Aquarius, Pisces Horoscope 2021 Marriage, Career, Finance, Love, Family

Aquarius, Pisces Horoscope 2021 For Marriage, Career, Finance, Love

Aquarius, Pisces Horoscope 2021 Marriage, Career, Finance, Love, Family, Health: The Prediction is based on mainly on your Ascendant/ Moon Sign. The year 2021 will be eventful but very positive year in comparison to 2020 due to several good planetary dynamics.

Jupiter will transit in the sign of Capricorn and Aquarius for the whole year 2021 . Jupiter although, will transit in its debilitation sign but due the presence of Saturn in the same sign whole years which happens to be Saturn’s own sign no major negative result of Jupiter will be seen. Saturn will transit in Capricorn sign whole year. Rahu will be transiting in ts exalted sign Taurus and Ketu will be transiting into exalted sign Scorpio. So, for most of the Zodiac sign 2021 will be favourable especially for Water Signs like:- Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

Aquarius Horoscope 2021 Marriage, Career, Finance, Love

Aquarius-General:- Aquarius will have tough time in 2021 overall with some failure and few success. Those looking to travel in foreign land will get their wish fulfilled. Students will have hard time and some failure in their educational pursuit 2021. There will lo of expenses and loss of wealth, health trouble and overall restlessness and chaotic.

Career & Finance:-  Career wise slowness, obstruction and some loss of job or loss in business is possible.There will be loss in position and power at work place. Problems. obstruction and struggle in your occupation will be prevalent. Financially, you will be in shortage as expenses will be on higher side with some toxic addiction. Your money can get stuck in somewhere. Although there will be no major gains or profit from occupation though decent flow of money will be there but expenses will be on higher side with restlessness  and dissatisfaction   from career and finances is possible.

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Love & Marriage:-  There will be satisfaction and pleasure in love relationship or married life but there will be quarrels or confrontations will be there from love or marriage partner. Married life will overall life but there will be lack of peace in domestic environment. Singles, will have to wait for another year as this year is not for finding love and getting married before November 2021. Those who are looking for marriage should wait till November 2021. There can troubles in love and committed relationship.

Family& Health:- There will be disturbances in family affairs and relationship with family members. Relationship with parents and siblings will not be very amicable and there will be no support from family members. Domestic environment will not be peaceful with several confrontations. Health of the family members will cause some worries. There will be expenses on the health of the family members and Aquarius native should be careful as chances of vehicular accident is there although nothing major will happen.

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Pisces Horoscope 2021 Marriage, Career, Finance, Love

Pisces-General;- Pisces will have the best year in long  long time. 2021 will the year of Dawn and ne beginning for many Pisces people. 2021 will bring lot of fortune for you dear Pisces. Students will do exceedingly well in 2021. Many people will be victorious in court cases also in the competitive exams or competition for getting new opportunity at work place.

Career& Finance:- Pisces will have golden opportunity in career for 2021. There will be multiple opportunity for growth ,success and abundance. Prosperity will follow you swiftly in 2021. Success in business, self-employment, job and service is assured in 2021. There will be promotion and increment for many Pisces natives in 2021. Career graph will get height with quick pace in 2021. There will be transformation in the life of Pisces in 2021.Pisces will see success and prosperity from their occupation. There will be no financial glitches and many will be able to save good amount of money in 2021. Income will be high in 2021 for Pisces natives.

Love&Marriage:- 2021 will bring soulmate connection or twin flame connection for several single Pisces native. Those who ae already married will have happiness, pleasure, peace and satisfaction in their married life in 2021. There could be child birth for some people as well. Those who are in committed relationship will experience passionate bonding and will be able to turn and mature their love into marriage by manifestation as well as some struggle. Love marriage chance is high in 2021 for many Pisces 2021. Singles will have exciting and joyful time in 2021 with new love affair in their life

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Family & Health:-  Family life will be satisfactory with peace and love. Pisces natives will be able to fulfill domestic responsibilities and priorities with ease. Domestic affairs will run without any major issues. Relationship with father may become tense sometimes. There will be some good news in the family as well with some celebration.Health of parents and family members will be fine and you will also feel very energetic and active throughout the year without any hiccups.

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