Predictive Techniques/ Rules Of Bhrigu Nadi Astrology Method-Must Read

भृगु नाड़ी ज्योतिष विधि की भविष्यवाणी तकनीक / नियम- अवश्य पढ़ें

Predictive Techniques/ Rules Of Bhrigu Nadi Astrology Method-Must Read: From today I am going to start discussing the fundamentals of Nabagraha Nadi astrology which is very important to know before going into the core of the subject. How does a Nadi astrologer predict various parts of life events that I will share here without hiding anything. I do not believe in hiding knowledge. Whatever I learned I will keep sharing in the Nadi astrology series one by one. 

Predictive Techniques/ Rules Of Bhrigu Nadi Astrology Method-Must Read

  • First of all, you need to remember that while judging a horoscope through Nabagraha Nadi Principle’, you do not need to implement any Dasa antardasa, ashtakavarga, shadbala, etc we use in the Parshari system. Nadi astrology has its own way to predict events and see the planetary strength. This is a very easy method where planetary strength and signification play the main role.
  • If someone does not have his/ her accurate birth time then also we can predict his/ her future easily. The only date of birth is enough to predict anyone’s future in Nabagraha Nadi. I will disclose the secrets one by one in this series.
  • In Nabagraha Nadi, when someone asks about any part of their life, we just take the related planets that signify those particular life events.  For example, if someone is asking about his profession we take Saturn as Lagna and see the whole chart. Because Saturn signifies profession in Nabagraha Nadi astrology. I will talk in more detail in the respective articles as the tutorial goes further.
  • To see any events timing we consider transit of planets, not Dasa as in the Parashari system. There are some ways to see that. Don’t worry, I will discuss them all.
  • In Nabagraha Nadi we take Jupiter as Lagna for male native and Venus for a female native and will see the chart accordingly. In this way, in Nabagraha Nadi Jyotish all planets are taken as Lagna or ascendant depending on the question asked. For example, If you want to know about anyone’s mother then take moon, father – Sun, brother – Mars, etc.
  • The Nadi prediction procedure I am discussing here Lagna will be considered as well. If you do not have the right birth time then no need to consider Lagna, but if you have then draw the chart accordingly and then consider Lagna to get a deeper understanding of the chart.
  • Nabagraha Nadi’s predictions are based on three main pillars 1. Sign Significations, 2. House Significations, 3. Planetary significations.

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For example, you want to know about someone’s profession. In Nabagraha Nadi, you need to take Saturn as the karaka or significator of profession. 

Now, look at the below chart, Saturn is in the Aries sign. Take Saturn as Lagna. make Saturn neutral which means you will see Saturn as profession only and will check who is influencing the profession of this native. Saturn is the significator of many other things in Nadi astrology, we forget them all for a time being and will take it as profession only.

Predictive Techniques- Rules Of Bhrigu Nadi Astrology Method- chart example

  • Now see in which sign Saturn is placed
  • In which house it is placed (if the birth time is available)
  • Which planets are influencing it

Here Saturn is in Aries sign. Now, what type of professions Aries sign signifies. It shows any work related to administration, defense, engineering, and professions related to metal. So, the first thing that comes to mind that this native will be connected to any professions related to Mars.

Now, if the person’s Lagna is also aries then Saturn is the lord of 10th and 11th lord and Saturn placed in this Lagna itself. Lagna represents your self and Saturn here representing profession through self means self-effort. So, we can come to the conclusion that this native will prosper in life with regards to self-effort.

Now let’s check which planets are in conjunction with Saturn. Say, Mercury is sitting with Saturn in the same sign. Mercury in Nabagraha nadi represents trading, profession related to education. So, the native will be a business person (business will be related to or combination of  Aries sign and the houses Mercury is representing) but as is it is Saturn’s debilitation sign so the person will face problems in establishing the business and even running the business. It will not grow that much. But he has earned all of it through self-effort.

I am giving these examples in this Predictive Techniques/ Rules Of Bhrigu Nadi Astrology Method article just to make you understand the principle of Nabagraha Nadi in a proper way. later I will make everything clear as the series will be progressing.

Now, suppose you want to know about his education. In Nabagraha Nadi Mercury is considered as the significator of education. In this chart, Mercury is sitting with Saturn in Aries sign. The native will adopt any technical related study and will convert them to profession later (as it is sitting with profession significator Saturn). If Mars is also present in this sign or influencing these two planets here then that confirms the technical education of the native. But, there will be some handles in the process of education due to the enormity of mars with Mercury and Saturn.

After seeing all there you also need to check whether Mercury is enough capable or strong to give him the higher education or not.

So, in this way on the basis of planetary, house, and sign signification we can predict someone’s future regarding any part of life. The examples I have used above just to make the concept clear. In future articles when I will keep moving towards deeper part of Nabagraha Nadi things will keep clearing like daylight.

Now, another question comes to mind that how to use yuti or conjunction in Nadi predictions. I have already touched this in above examples. but still, let’s make it more clearer through an example.

Say, Sun is sitting with Mars and Jupiter. In Nadi Jupiter is considered as the native himself and overall social status. Mars is ego, arrogance, and represents a short-tempered characteristic, and the sun is father.

So, Sun + Mars + Jupiter: Father + Short Tempered + Social Status

As a result, the native’s father is from a respected family and has status, position, prestige in society and he is well known and has good connections with government and higher authorities (depend on the strength of the planets) but, is very short-tempered. Physically strong and well built but little fatty (due to Sun, Mars, Jupiter). The native also follows the footsteps of his father and also a bit arrogant in nature but will get the name and fame and social status of his father (Jupiter sun combination is called Jeeva-atma yog in Nadi).

I believe the concept what I tried to make you understand has become clear to you in this Predictive Techniques/ Rules Of Bhrigu Nadi Astrology Method article. If you have any questions you can ask me in the AstroSanhita Q-Hub. In my next tutorial, I will discuss what is the use of aspects in Nabagraha Nadi astrology.

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