Career/ Profession/ Business According/ Related To Planets In Astrology

Career According To Planets In Astrology - Horoscope Or Kundli

Career/ Profession/ Business According/ Related To Planets In Astrology – In Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart: The below-listed keywords of each planetary signification on different careers or professions in astrology will help you to judge horoscope to determine someone’s career. You need to analyze the result based on the 10th house and its lord and its relations with other planets and houses of horoscope or Kundli. Thus, you need to find which planet rules career in astrology.

Career/ Profession/ Business According/ Related To Planets In Astrology

Sun Related Career/ Profession/ Business In Astrology

The “Sun”, the owner of the sign “Leo”, is the planet of all about authority. With a strong Sun in the horoscope, make Leaders & prestigious jobs in the administration department or political career. Government -services also come under the category.

Sun represents people in a profession like promoting, owner, manager, and physician. Sun also governs sectors like government, administrator, Municipal Corporation, maintenance-related,  brokerage or commission, law and order and enforcement related to any dignified position, and Forest Department.

Moon-Related Career/ Profession/ Business In Astrology

A strong Moon always represents a career that belongs to Nursing of any kind, it can be children, women, or sick persons. Jobs related to marine, import-export, traveling, medicines, The medical field, Mechanical engineering, Medicines, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Bio-Chemistry, Agriculture, Export, Navy, Cloth, Journalism, Plants Nursery, Environmental sciences, Dairy Owners, Caterers, Para-Medical related staff, Herbs related sectors, Fine arts, Music, etc.

Any kind of liquid is also represented by Moon. Moon is called the planet of productivity and mass governs sectors like liquids (water, milk-related), mind (psychology field), mental work, unsteadiness, sectors where there are a lot of movements always, salt, seas, fish, hospitals, nursing, sailing, navigation-related, etc.

Mars-Related Career/ Profession/ Business In Astrology

Mars has a very commanding characteristic, and that’s the reason with a strong Mars any person can become commander of any level, they are very expert in fighting and courageous kind of job, which may relate to adventure. The Army chief, Police, etc. their field.

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Mars is called the planet of action and initiative. It governs sectors involving cruelty (butchery), wrestling, engineering-related works, fire, steel, iron, and lands-related sectors, medical (surgeons, chemist, come under Mars), dentists, making or using of raw tools for developing any physical thing, restaurants, gym, metallurgy, etc.

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Mercury-Related Career/ Profession/ Business In Astrology

Mercury is called the planet of reasoning, analyzing, and education. Mercury-influenced people are born communicator, all careers related to communication is just under the control of this planet. Communication may not mean all time verbal, it may be written of any kind, for example,  internet communication is also a medium of communication and the related careers are under the control of mercury partly.

In other careers like publishing, writing, Booksellers, publishing, printing, press, teaching, clerical jobs, BPO, journalism, astrology, computer-related, CA (accounts), web designing, and editors, (all these fields are related to communication) also ruled by Mercury. Mercury gives good negotiation skills. Good astrologers also have their very strong Mercury.  

Jupiter-Related Career/ Profession/ Business In Astrology

The lord of, Sagittarius & Pisces always indicates a career related to priests, scholars, religious- heads, Astrology, law, educationist & finance. Jupiter is called the planet of growth and expansion. He governs career fields where a good and descent judgment power is highly required, like judges, ministers (I am talking about ministers who use their brain to develop a nation. Fraud ministres come under the influence of negative Rahu and Saturn), lawyers, editors, fields related to biotechnology, astrology, etc.

Jupiter is a teacher and guru (Jupiter represents highly knowledgable teachers, whose knowledge equals wisdom. On the other hand, Mercury represents teachers like who only have some information without in-depth or research-oriented knowledge. Jupiter acquires knowledge to attain higher wisdom and happiness, but Mercury by-heart any piece of a subject only to win in an argument with others or to show-off).

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Venus-Related Career/ Profession/ Business In Astrology

This planet is considered as the symbol of – beauty, entertainment & sex, so naturally, a person with strong Venus will be inclined towards all these areas. Apart from this venus also indicates, career-related to luxuries, art (could be any kind), beauty (a parlor chain – if connected with Mercury), hotels, acting (Mars also should be connected), music & entertainment industry (film – television, etc.), sex-related careers (call girls, etc. – should Mars and 8th house relation), will bring success.

Venus signifies Tour and Travel, dance, Arts, dramatists, music, artists, weavers, precious gemstones, perfumers, confectioners, hotel-related professions, car dealers, jewelers, Beauty-parlor, Fashion Designer, Furniture, Cartoonist, Personal Secretory, Stage performer, Photographer, Receptionist, Flower-seller, Architect, Graphics designer Botany, Computer Animation, Painting, astrology, etc. Like Jupiter, Venus also governs wealth and hence represents income tax, financial department, wealth tax, etc.

Saturn-Related Career/ Profession/ Business In Astrology

Saturn is called the planet of Karma, misery, hard work, and obstruction. Saturn basically represents people of older ages, old things, and obviously hard work. Saturn is also called the planet of ‘Karma’ Career is connected to agriculture, labor, or anything connected to physical hard work, making buildings, and houses – related to real estate & buildings especially, mining & all other laborious and physical work comes under the signification of Saturn. Places of confinement and also the Governor of prisons come under the signification of Saturn.

He also signifies service class-related people, shoemaking, stonework execution, oil, scavengers, work related to wood, garden work, the field of work related to punishments, union leadership in a factory, ancient knowledge, nun, contractor, Philosophy, monk, work related to of cremation ground, fields related to History, Archeology, Geography, sectors related tiles, and stones, etc.

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Rahu-Related Career/ Profession/ Business In Astrology

This is considered to be the most mysterious planet in the zodiac in Vedic astrology. The name Rahu -Ketu actually exists in Vedic Astrology. Rahu is the north node of the moon. Rahu-related careers are not conventional types. Rahu energy within a person always brings a tendency to think in a different way or to do something different Rahu denotes career belongs to physicians researchers, medicine or drugs, waste- material-dealers, speculators, etc. Rahu is a very materialistic planet.

If Rahu is playing a negative role in the horoscope so it can give birth to a cheater. Rahu governs career fields like Medicines made distinctively from poison, Detective, Environmental Science, Electrical goods related, Radio, Wireless technology, Telephone and, Mobile related sectors, Event Management organizations, sectors related to Food technology, Wrestlers like WWE, Lawyer, Airlines, Computer hardware related fields, Leather, Sweepers, Magician, etc.

Ketu-Related Career/ Profession/ Business In Astrology

This planet is totally opposite to Rahu and denotes spirituality, detachment, etc. in Astrology, it indicates all about spirituality. That’s the reason Careers related to secret affairs, religion, poisons, religious head, related to Computer (software and OS part), Meteorology, Zoology, all Programming languages, foreign Language related fields, healing medicines related fields, alternate medicines Preacher, Microbiologist, Diplomats, leather, Sweepers, Doctor, Medical, Saints, Occult, Detective, Chemist, etc.

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