Leo Personality Traits In Astrology


Leo Horoscope In Astrology 

Leo Horoscope

Element is Fire 

Gender is Male 

Ruler is Sun 

Leo sign traits – personality: The hot & bright king of the zodiac Sun is the ruler of  Leo. If there are any proudest people among all zodiac signs so that is. These Leo people always love to be at the centre of attention of all & love being, “ the talk of the – town”. They enjoy entertaining others and often take on the role of comic.  Since, the sign Leo is ruled by the most brightest sky thing Sun & over shines just everything else in this Universe, Leo people always love to become a celebrity, or a politician, because people of these fields (politics, celebrity etc.) are very well known to everyone, around the world, just like how Sun, shines its light on just everything else. 

They also can be rather very lazy at times & a quite bossy too.  Leo is the original ruler of the 5th house in the natural zodiac. In Astrology, 5th house controls children; creativity; arts; theatre; cinema; ancient texts & education. That’s why most people with the influence of Leo in their own horoscope always tends to run towards media; communication; or art industry because it’s all about creativity with these people. Leo people usually aren’t so deep lovers, because they’re so busy in the matter of the outer world, that their own home life suffers badly. If you can notice, most of all celebrity couples break up their relationships at one point or another, because, both of them are trying hard to
just be, in front of the “limelight”.

Leo people generally get along with Aquarius, Libra & Gemini people, because these 3 sings are just all about creativity, arts & media.  

Leo people often feel a need to organise & even control their families & friends. They have an inner mission of target to set things right & generally love to oversee the matters going on in their little circle. Leo people require plenty of love & care in order to, function well in the outer world. 

Whenever they feel slighted, these type of people can be dramatic, in their emotional – displays. When at any point of time their pride has been hurt, they’re given to big scenes & sulking, but all these rarely happen in – public. Leo people are too much concerned about their image – to make highlighted outside the comfort, of their own homes that I have mentioned earlier. In public, they always prefer to take things in very dignified ways.

 Leo Career In Astrology

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