Paying Through Paytm? Beware


Paying Through Paytm? Beware

Paying Through Paytm? Beware: If you are paying through Paytm or thinking to pay please be careful. Read this article carefully before paying. After all, it is your hard-earned money. I am going to discuss here everything with solid information and proof so that any of my clients do not face any such payment difficulties. I feel, this is my duty to inform my clients what is the reality. After knowing all these if any of you pay through Paytm to avail any service, then AstroSanhita.Com will not be responsible for any further monetary loss of you.

Online Payment: Nowadays, online payment has occupied nearly 30% of all financial transactions in our country (the percentage ratio can vary time to time). Our government is also spreading awareness so that more and more people do online transaction. I really appreciate this step. But, I do not think, only spreading the awareness can change the actual scenario. We need to build the trustworthiness too, so that people come and pay over and over through online. They should know that if something go wrong with their money somebody or authority is there who will take care of that.

Payment Gateway: Whenever you are making payment online all transactions are going through another server, you can say – you are paying through a mediator, they mediate between you (buyer) and the merchant (seller) and ultimately give your money to the seller’s account, so that the seller can give that particular service or product you are paying for. Such mediators are called payment gateways. To give these kind of payment or transaction services payment gateways take a certain amount of charge (varies company to company) from the seller. There are numerous payment gateways, Paytm is one of them. They had started with mobile wallet service.

Paying through Paytm? Beware, Think twice before payment

I guess, Many people out there who already have lost their money. As a big giant, Paytm have their customer care department, but they do not give the service what they should. The Paytm customer care department is just an eyewash to show that ‘we concern’. Who already have lost money they know the reality. But they do not know, what to do next after losing money, for some time they shout and then become totally silent when their anger graph go down.

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I want to tell them, once you faced fraudulent from a particular company doesn’t mean that all are like that. Many good payment gateways are also there. On the other hand, I think there should be an awareness also that in these type of scenarios what a person can do, government should take some initiatives towards that.

Now, let’s discuss what exactly has happened that I am saying all of you not to pay through Paytm if you are paying for any service.

On 21/02/2017 one payment was being made. Firstly it went well till putting the bank OTP, but after that, the story started. The successful payment page was not coming at all, the main page was showing ‘processing dialogue’ like: ‘your transaction is being processed, do not press any key etc….’ after waiting for a long period the following screen came:


(Error reason – technical: In maximum cases, it happens due to the extreme server load or using the un-upgraded server, which is not capable of handling huge amount of traffic or MySql request at a time. My opinion: It is not the customer’s fault, if company is earning money so they should invest on server upgradations).

There was no payment success email or SMS even in Paytm wallet in ‘My Order’ section nothing was showing.

Keeping the thought in mind that the payment was not done, the same payment procedure was initiated second time for the same service or charge, but the result is same like before, everything going well but at last ‘could not connect to the requested server host’ – page is coming instead of payment success page.

People generally WhatsApp me when they face any kind of problem (+91 8582816498). Just think if you are making this payment and what is happening if that would have happened with you.

The payment was made through a credit card. Due to a curiosity to know that what is happening I contacted Paytm customer care, actually, they have call back system. You need to register your complaint first. All you need to know the Paytm account details. 

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About Paytm refund complaint

The representative said: ‘yes sir, two payments are showing successful. The payment was made two times for the same service. We can understand and our policy is if any payment has been wrongly made by any customer, he/she will get the money back within 48 hours. No need to worry. ’

Paytm Complaint Number is: 22335119

First Transaction:

Paid for Order #5118101000100005201702211218000582

Paytm Cash Txn ID 7041443350

Date: 2017-02-21

Time: 00:33:32 PM

Amount: Rs 2,448

Second Transaction:

Paid for Order:  #5118101000100005201702211225000599

Paytm Cash Txn ID: 7041782594

Date: 2017-02-21

Time: 00:41:43 PM           

Amount: Rs 2,448

(The time gap between these two transactions because the webpage was totally frozen for long period time and gave the ‘could not connect to the requested host error’)

I really appreciated their support to understand the same what has actually happened. Because I know, that technical problem can happen anytime, the main thing is whether the customer is getting the service or not properly. Anybody has a little bit experience on payment gateway matters, he/ she can understand that if two transactions have been made back to back for the same service and then the customer is complaining about wrong payment then it is a simple case of refund. Do you think this is the end of the story? No dear, it is to be continued.

After waiting till 25th of February when there was no refund, again the Paytm customer care department was contacted.

The agent name (as per he said): Praveen

The time the agent called: 3:16 pm

Now the situation became totally different. The previous agent on 21st of February was promised to refund the money, but today this agent has started saying totally opposite to it. He said: ‘ sir, two payments were made in different days, the gap between two transactions was  1 day so we cannot take it as wrong payment’. I was really shocked, I asked him: ‘Are you sure what you are saying?’ he said: “yes sir, it is on our record and I can clearly see that”. I said:” I am going to record this conversation”. He said: “Yes sir, you can, but what I am saying that is on our record”. I am not mentioning the full conversation here but moral of the whole story is as per the conversation (because I do not want to make this article lengthy) they are not going to give money back. That means money is gone. But the reality was not matching with what the agent was saying. According to the following Paytm’s ‘My Order’ section, it is clear that two transactions were made at the same day and also within some minutes.

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(This order was started showing in the Paytm wallet after lodging the complaint)

Now many things can be done and the money can be recovered too but a normal person doesn’t know those procedures and frankly speaking if you are not a privileged customer of a reputed bank, your bank may not also show any interest in these regards.

Every day many people are being cheated by many companies, please raise your voice against them. Do not feel ‘so called secured’ by keep closing your eyes, because what is happening with some other person today that may happen with you tomorrow. GOD BLESS……

8 thoughts on “Paying Through Paytm? Beware

  1. Subhadeep Dey says:

    The point is, never choose Paytm in the gateway option. I have mentioned my experience over here: Make sure to retweet it.

  2. Srinibas Sahoo says:

    I am very much thankful to Dr Sankar Bhattacharjee for writing such an article and creating awareness.

  3. Srinibas Sahoo says:

    I also share my story. I generally do not trust paytm. But when I was on a tour my mobile balance finished. I took help of friend to recharge my mobile. He had installed i-mobile of ICICI bank. So my ICICI bank account did not open in his mobile. So he proposed me to use his payTM account and pay through my ICICI bank account. So I agreed. But after I given my ICICI account details the transaction failed. So I could not recharge. But money deducted from my account. I thought I will get it back. But when I did not get it, I contacted the customer care. I got a mail that you have again done some recharge after that transaction failed. But I had not done any recharge after that. So where the money went ? I again send mail but would not get any reply. So I send them nude photos of ladies so many times. One day a person called me from paytm & discussed it in details. He said you have recharged from a paytm account and after the transaction failed the money went to paytm account. Wonderful. I recharged from my icici bank account but as I did it through paytm so the money did not return to my ICICI bank account. The money went to my friend’s paytm account and he also rechaged his mobile. When I also confronted my friend he told show me proof & never returned my money. He was a telugu(chor). The pay TM person also requested me not to send those obscene photos. So when you have a bank account and internet banking, never use these third party service. they are cheats. These are worst systems generated by then RBI chief Raghuram Rajan. Also one of my friend was telling there is no option to take your money back to your bank account from payTM account. So he finished the pay TM balance through shopping. So remain away from it.

    • Dr. Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

      Share this article with friends and colleagues, so that, no one can be cheated like this. Everybody should be aware of this fact. Who knows how many people have been cheated by Paytm!!! They are not getting any place to state their problems. Spread it as much as it is possible and request others to do the same…God Bless You…

  4. Laxmi Bansal says:

    Why people use this type of third class gateways, I do not know. I think we all should use ‘bhim’, that is from Indian government. Actually paytm advertise and sponsor a lot, nowadays they are targeting films and promoting through that platform, paytm is only a crap company existing on advertisements.

    • Subhadeep Dey says:

      Couldn’t agree more. When I raised my voice on Twitter complaining about its ill business practises, Paytm’s founder, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, blocked me. It clearly shows how this company is unprofessional. When it comes to choosing a merchant in the payment gateway, I would now on always choose either PayUMoney or BillDesk.

  5. Dirija Bakshi says:

    We Indians are just mad, first we lift a company to so high that later that becomes our headache, what paytm has become now. It is funded by a china company and what they are earning the maximum part of that is going to china, still we support this company tro loot us in this way, shame.

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