Ketu in 11th House Career, Gains-Loss, Marriage, Friends, Finance

Ketu in 11th House Career, Gains-Loss, Marriage, Friends, Finance

Ketu in 11th house Love, Career, Friendship & Networking, Finance, Gains& Loss Marriage:-   Ketu in 11th bhav position gives several  obstacles as well as several opportunities for growth in career as well as overall in life. Ketu in this particular house bestows a lot of benefits and gains in later parts of life.

South Node in 11th from for all Ascendants

The native will be very stubborn in regards to their wish and ambition. The native will have a lot of courage and intelligence and tact to achieve one’s desires or ambitions. Ketu in this very house gives utmost optimism and positivity in life even in the time of struggle and failures.  Few people might not become successful in business especially in partnership business. Peace will be missing in life until middle age.

Ketu or South Node of Moon in 11th  house from Lagna For All Ascendant General Effect:-  Effect and result of Ketu in 11th house can differ from person to person as placement of a different sign in 11th house,   malefic and benefic, dignity, degree,  aspect, affliction, combination, the conjunction of Ketu, South Node of Moon in different Nakshatra (constellation) as well as strength and dignity of Ketu in 11th bhav.

Ketu in 11th bhav gives losses in business but gain in service, job, self-employment, politics, media, and in entertainment or cine world. Ketu in this house gives success in clandestine and romantic affairs. Ketu with this placement gives health problems to spouse or to children. Relationship with children might become sour after the middle years of life.

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Ketu in this house gives late success in career or success after many attempts in any important endeavors of life. Individuals might also become a well-known face or star through social media. Native may possess dancing and singing talent in their life. The native might go through hard times in life on a few occasions.

Results Of 11th house Ketu and Your Career

Native achieves success in politics after 40 years if age. Native may win big elections in life with huge support. Native can achieve tremendous wealth and success in the field of mass media, films, daily soaps, anchoring, sports, etc. Native can become a youth icon or a star from the age of 22 if he or she in physical sports. Native can also become a popular actor or anchor in the entertainment world from the age of 35.

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The native might become an overnight sensation in films or in politics. Success in politics is very much assured if native crosses 40 years of age. If native take spiritual path and then native will garner lakhs of followers in spiritual line. He or she might become spiritual guru. If in service then, individual might attain high position after the age of 44. Native may become high-rank government officer even in police line or Railway Sector as well.

Ketu In 11th house in Kundli and Your Finance

Native may struggle hard till 30 years of age for financial stability, success and growth in life. But there can be exceptions if 11th lord is very powerful or very well posited in your horoscope. Ketu in 11th house bestows a substantial amount of wealth and materialistic comfort in life after the age of 40. Native financial condition will not be sound till 30 years of age generally.

But, he or she will become wealthy after a lot of struggle, failure, and dejection in life. Wealth may be obtained from than 1 source or more than 1 occupation in life. The native might suffer emotionally or financially during childhood and teenage years and sometimes at a young age as well.

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Ketu in 11th house in Kundli/ Natal Chart and Your Love Life

Love life of the individual will be full of ups and downs with moments of happiness and pleasure along with moments of sadness, arguments, and isolation. The native might go through serious romantic affair and serious heart break at very early teen years of life.  The native might also get involved in more than 1 romantic affair simultaneously with person much older in age.

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There will be an issue of commitment in the romantic life of the native. Although, few natives might end up marrying their romantic partner after a few years of a serious relationship with a few ups and downs. Love realtionship might give much happiness and pleasure and also much tension and sadness.

Ketu in 11th house Horoscope and Your Marriage

Married life will be a good and soothing affair with some ups and down due to problems in family relationship. The native might also marry twice as 1st spouse may die early in some cases where 7th and lord is weak and in malefic state. Relationship with spouse will generally be loving and peaceful but some fights or arguments may keep happening during their young age.

Although bond or relationship can be long-lasting if 7th lord and 7th house is not much damaged. Spouse will be co-operative and supportive towards the native. The native might also end up marrying their love partner in life.

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There may be some kind of spiritual connection between the couple. Although, You both might cheat on each other for a temporary time period with some secret clandestine affair. Although, overall bonding will be pleasing with full love and devotion towards each other. You may end up getting married between 28 to 31 years of age.

Ketu in 11th house in Birth Chart/ Kundli – Gains & Loss

Ketu here gives gains from authorities and governments or from the common public whom we call masses. But, native will fetch losses and sadness with respect to relationship, friendship, family, blood relatives, etc. Ketu here makes native fall into the trap of office politics and colleagues or close associates, business partners may become enemies due to Jealousy. 

Ketu in 11th house bestows power and high position in advanced years of life. Native may gain massive fame due to spirituality and may become a spiritual Guru. Loss through blood relations and love relationship is also possible during young age.

Ketu in 11th house in Horoscope and Your Friendship & Networking

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Native will have friendship with powerful people who are in politics, underworld, high government authorities. Native may share a great bond with some people whore popular in the public domain or are celebrities. Although, native contacts with some politicians or dons may become a cause for their downfall in life.

Close association or relation with police officers might encourage native to do illegal things, scandals which will be cause of their downfall and defamation. Some Friends might dump native in the time of need. Some cheating or blackmail may happen in an individual’s life.

Special effects of Ketu in 11th house On Vedic Astrology

Ketu in this position gives a sudden rise in life after the age of 40 or 44. Struggle in life till the age of 35 is inevitable. Ketu in this bhav gives income from more than 1 source and native may have more than 1 occupation simultaneously in life.  Ketu with this placement gives heartbreaks, fruitless labor, unfulfilled desires till the age of 35. 

Ketu here gives advancement in life after middle age. Ketu in this position yields accolades and much support from the public after 40 years of age. Ketu in 11th house gives flare for writing and blogging and native might also earn from online business, blogs, publishing, writing books, poems, novels, autobiography, etc. Ketu in this house gives proximity towards mother and family till adulthood. The native might live long and his father, grandfather, grandmother might also live long.

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