Type Of Husband/ Wife In Astrology As Per Nakshatra Of 7th Lord – Part 2

Type Of Husband, Wife In Astrology As Per Nakshatra Of 7th Lord - Part 1

Type Of Husband/ Wife In Astrology As Per Nakshatra Of 7th House/ Saptam Bhav Lord In Of Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – Part 2: 7th  lord in different nakshatra related to planets can be diversified into 9 different types of nakshatra like Ketu Nakshatra are Mula, Magha, Ashwini, Rahu nakshatra like Ardra, Swati, Shatbhisha, etc. Their Role of 7th lord despite being benefic or malefic according to planetary rulership and their position also depends and gets modified with its in different Nakshatras. Every single nakshatra also has a lordship which can be Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu, etc.

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So, the effects and results of these nakshatras get assimilated with 7th lord placement and its strength. Thus, when predicting about 7th house and marriage or any kind of partnership one must see the 7th lord placement in different to extract the wholesome result related to your 7th house, marriage, spouse, partnership, etc. I already discussed all Nakshatras of Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter. Today I am going to discuss the rest of the Nakshatras.

7th Lord in Jyeshtha, Ashlesha, Revati Mercury’s Nakshatra – Conjugal life

Type Of Husband/ Wife In Astrology: You will be happy and satisfied with your married life. Some trust issues and misunderstandings may crop up. There can be some temporal separation in your marriage as well. But overall, you may get a very faithful partner with immense love and support in life. There will be gains and materialistic growth in your life after marriage. You and your spouse may have a very successful career as well.

7th Lord in Ashlesha Nakshatra:- There can be altercation and misunderstandings with spouse due to gossips and false allegations against you and your partner. Spouse will not like any kind of restrictions in life. Spouse may become very ambitious materialistically but may not devote much time to family.

7th Lord in Revati Nakshatra:-  Spouse will be very sensitive and emotional. He or she will be very devoted and caring towards yous. Some people may also marry their soul mate. There will sense of calmness, harmony, and satisfaction in life. Your spouse may help in your professional endeavors and partnership business. Sometimes, your success and luck may depend on your spouse. Settling in foreign land with spouse will make you rich, popular, and happy.

7th Lord in Jyeshtha Nakshatra:-  Your fortune will rise after marriage. Spouse can become your destiny maker and life savior. Prosperity and materialistic comfort will increase after marriage. He or she will be kind, generous, witty, warm-hearted in nature. Your spouse may bring focus, determination, and ambition back in your life.

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7th Lord in Bharani, Purva Phalguni, Poorvashada Venus’s Nakshatra – Married life

Type Of Husband/ Wife In Astrology: There will be deep bonding and a strong connection between you and your spouse. You may live and die for each other. There will be a lot of affection, passion, intimacy, and sexual pleasure between you two. Your partner may bring a smile to your face constantly in life. He or she will have a good sense of humor. There will be passionate long-lasting romance in your life.

7th Lord in Bharani Nakshatra:- Issues related to property and home within family may burst out after the marriage. There can be some legal complications and some people may suffer from divorce. Few may desert their spouse after childbirth. There will be a lot of ups and downs in your married life and a lack of mutual respect for each other can be seen in your marriage.

7th Lord in Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra:- Love marriage will be successful. You may get a very loving, innocent, and tender spouse as your partner. Your spouse will be foody and good cook as well.  Your spouse will be very possessive, emotional, and sentimental towards you. He or she might fight with family and relatives just for you. Your life partner will be source of happiness in your life. He or she will be constant support in your life.

7th Lord in Poorvashada Nakshatra:- There can be problems in married life due to over possessiveness and jealousy. Your partner may develop a doubtful attitude in life. He or she will not accept their mistakes easily. There can be trust issues in your married life. One may become frustrated due to partner’s extravagant interest and outgoing nature. Your partner will be social but at times over-friendly in nature. Although, he or she will be loyal to you.

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7th lord in Pushya, Anuradha, Uttarbhadrapada Saturn’s Nakshatra – Your Marriage

Type Of Husband/ Wife In Astrology: Adjustments and sacrifices will be needed for a long-lasting marriage. There will loss of respect for your spouse because of their decisions and self-centered attitude. You may also sometimes bother about your needs and satisfaction which is not good. You both care for their own well-being. Although, children might play a big role in binding you and your partner together with love, trust, and care. There can be a lack of intimacy between you and your partner at times.

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7th Lord in Pushya Nakshatra:- Problems in married life due to workaholic attitude and addiction towards liquor and smoking. There can be issues of domestic violence or an unsupportive and uncaring attitude towards your partner.

7th Lord in Anuradha Nakshatra:- Some people may suffer from the loss of spouse within few years of marriage. Some people may face temporal separation with spouse due to unavoidable circumstances. Your spouse will be sober and simple in nature. He or she will be very mellow and adaptable in nature.

7th Lord in Uttarbhadrapada Nakshatra:- Your spouse may become demanding in nature. Spouse will be dominating and irritating at times. You may suffer from unhappiness or lack of conjugal intimacy in your married life. There can be gains from brothers-in-law. You will develop some affinity towards extramarital affairs outside marriage. Married life may become monotonous at a young age.

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7th Lord in Ardra, Swati, Shatabhisha Rahu’s Nakshatra – Married life

Type Of Husband/ Wife In Astrology: Your spouse will be curious and sometimes carefree in nature. He or she can become rebellious when provoked. Person will be very transparent and sometimes blunt in their conversations. You may travel a lot with your life partner. One will have much affinity towards their partners. Health issue may give you mental worries and restlessness in life.

7th Lord in Ardra Nakshatra:- One may suffer from divorce or temporal separation in life due to lot of family and altercations with your spouse as well. Infidelity may cause much distress and suffering in life along with loss of money. Your spouse would also want their space and he or she may also love traveling and solitude sometimes.

7th Lord in Swati Nakshatra:- There will be materialistic prosperity and an increase in your overall comfort, happiness, and satisfaction in your life. Although, you or your partner might cheat in a clandestine way. Your partner will be forgiving but you experience some kind of aloofness in your marriage.

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7th Lord in Shatabhisha Nakshatra:- Your life partner will be moody and critical but may become your pillar of strength and main support system in your life. He or she may support you financially and will show you direction in life with his or her motivational skills. Your spouse may have a big hand and support in your success.

7th Lord in Ashwini, Magha and Moola Ketu’s Nakshatra – Your Marriage

Type Of Husband/ Wife In Astrology: Your spouse may not remain very committed to you at an early stage of your married life. He or she can become disinterested in conjugal life even after love marriage. Their focus or attention may get diverted towards their hobbies and career. 7th lord in Ketu Nakshatra can give physical incompatibility with spouse or unsatisfactory bed pleasure after marriage.

7th Lord in Ashwini Nakshatra:- Married life will be full of affection and passion but the intimacy may die down quickly in few years because of several other priorities and responsibilities. There will decrease in intimacy and affection and separation due to traveling for professional purposes is possible.

7th Lord in Magha Nakshatra:- Arranged Marriage will be more harmonious and successful than love marriage. Your spouse will respect you for your efforts, knowledge, and hard work. Harmony may prevail after much hustle initially in your married life.

7th Lord in Moola Nakshatra:- Your married life will be overall satisfactory but health of your spouse will be cause of concern for you. He or she will be hardworking and proficient in career. At times partner will be obedient and cooperative but there will be phases of differences and spouse can become erratic, self-centered, and capricious. Your spouse may become more religious or spiritual after marriage.

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