Career according to Zodiac Signs/Rashi

Career According To Zodiac Signs/Rashi In Horoscope: Education & Career are both internally connected. Education is a medium to achieve success in career. Which career a student wants to choose or what the student dreams or thinks about his career depends fully on the selection of stream or subject he/she chooses at his/her secondary education. Let us discuss in short on – which career fields are indicated by 12 signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces). Whenever in any horoscope the 10th house or its lord will fall into or connected to any sign, that sign’s related career will influence the person’s life, the D-10 chart also should be examined before coming to the conclusion. Moon or Sun.


Aries career astrology: These people prefer careers related to police & army, surgeon, sportsperson, industrialists, Fire Service, Engineering industry, brick chamber, Iron factory, boiler plant, cooking pottery work, arm manufacturing etc.


Taurus career astrology: This Sign shows career-related to luxury-goods,  cosmetics, beauty products, fashion designing, Jewelry business,  money lending, handicrafts, commission agent, fancy articles, financial institutions,  scented materials, fruit juice shop, five star hotels, cinema, flower merchants, story writer, drama, singer,  music, treasury, poet etc.


Gemini career astrology: This sign denotes communication. Fields like accountants, journalism, media, space dept., Information & broad casting, education dept.- P & T, ,  book publishing , Telephone-mathematics-dept, auditors,  accountants, ambassador, law & order councilor, etc. suits them, the most.


Cancer career astrology: A watery sign denotes fields like chemicals, fisheries,  marine & petroleum related career, milk-booth, Export & Import, grocery-shop, transport dept., agriculture, shipping, medical shop, hotel business, vegetable shop, mineral water selling, distillery, pearl merchant, etc.


Leo career astrology: denotes power, as such governmental jobs, politics, Charitable institutions, Administrator, Engineering Industry Social Services, etc. are its main fields of career.


Virgo career astrology: Its lord is Mercury, So The area of careers are orators, computers, media, accountancy, & other fields of career, involving communication, Auditing, Business, Accounting, retail shops.


Libra career astrology: This is the sign of justice & beauty which involves the fields, are related to fashion designers, judges, judgment, cosmetic sellers & even prostitutes, Jewelry shop, handicrafts, cloth-merchant-fancy-shop, perfume-shop, money lending, commission agents, law dept., hotel-business, bank, Life-insurance , Beauty parlor, bar & Restaurant, Dancing-Hall, Music, Cinema, Dance etc.


Scorpio career astrology: This sign indicates occult science, chemicals & drugs, doctors, Agriculture,Iron-Industries,Metal-industry,Engineering-Industry,Mining,precision-development- organization,Electricity-Dept, Instrument-Manufacturing, mantra & tantra, occult-practices, priest,  raw-materials, astrology, etc.


Sagittarius career astrology: This is another sign of Jupiter. Career related to this sign is religion, lecturers, teaching, law,ordnance-depot, Forest-dept, education-dept saw- mills, temple, wood-merchant, financial-institutions, bank, law dept, military-training-dept, charitable-institutions, social-service, etc.


Capricorn career astrology: This sign includes career related to “Earth”. Like – Mining the raw material, extraction-work-beneath-the-earth, shoe-makers, Hotels, food-products, oil-merchant, manure & pesticide selling, leather-business,  mining, v dealing-with-spare-parts & old articles, porters, building-work, drivers, Granite-stone-business, shoe-polishing, coolies, etc.


Aquarius career astrology: The lord of this sign is Saturn. Advisers, philosophers, consultants; & educationists are the fields of its career, good astrologers with depth knowledge-in-astrology, Fire-Service, Psychology, Administration,  Philosophy, Space-Dept., Religion, Jail-Dept., Teaching, butcher-shop, Research & Development, central-excise-dept,  Consultancy, Oil & Natural-Gas-Companies, Bomb-manufacturing,  Air Service, tourist guide, Defence-service, CBI-Dept. etc.


Pisces career astrology: This is  a water related sign owned by Jupiter indicates career related to – Liquid, marine, oil, chemicals, Law-Dept, Education-Dept, Financial-institution, priest, Navy, Religious-Institutions, shipping, Medicine, , Bank, temple worker, External-Affairs, etc.

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