Libra Personality Traits In Astrology


Libra Horoscope In Astrology

Libra Horoscope

Element is Air 

Gender is Female 

Ruler is Venus 

Libra sign characteristics/ Personality Traits: Libra is controlled by Venus, which represents, beauty-fashion-art- music and good food; this is everything, that Libra is all about. Libra people have a very strong critical mind & can very easily play “devil’s advocate” by standing back & look at matters just impartially. Libra is very soft minded & sensual people, they always love, being, taken care of.

Libra people are not lazy, Libra people are those type who believe that one does not need of working hard in order to achieve success, that’s why most Libra people do well in those business which has residual income. A business platform where they do not have to do excess hard work for the same thing they are doing, that’s why they love to involve
themselves in a business like Music – movies – books – arts and craft, because, these type of industries give royalties just based on their 1 time hard – work.

Libra sign personality traits: Libra people always take things slow, & love to do this at their own pace & control, that’s why in astrology business is judged from Libra & 7th house. Libra people do not like to be in a stressful work environment like Virgos. Libra people love to do things when they are pleased to do that, that’s why they should always choose their own business as a career.  

Libra people always like to be around general people, they’re just all about partnerships & groups. They feel very happy when other people are around them. They always love posh surrounding & nice decor. They are independent, they are intelligent & have the
full ability to prosper in life, but whether that will fructify or not in their life, that depends on others.

Libras always love excitement, any new situation in life, adventure & the unusual. They always like to make friendships with people of all types & they also always wait for something new & exciting to happen in life. Libra people are all about partnerships & groups, they have the capability to keep a group together, because, they’re the ones who are responsible for keeping harmony & peace. Libra people are called the master of relationship, not only just romantic but business, personal, & any kind of relationship also. Nobody is that much capable of seeing the point of view of another person better than, a Libra. 

 Libra people strongly need for partnerships. Without somebody to share their life with, they feel very much incomplete. That’s why many Libra people with this type of position get involved in marriages or live together arrangements.

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