Career According To Planets In Astrology

Career According To Planets In Astrology – Sun & Career In Astrology: The “Sun”, the owner of the sign “Leo”, the planet of all about authority. With a strong Sun in the horoscope, make Leaders & prestigious jobs in administration department or political career. Government -services also come under the category.

Moon & Career In Astrology: A strong Moon always represents career belongs to Nursing of any kind, it can be children, women, or sick person. Jobs related to marine, import-export, travelling, medicines, any kind of liquids also represented by Moon.

Mars’s influece & Career In Astrology: mars have a very commanding characteristic, and that’s the reason with a strong Mars any person can become commander of any level, They are very expert in fighting and courageous kind of job, which may relate to adventure. The Army chief, Police etc. is their field.

Mercury & Career In Astrology: Mercury influenced people are born communicator, all careers related with communication is just under the control of this planet. Communication may not mean all the time verbal, it may be written or any kind, for example,  internet communication is also a medium of communication and the related careers are under the control of mercury partly. In other careers like publishing, writing, teaching, clerical jobs, journalism, computer related, accounts, web designing, editors, (all these fields are related to communication) also ruled by Mercury. Mercury gives good negotiation skill. Good astrologers also have their very strong Mercury.  

Jupiter & Career In Astrology: The lord of, Sagittarius & Pisces always indicates the career related to priests, scholars, religious- head, Astrology, law, educationist & finance.

Venus & Career In Astrology: This planet is considered as the symbol of – beauty, entertainment & sex, so naturally, a person with strong Venus will be inclined towards all these areas. Apart from this venus also indicates, career related to luxuries, art (could be any kind), beauty (a parlour chain – if connected with Mercury), hotels, acting (Mars also should be connected), music & entertainment industry (film – television etc.), sex-related careers (call girls etc. – should Mars and 8th house relation), will bring success.

Saturn’s influence & Career In Astrology: Saturn basically represents people with older ages, old things and obviously hard work. Saturn is also called the planet of ‘Karma’ Career connected to agriculture, labour or anything connected to physical hard work, making of buildings, houses – related to real estate & buildings especially, mining & all other laborious and physical work comes under the signification of Saturn. Places of confinement and also Governor of prisons come under the signification of Saturn.

Rahu Planet & Career In Astrology: This is considered to be the most mysterious planet in the zodiac in Vedic astrology. The name Rahu -Ketu actually exist in the Vedic Astrology rules. Rahu is the south node of the moon. Rahu related careers are not conventional type. Rahu energy within a person always brings a tendency to think in a different way or to do something different Rahu denotes career belongs to physicians researchers, medicine or drugs, waste- material-dealers, speculators etc. Rahu is a very materialistic planet. If Rahu is playing a negative role in horoscope so it can give birth of a cheater. Ketu Planet & Career In Astrology: This planet is totally opposite to Rahu and denotes spirituality, detachment etc. in Astrology, it indicates all about spirituality. That’s the reason Careers related to secret affairs, religion, poisons, religious head etc. 

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