relationship but may get cheated by their romantic partner. Your expectations may not get fulfilled in your love life. However, married life will be much more stable and your spouse will also be sober and religious. There will be a lot of trust, intimacy, co-operation ad support from your spouse towards you.

Some people may lose their spouses due to sudden accidents or diseases. However, some people will go for second marriage as well. However, many natives will have a pleasant time with their life partners and most people will have long-lasting marriages.

Moola Nakshatra – Career/ Profession/ Business-Male/ Female

These Moola natives may prosper well in career like engineering and medical. One may deal drugs and herbs. You may also become chemical expert or do well in the field of pharmacy. You may achieve growth and success in the field of Politics or Astrology. Some may become Income-Tax officer or Drug inspector. Working in the occult field will give you stability in life.

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You will get progress in your career after the age of 40. Till the age of 40, there will be a lot of ups and downs in your occupation. You may also become astronomer, writer, researcher, philosopher, psychologist, spiritual healer, yoga teacher.

There will be slow growth but sure shot progress in the field of teaching and writing for many Moola nakshatra natives. However, some people may change their job or profession frequently till the age of 30.

Moola Nakshatra – Strength and Weakness in Astrology

These people can be arrogant, pessimistic, and stubborn in life at a young age. However, their rational approach and logical thinking give them an upper hand over others. Their communications skills will be excellent and some people may become scholar, orator later in life. However, their jealousy and revenge-taking nature may harm them in many ways.

Their spiritual and jovial nature may gain them followers and admirers in old age. These people are very caring and helpful towards less fortunate people. Moola people are intelligent and proficient in their work but their lazy and short-tempered nature may ruin their growth. Sometimes, these people can be self-destructive.

Moola Nakshatra and its effects on Health in Horoscope

Some Moola natives may suffer from paralysis or tuberculosis in life. A lot of restlessness and mental anguish at a young age may give them blood pressure and digestive problems. There will be trouble in both eyes at old age.

Women may suffer from abdominal issues and gastric problems after the age of 30. Proper diet, medication, and health care will be needed for Moola natives after the age of 40. Your eating habits and lifestyle will have a lot of impact on your health.

Some people may suffer from tumors as well. Although, he or she will recover from it. Skin-related diseases will trouble you in your youth. Daily exercise, walking, yoga, meditation will prove to be the most helpful for Moola natives.

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Moola Nakshatra Padas:-1st Pada-2nd Pada-3rd Pada-4thPada

  • 1st Pada:- The first pada of this nakshatra falls in between Zero degree to  3 degree 20 minutes in Sagittarius sign. Your Moon in Navamsha chart will fall in Aries sign if your Moon nakshatra is Moola of this pada in your Rasi or Da1 chart. Your Lagna in Navamsha will fall in Aries sign if your Ascendant sign (lagna sign) is in Moola nakshatra  of this pada in your Rasi or d1 chart.
  • 2nd Pada:- The second pada of this nakshatra falls in between 3 degree 20 minutes  to 6 degree 40 minutes in Sagittarius sign. The 2nd pada of this constellation yields Taurus Navamsha.
  • 3rd Pada:-The third pada of this Moola nakshatra falls in between 6 degree 40 minutes to 10 degree in Sagittarius sign in your Rasi or D1 chart. The 3rd pada of this constellation bestows Gemini Navamsha.
  • 4th Pada:-The fourth pada of this nakshatra falls in between 10 degree to 13 degree 20 minutes in Sagittarius sign. This 4th pada of  Moola nakshatra yields Cancer  Navamsha.

Moola Nakshatra – Marriage/ Business Partner Compatibility

Ashwini, Rohini, Punarvasu, Uttara Phalguni, Purva Phalguni, Anuradha, Jyeshta are the most incompatible and inimical nakshatra for Moola natives. Moola natives will have enmity towards people from these constellations.

The most compatible nakshatras for Moola natives are Vishakha, Swati, Chitra, Hasta, Revati, Purva Ashadha, Uttara Ashadha, and Krittika nakshatra.  People from these constellations will prove to be harmonious and compatible with Moola people. These people will be compatible and favorable for marriage or business partnerships.

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