Moon Combustion Astrology In 1st 2nd 3rd 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12th Houses

Moon Combustion Astrology In 1st 2nd 3rd 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12th Houses

Moon Combustion Astrology In 1st 2nd 3rd 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12th Houses in Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – Vedic Astrology:  What is Combustion In Astrology? Combustion is a common phenomenon where planets lose their strength to give their results good or bad depends on its placement. The significance of the planet suffers and it fails to give its main result. The close association of any planets within 10 degrees of Sun in the same house and sign called combustion of that particular planet. Mercury mainly gets combusted most in birth charts as it has very close proximity to Sun. Mercury travels close to the planet Sun.

Moon Combustion Astrology – The Effects Of Combusted Moon

From here now, I am going to discuss the remaining part and houses following the effect of Sun and Moon Conjunction in these houses and also the result of the combustion of Moon in different houses.

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Combust Moon In 1st House In Horoscope

Combustion of Moon in 1st house will give a lot of struggle, and confusion in life regarding love and career to native. Native will have big goals and high aspirations but may get involve in wandering, daydreaming, and sometimes libido. One may have a headache problem some physical deficiency in the body. Baldness or white patches on the head may occur.

Combust Moon In 2nd House In Kundli

Combustion of Moon in 2nd house will give struggle in earning and savings. Tension in family affairs with spouse or parents can be possible. Although, Person may live in Joint family till young age. You may get all the luxury and comfort in life along with help of servants and workers.

Combust Moon In 3rd house In Birth chart

When Moon gets combusted in 3rd house then native may become lazy without much aspirations and goals in life. He or she will be aimless and would indulge in pleasure and daydreaming. Person may become stubborn, greedy, and rigid for their materialistic desires. False charges or allegations may happen against you.

Combust Moon In 4th House In Horoscope

When Moon gets combusted in 4th house then native will have domestic problems with parents, siblings, and spouse. Loss of parents or family members at a young age is possible. There will be domestic help for you in your family. One might also be born in an aristocratic family. Native will not have much peace at home with family members and relatives.

Combusted Moon In 5th House In Astrology

Moon in combustion state in 5th house gives pain and suffering in love affairs. One will have a hard time finding the right partner and a long-lasting relationship. It may also give progeny issues or health issues in life. You may get cheated in your love affairs several times. There will be heartbreaks and depression. One may get frustrated from their relationship.

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Combust Moon In 6th House In Horoscope

 Combustion of Moon in 6th house will give health issues to you and to your mother. You might also have to deal with confrontations and court cases related to properties. Some Injury through an accident is also possible. Hospitalization due to injury is possible. Although, native will recover quickly from any kind of illness and sickness.

Combust Moon In 7th House In Kundli

Combustion of Moon in 7th house gives health issues and infidelity in married life. Child issues or pregnancy is also possible. Chances of miscarriage are there. There can be some trust issues and a lack of mutual understanding with your spouse.

Combusted Moon In 8th House In Birth Chart

Moon when in combustion in 8th house then person can become a thug, communal and warmonger in the shadow of Saint personality. Person will be very cunning and manipulative in life. One may also get in pawns of negative energies. He or she may get indulge in gaining knowledge of occult science along with Tantra Mantra.

Combust Moon In 9th House In Horoscope

Moon Combustion in 9th house will give a lot of travels in search of ideal philosophies of life. Although, travel related to education & religion will give success and popularity in foreign land. Person will be witty and very intelligent. There can be some pleasure travels and wandering in nomadic places.

Combust Moon In 10th House In Astrology

Combustion of Moon in 10th house gives directionless life till 24 years of age. Native will be involved in food, fun, and merrymaking. He or she will be too lazy to put in any hard work into their Education or Career till 24 years of age. There will be support and encouragement from family, especially from the mother. You will grow with the support of ladies.

Combusted Moon In 11th House In Kundli

Combustion of Moon in 11th house gives ample wealth and success through business and networking. Although, there will be failures in love affairs and your romantic life will be short-lived. You will search for your ideal mate but will have to live alone or aloof for some time at a young age.

Combust Moon In 12th House In Horoscope

Combustion of Moon in 12th house will give problems in long-distance travel as well as issues in a permanent settlement in foreign land. You may face deficiency in your bed pleasure through your conjugal life. Health issues may crop up related to private organs and sperm deficiency. Spouse will be co-operative and loyal.

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