Corona Virus/ COVID 19 a Deadly Disease or Myth – The Fear Game

Corona Virus a Deadly Disease or Myth - The Fear Game

Corona Virus// COVID 19 a Deadly Disease or Myth – The Fear Game: Firstly, as a responsible citizen of India, I would like to assert some utter truth which hogging behind the ongoing fear of madness and misinformation about coronavirus. Its fear hysteria that blindfolded our intellect and belief. There are big lie and myth existing and going on from mouth to mouth of people that  Corona Virus is a deadly virus which can infect and kill someone easily which is partly true, not fully. It is like any other viruses. In fact, only 1 person out of 1000 infected people may die, if that person’s immune system is not strong enough according to Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury and other research projects on coronavirus, that I will mention later in this article.

Coronavirus has been excited for quite some time now and it’s just we human beings came to aware of this virus after detection. Not only coronavirus but many other, undetected and unknown viruses are there around us even when you are reading this article also.

They were there always, the difference is only now we have the kit to detect it. The countless time you had a fever in the past and one of them could be due to coronavirus. but still, you are alive. The truth is we are always exposed to viruses and bacteria but our immune system protect us each time. The flu is only the protection mechanism of the body. Our body’s immune system throws out bacteria, viruses through cough and cold, sneezing, and by raising the temperature of the body. So, don’t panic when you have flu, it is not happening the first time in your life.

People are dying in dengue, tuberculosis, and by many other diseases every day, we don’t talk about them, even when you are reading this article in many parts of the world people are dying due to many other diseases in huge quantities. But no one talks about that figure. If you count that death ratio then it will be more than the coronavirus fears death ratio. Generally, in a year more than 1 crore people die due to infectious diseases. This time you have a problem just because the figure of death has been highlighted.

Myth and Fear Hysteria

When someone, media, etc talk about the figure of death they actually talks about the test result of PCR which is known as polymerase chain reaction test is believed to detect the potential threat of coronavirus by testing patients from this mode of test. But PCR test is not a reliable test as BBC Reported on 13 February 2020 and Time magazine also on 3rd March. PCR test invented by KARY MULLIS who won Nobel Prize for inventing this test has also said in his own words that PCR test is used for genetic sequencing of the virus but it cannot detect the whole true identification of Virus itself. So, are we getting the real figure of coronavirus tested results news? Those results can be the effect of influenza infection or any other. There is a lot of confusion out there. Let’s see what BBC said about this: Click here to read the news itself

Here I am giving another News report link of MedicineNet: Click here

You can download some research project reports on CoironaVirus what no media will tell you for their own obvious reasons. Always remember Fear can be promoted very easily but love cannot. If today someone says:’ I like you’. The first thing will come in your mind is that the person must have some agenda, even he may not have that. Fear is the age-old marketing tool what everyone uses at a certain point of their life.

You can also read Research Papers On Corona Virus from the New England Journal Of Medicine, Institute Of Chinese Virology, etc. Click here to download.

My intention is just to make you aware that what’s going on after that decision is yours.

Don’t panic. Your panic can be someone’s weapon to fulfill their hidden wish

Preventive measures:- First of all, don’t panic. Your panic can be someone’s weapon to fulfill their hidden wish. In many countries, this is the season changing time and from childhood many times we have fallen sick during this time. As per Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury “Have or intake liquid diet with 6 glass of citrus fruit juice, 6 glass of coconut water, can have tomato and Cucumber is the diet for at least 3 days. Maintain normal hygiene. Have fresh fruits to boost your immune system. Don’t eat food of non veg or food coming out from animals. Just eat cooked and green vegetables, citrus fruit juice, and lemon fruit juice.

You can check the video here for more detail info:

BBC News

New England Journal Of Medicine – NEJM

DR. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury

Disclaimer: Information has been provided in this article should be taken with the intention to share knowledge purpose only. The article is not written with the intention to replace any medical diagnosis/ procedure.

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