Each Zodiac Sign & Their Most Common Addictions


Each Zodiac Sign & Their Most Common Addictions

Most common addictions of zodiac signs: When we talk about addiction, we can easily imagine how devastating in nature it could be. I have seen doctors, lawyers, teachers and many other professionals they also feel trapped when they discover that they are in addition of something. It could be alcohol, drugs, smoking etc. It not only spoils their life but also sometimes people around them. These kinds of addictions can be dangerous for the future generation too. For example, if a person is addicted to alcohol or drugs, so there would be very high possibility that his/her future generation could be in any kind of addiction.

Addiction refers to a short time pleasure what makes a person feel that he/she is in a totally different realm (depends on upon the intensity of the product’s action the person is addicted to) the intensity of the addiction will vary from product to product.

Zodiac Signs Addictions

Why we become addicted to something or other?

The study shows that there are 3 main reasons that make a person get addicted to these stuffs.

1.Any kind of frustration in life – personal or professional

2. For fun – basically in colleges and in pubs, discos etc.

3. Family history.

No.3 can be stopped if we can stop rest of the above (1 & 2).

Apart from alcohol, drugs, smoking etc, there is some other kind of addictions too, sometimes they are also dangerous. Some people are very much addicted to shopping, some are to social media, and some are to sexual content or porn.

Let’s see how astrology can help us to determine which Zodiac sign’s native is more likely to get addicted to what kind of addiction. Here I will discuss on the basis of Sun’s degree, and Moon’s degree, in one word Sun sign and Moon sign, if your both signs are not same so, among them which one is stronger you will fall into that category. If Moon is stronger than Sun then take the Moon sign or rashi as the main ruling factor, if Sun is strong then take Sun sign as the ruling factor. It may vary according to other planetary combinations in the chart, but what I have seen in many charts that I am summing up here according to each zodiac sign of horoscope so that anybody can understand easily. For more detail prediction you need to judge horoscope thoroughly. Let’s start with all zodiac signs:

Please Note: Dates of each sign mentioned here are according to Western astrology.

Zodiac Signs With Addictive Personalities/

Addiction For Each Zodiac Sign:

Aries’s  addictions (Sun Sign: 21st March to 19th April):

Possible additions of Cocaine, smoking, drinking

This is the most impatient sign in the zodiac, Aries people need everything right now, their main challenge is: “Why it is not happening fast”. They want everything fast in life, loses interest very easily too. They behave like just babies, this sign is also called the “sign of babies”. This is the first sign of the zodiac, starting with a life, so the energy is on a very high note. They are the people with over confidence personality if Rahu joins so that make them obsessive about that.

These type of people are very prone to smoking and drinking. If an Aries person somehow becomes addicted so it is very difficult to refrain them from that. If this sign is very strong in the chart (strong planet’s association with the sign make any sign or house strong) – in that case, I have seen they start smoking or drinking just to show off, they think it makes them glamorous. It happens due to their extreme level of energy. It will be under control if Jupiter will be supportive in the chart.

Taurus addictions (Sun Sign: 20th April to 20th May):

Possible addictions of Food, Drinking & smoking (due to Sexual frustration), Weed, Television channel, workaholic.

This sign is not like Aries, where Aries are the most impatient sign in zodiac Taurus is just the opposite to it. It is a stable sign, because, the earth is the element of this sign which represents stability & patience. But below the surface of the earth, a high amount of energies are stored and those can come out to the surface any time.

As it is ruled by Venus what make them very inclined towards sensory pleasures, like – smell, taste, touch. So, MDMA (methylenedioxy methamphetamine) type drugs/ pills can attract them easily, and thus they could be addicted to it. This happens due to their extreme pleasure seeker-ness characteristic. These type of people lack self-awareness.

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This sign is also called “Foodie sign”. They enjoy having a variety of foods that makes them overweight sometimes. That is called food addiction. They have craved to have food, they cannot control that at all when they come in contact with any tasty food and have those in huge quantity.

Due to the sexual frustration, they also can be addicted to alcohol and smoking both. To forget their frustration they sometimes become workaholics.


Gemini Addictions: (Sun Sign: 21st May to 20th June):

Possible addictions of Social Media, Sex, Cigarettes, Flirt (romance)

This sign is called “Moody Sign”. Ruled by Mercury which represents adolescence. Their thoughts are changing every minute. They are the master in playing with their words. They love to communicate, they cannot stay without talking. They like to make others fool by their jungle speech. That’s the reason this sign is also very social. In the nowadays scenario, they are very much addicted to Social Media & internet. Their extreme moodiness feeds their drive of sex. In one word they are really addicted to sex. They love to have sex in different ways. Gemini’s do not like to keep one partner for a longer time, they change their partner always because they become bored very easily with the existing partner.

Gemini’s are active cigarette smokers. Whether it is a man or woman they smoke without any hesitation and thinks it is a sign of boldness and open-mindedness. But the reality is totally different. They even do not know that smoking and drinking do not represent anybody’s boldness and open-mindedness at all. You are addicted to something means you have become a slave of that. These all happen due to their lack of concentration. They should develop the habit of reading books, meditation what will make them self-discipline and focused, can change their life by stimulating mentally.

Cancer’s Addictions (Sun Sign: 21st June to 22nd July):

Possible addictions of Alcohol, Heroin, Pills, smoking (passive/active).

These people are packed with emotions in nature. If you want to see a variety of emotional feelings you need to observe them closely. This sign is ruled by the most emotional planet in the zodiac – Moon. This is a watery sign. Moon represents the mother, motherly nature. This is the 4th house of the natural zodiac, that’s the reason it represents home also. These people are very homesick.

They like a place or person where they can feel themselves just like a baby, this baby like feeling make them very happy. It happens due to extreme deep emotions. That’s the reason Maximum times they become addicted to Heroin to come out of their extreme sadness or depressed state of mind, which is again wrong. They are very easily touched, if heroin is not easily available to them, in extreme sadness they develop the addiction of alcohol, smoking, and pills. They become addicted very easily with those pills what make them feel sleepy or dreamy.

They have an insecurity feeling in them, like – “they are not good” or “They are failure”, “They are looser” etc. to combat all these they smoke and when they do that repeatedly they become addicted to it.


zodiac signs and drug addiction

Leo’s Addictions (Sun Sign: 23rd July to 22nd August):

Possible addictions of Gambling, smoking, drinking, shopping, strong drugs, sex, recreational drugs

Leos can be anything, can be trapped by any kind of addiction under the sun. They are the risk taker, they love people cheering around with loud voice, they have a tendency or phobia to win always, not to earn money all the time but to get applause of people, sometimes this kind of addiction go so far that they become ready to put everything at stake. Shopping is another addiction in their list. Do not give credit cards to Leo people, if you find that Leo sign is really dominating in the D-1 or Rashi chart. If you give them so that would be your biggest mistake of life. If you are a Leo so do not apply for credit cards at all. A real spendthrift, especially when it comes to shopping. Side by side if there is a connection of 12th house or lord so it can go too far. Especially if it is a woman’s chart so she will not think twice before buying all very expensive things, like jewellery, dresses etc.

If Leo is really a dominating sign in a native’s Rashi chart, they have a peculiar mentality that they cannot fall sick, sometimes they feel like immortal, one kind of over-confidence conquer their mind in such a way that they over indulge that by taking drugs, alcohol, smoking, having sex with prostitutes randomly etc. any kind of addiction, you just name it he is there.

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They become frustrated very easily if things are not going in their favour.

If 8th house or 7th house of sex and Rahu-Venus are also connected with this sign so it can be very dangerous.


Virgo’s Addictions (Sun Sign: 23rd August to 22nd September):

Possible addictions of Anti-depression or muscle pain relieving pills, smoking, workaholic & codependency.

Virgo is a workaholic sign, they like to be busy always. They are very supportive to others who are in problem, for this trait sometimes they become a very good problem solver. They put their almost all energy to solve a matter of somebody’s life what may give them the pain in return as an outcome. They over indulge sometimes their feeling for others due to their obsessive nature, and when things start going out of their hands they become depressed very easily. These type of mental faculties relate to “Codependency”. When these faculties give them enough stress and anxiety they start taking anti-depression or muscle-relaxant drugs to relax and get addicted to those pills. Sometimes they carry these pills with them wherever they go, and take instantly when they feel uneasy. Smoking is very common among Virgos.

There is another reason why they take pills always, they give excessive strain on their brain and nerve due to their workaholic nature and oversensitivity. Cancer is sensitive and Virgo too, so you may think what is the difference between these two, right? In the case of Virgo, all are deep within, it is not so easy for others to understand what is happening within, from outside.


Libra’s Addictions (Sun Sign: 23rd September to 22nd October):

Possible addictions of recreational drugs, cigarettes, Alcohol, womanising.

Taurus’s Venus is earthy in nature but here Venus acts as idealist due to its airy nature. The sign represents balance, they like everything to be in a proper way, if something doesn’t go accordingly, that disappoint them very easily and try to react very harshly with others whom they think of their plan spoilers.

Libra represents a balance of life, it applies to their personal life also, as long as they are not getting their life partner they cannot be balanced at all. They are the most misunderstood characters, many times people cannot understand them properly, and due to this reason they develop a tendency to sleep with many women thinking that to be the final solution and thus develop “Womanize” mental faculty and become addicted to it. In relationships they are always in a fear of rejection, that’s the reason they hate commitment so that they can reject somebody before the partner does, due to this mental faculty whenever they get chance make sexual affairs relax their mind, because at deepest level of mind they know that they cannot live without a partner, they need somebody always. Smoking and drinking are very common to them.


Scorpio’s Addictions (Sun Sign: 23rd October to 21st November):

Possible addictions of Pornography materials, Sex, Show off.

Scorpios are very much sex addicted people. They are the ultimate consumer of pornography materials. This sign is really very unpredictable. As it is a watery sign (water in a deep well), it is very difficult to figure out what they want. If Rahu, 8th, and 6th lord are somehow connected so they can go to any extent, can become king or queen of vice related to sex or sexuality. These type of people like to seduce others and want to be seduced too. In any kind of illicit affairs, the influence of this sign is very important. Scorpios are very high in sexual appetite. Especially when Rahu and Venus are in conjunction or any of them are somehow connected with Scorpio. Venus is called the planet of addiction, where it is placed it must give some sort of addiction regarding that house matters. Sometimes Scorpios become addicted to masturbation when they do not find any partner to have sex.


Sagittarius’s Addictions (Sun Sign: 22 November to 21st December):

Possible addictions of Gambling, Promiscuous sex, Drinking.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of wisdom. It is a fiery sign. When Sun as a fiery planet comes in contact with another fiery and also a dual natured sign it gives a restless mind. Due to its 9th lordship in natural zodiac, it represents overall luck. These type of people believes in magic a lot, and in short time income too. That’s the reason they become addicted to gambling very often. Due to their restless mind, they involve themselves in Promiscuous sex without thinking twice. It happens especially when Jupiter is somehow weak in the chart. Sagittarius people have a peculiar mindset that – they can heal themselves very easily, that’s the reason sometimes they overindulge their smoking and drinking habits, thus become addicted too.

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Capricorn’s Addictions (Sun Sign: 22nd December to 19th January):

Possible addictions of Anorexic, Pills

Capricorn is the most disciplined sign in the zodiac, they always remain very much concerned about their body. They have a tendency to stay slim always, it is good but sometimes they become so obsessed that they also refused to take general food in a day, anorexic state of mind. It happens due to their extreme self-consciousness, especially about body structure. In these type of scenario, they develop the habit of taking pills to stay slim. They intake medicines that time also when those are not needed, in fear of gaining weight. They also become addicted to working out. Exercise is good for health but when you do that excessively then that becomes dangerous. They also become addicted to smoking on a basis of a mental belief that it can make them stay slim.


Aquarius’s Addictions (Sun Sign: 20th January to 18th February):

Possible addictions of To make themselves bleed, Game, Addictions of any kind.

Have you seen a person cut their skins of several parts of the body?( hand, leg, belly etc.), some people write their name by cutting skins with the help of a blade on various parts of bodies, they love to bleed themselves, they do not know that they are addicted to it if anything happens they are the first to cut and bleed themselves. If any zodiac sign can do that mostly that is Aquariuns, the most adventures & experimental sign in the natural zodiac. This sign has also given us many great spiritual leaders. Actually, their inner world is so strong that sometimes they cannot control that energy properly and when something happens which touches those mental faculties within them that time they become very unpredictable. That time they can go to any extreme level of addiction, you name it, they are there. If especially Mars and Rahu both are influencing the sign or afflicted in the horoscope and connected to Lagna or 5th house so it can go out of hand and one kind of insanity can be developed from where it would be very difficult for them to come back. Meditation is highly recommended for them. Playing video games are also one of their addictions.


Pisces’s Addictions (Sun Sign: 19th February to 20th March):

Possible addictions of Drinking alcohol

The most depressed & sensitive sign in the zodiac. This is the watery sign and 12th house in the natural zodiac chart. The 12th house is the house of renunciation in spiritual sense and isolation too in materialistic sense. It is very deep water, sometimes it is merely impossible to know what is happening within from outside. They are very prone to alcohol drinking. If anything happens you will find them in a corner, a glass in hand. They try to balance themselves through this procedure. Actually, they cannot, nobody can. By taking alcohol they are just suppressing their negative energies into the deep level of mind and very soon that will make them a storehouse of depression which will affect their all parts of life. The problem is they feel always disconnected, especially when any relationship problems come. This is the sign of spiritual fulfilment, as long as they are not connected with their inner self they cannot find the solution of their problems.

2 thoughts on “Each Zodiac Sign & Their Most Common Addictions

  1. K says:

    The sun signs used in your addictions article do not match with those shown on birth charts drawn acccording to vedic astrology. The start of Aries sun sign starts around 13 april.

    • Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee says:

      The dates mentioned here are according to Western astrology dear, those are not according to Vedic Astrology. For example In Western Astrology Aries start from 21st of March but in Vedic Astrology it starts from 14th April.

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