Free Astrological Remedies For All Problems


Free Astrological Remedies For All Problems

Hi, this is Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee, I am an Astrologer. Some people know me, some do not. If you are reading this article for the first time or has visited this website for the first time. Looking for Free Astrological Remedies? Do not worry, you are at the right place.

Every day I get a lot of calls, judge lot of horoscopes. People ask me so many questions, and among those so many some type of questions are very common. Those questions are based on:

1. Marital life. eg. getting married, relationships between husband & wife.

2. Financial/ Wealth Status. Eg. how can I get more money? & When? etc.

3. Health Issues. Eg. Diseases, like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, skin diseases etc.

4. Career. like – getting a Job, or starting a new Business.

5. Women health, Child Birth, like – getting pregnant etc.

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When I judge Horoscope and start saying them all what I am getting by reading the horoscope, all say “you are right sir, what you are saying exactly that is happening with me or has happened with me, but please tell me how to come out of this state”. They all want a “Chamatkar”, all want a “Magic”. All want to get a kind of “Magic Stick” what can change their life completely. As what I have said about them those have matched with their life so far, so they start thinking. that I can change their life, they believe that I know something that can mould their life completely. They just surrender themselves to me and say something like this: “Sir please do something. I want to come out of this situation. Whatever you will tell me to do I will, you just take me out of this situation, give me a good remedy, astrological remedy”……and so on.

You also must be thinking: “is there anything else what really can change my life?” Do I know that? The answer is “Yes, I know”. Here, I am not going to tell you about gem stones, Mantra-Tantra etc. Rather, I will share with you that secret on the basis of which all these – Gem-Stones, Mantra-Tantra, Mantra works. I know something that can alter your life completely. Yes, there is a “Magic Stick” with the help of which you can really change your life completely. I will share with you that Secret. Here is a glimpse of that magic secret and that is completely free of cost. Coming soon……

15 thoughts on “Free Astrological Remedies For All Problems

  1. Sachin kumar says:


    Income is good but due to huge debt I am unbalanced. Unable to enjoy my life. Please advice.

  2. philemon says:

    hi sir my name is philemon am 30years,i have been struggling with money problems year in year out,i am looking for a remedy to end this situation.
    place:nairobi kenya
    date of birth:18th jan 1989
    thanks in advance

  3. Ajoy bora says:

    Good evening sir,I seen your remedies.very DOB=18/12/1981.time=13:10, place=jorhat ,Assam.pls,help me.what I do.bcz I m totally lost sir.

    • Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

      You need remedy I can understand but you haven’t mentioned for what. You are lost you are saying, which can due to many reasons, I can see in your chart. Now as there is no specific part too see, I only can suggest you one remedy that will be suited for all if you can do that properly. Activate the power within you and start it from observing your breath. Sit quietly by keeping your head and spine straight and concentrate on your breathe. Many unnecessary. thoughts will come to your mind and may start feeling uneasiness in your body (pain etc.), but do not leave your breathe till your mind become one pointed. You will be able to see the magic afterwards…

  4. Narayanan says:

    My wife was operated for adenocystic carcinoma of lacrimal gland in 1996 and operated in 2006 for recurrence. Now she is bedridden. Can she recovered from this? her date of birthIs 23-09-1956. Time 7-15 am. Place of birth Bellary in Karnataka state in India

  5. Bipin K Prajapati says:

    My Name is Bipin Kumar Prajapati DOB is 22/02/1987, Time of Birth is 12:02 AM & Place of Birth is Bareily Uttar Pradesh.
    My Wife Details are as Mahima Shukla DOB is 09/09/1986, Time of Birth is 01:15 AM & Place of Birth is Kanpur Nagar, Uttar Pradesh
    We got married on 19/11/2017, We have gone through with rough time starting by end of July and for entire month of August’19. On 30th of August she has left home and me without letting me know of reason, she was in difficulties due to her job from last couple of months and per my research got influenced by one of her male colleague who has offered her help in job and other matters.
    In search of her I have tried to contact every possible mutual friend and which resulted more conflicts between us. Now she has been asking for divorce but I am not ready as we had a love marriage and we’re in relation since 2008. I have tried to convince her by accepting every fault she has made me accounted for, also promised to change my nature according to her but she is not interested to listen up on anything . Please let me know if this is due to planetary conditions and any proper solution of same at earliest possible time because things are getting worse by passing every single hour/day. She has even stopped talking to me and blocked me to contact her on every possible way.

  6. Devaraj says:

    Life is been a total failure, full of adversity, never able to make a good living,too much struggle,wasted 46years of Life,no proper job no love no marriage no friends not living my life. When will I start living for myself

  7. Gaurav Sharma says:

    My DOB is 24-10-1976 kanpur and 830am is birth time.

    From june 2019 i am out of job due to company closure. Also facing loads of cases due to marital discord and not getting rid of them.

    Pls guide on by when i will get job and how to get rid of cases.

    Pls guide


  8. Animashaun sulaiman says:

    How can I get more money and when,and more so what is the best solution for general health

  9. Dinesh Dhiman says:

    Name :Dinesh Dhiman
    DOB : 31.07.1976
    POB ; Tira Sujanpur ,Distt : Hamirpur,Himachal Pradesh
    I want to know about my career and wealth position.Earlier I was working in Private Company and there my earning was good and residing with my family ,but in the month of June 2018 i got job offer after clearing Commission Test and got selected in Govt public sector undertaking company in Himachal Pradesh. Salary here in govt sector is very low and there is contract of three years after then regularisation. My source of income has decreased drasticaly now . I want to know whether i have taken a good decision or not. I am very much frustrated as my wealth position is not good these days and now im far from my family.Sir i want to know whether this position will improve and there are growth chances here.
    please guide me

  10. Prasenjit Sinha says:

    My DOB 8/5/1969
    Place of Birth : Digboi
    Time 4-25 pm
    Name : Prasenjit Sinha
    Please which remedies will suit me gemstone?

  11. fowziya says:

    Sir pls let me tell when my marriage will happen is it love or arranged
    Date of birth:12/7/1990

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