Remedies for weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology

Remedies For Weak, Debilitated, Afflicted Sun in Astrology

Are you struggling to get answers to the following questions?

  • Is there a weak Sun in your horoscope?
  • Do you want to know remedies for a weak Sun in astrology?
  • How to Make the weak Sun strong & remove its negative energy?
  • How a weak Sun in horoscope creates an impacts in your Life?
  • What are the various types of effective remedies to strengthen Sun’s energy?

Remedies for weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology

Sun is a very important planet in Astrology. Sun denotes a fatherly body in family as well as in society. Sun also represents boss in office or the higher authorities in business field. Sun has a kind of attraction power that it can lead all other planets to follow him. Thus it is a primary leader in astrology. It is the King of all Kings in Astrology.

If Sun is exalted in your horoscope in particularly some houses like 10th House, lagna and 4th house, it can give you a King like nature and it also gives the inborn quality to lead others. But remember, it should not get any affliction from Rahu or Saturn. Otherwise, the aforementioned results will be too far away from you to be materialized.

Today here, I am not going to tell you significations and all aspects of Sun in Astrology. Rather I am going to focus on the remedial aspect of Sun in Astrology. Because the fact is, to predict something in astrology is easier than to provide solution for the same. Let us move directly to all remedial aspects of Sun, so that if there is any Sun’s negative energy which is working in your life than you can solve it to some extent. If you can follow the procedure of these remedies, than your problems can get resolved completely.  It is also true that to get a proper solution for any problem, you always need an expert guidance whether the problem is medical, legal, financial, astrological, etc.

When will one require remedies for weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology?

Look at your horoscope and see the position of Sun. If the Sun in your horoscope is afflicted by malefic planet, debilitated or in its enemy sign, so you need to understand that you need the remedy for Sun. Otherwise the house represented by Sun and other aspects of Sun which can give benefits in life, will not manifest.

For example, if your Sun is in Libra within 10 degree and if it is in 10th house of your horoscope, then Sun has become debilitated in this house and it will give bad result as far as your career is concerned. It can be a mismatch or miscommunication with your boss, or higher authorities if you are doing business. In result it can harm your career by stopping your improvement or promotion.

Adverse effects of weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun as per the 12 houses in your horoscope

Before going to remedy part let us focus on how the placement of planet sun can cause negativity in different houses that can negatively impact your life. Following results are only applied when the Sun in horoscope is afflicted by other malefic planets or house lords, debilitated or enemy sign.

  • Weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology in 1st House:  In the first house of horoscope Sun’s negative energy creates health related issues for an individual and also gives false ego which affects the quality of marital life too
  • Weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology in 2nd House:  This position of Sun is not favorable for the family matters and comforts. This placement also can destroy monetary savings of an individual
  • Weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology in 3rd House: This is not a favorable position for sun for the siblings of the native. Also gives disturbed communications
  • Weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology in 4th House : The placement of Sun in this house can cause low quality of life by disturbing the overall happiness of mind and relationship within and outside family members specifically the mother and friends respectively
  • Weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology in 5th House: The placement of Sun in this house can give severe stomach problems and it will hamper the decision making of the person. It also affects the love life of the individual
  • Weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology in 6th House: Here Sun will give ups and downs in very stage of life in form of temporary struggle. Also gives eye problems
  • Weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology in 7th House:  Sun may cause disharmony with wife. Here Sun gives clash with opponent and partners in business and ego clash with the native’s partner. In result, it gives an imbalanced marital life
  • Weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology in 8th House: This placement is very crucial because it gives the early death of father of the native and gives problems in relationships with boss and higher authorities in job and business. It also gives severe eye and stomach problems
  • Weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology in 9th House:  This is the house of luck and bad placement of Sun in this house creates sudden unlucky situations in life. Creates problems with forefathers and neighbors. This position affects the overall health of the natives father also
  • Weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology in 10th House: It is an unfavorable placement for the native’s career. It stops from giving promotions or improvements that the native really deserves. Thus gives an unhappy career life
  • Weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology in 11th House: This placement is not good for healthy monetary income and overall success in life. It also destroys the friend circle of the native or brings bad company or friends in natives life, who in result may become harmful and can give unnecessary trouble to the native
  • Weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology in 12th House: This house abstains the native from getting bed pleasure and sound sleep. Also gives eye problems. It can also make the native spendthrift.

Type of Remedies for weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology

Remedies are of basically three types on the basis of three gunas.

  1. Satya
  2. Tamah
  3. Rajah

These are the basic gunas on which our physical and psychic existence are based. God or Supreme Energy is out of the influence of these three gunas. In short, the existence of three gunas gives the existence of body and mind. Later in my other article I will discuss about these three gunas in detail.

Now let us understand the remedies mentioned above based on the three gunas in detail.

1.      Satya guna- based remedies for weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology

These type of Kriyas are also called shanti kriyas which means actions to establish peace. This is basically psychic based remedies. It is most powerful among these three type of remedies. All mantra related, real tantra related, all vedic rituals and psychic ability and meditation based remedies come under this type. Let us discuss these one by one below.

What Is Mantra & How It Works

Mantra: Group of special words in “Sanskrit” or any language (sometimes called ‘seeds’ or ‘beej’) those create a vibration that believes to help us to fulfill our wishes by attracting those situations in our life.

i.     Vedic procedure or rituals to remove weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology Sun’s negative energy from your life

      Surya Dhyan (Chintan) for Sun remedies in Astrology:

“Om Khaytriya Kashyapyang Raktang Kalinging Dashalungam|

Padmahastadvyang Purvanand Saptashbahanam|

Shivadhidayvatam Surjayang Banhipratyadhi Daivatam||”

      Abahan Mantra remedies for weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology:

“Om Bhurbhuvassvaha Kalingdeshodbhava Kashyapagotra Rakhtabarna Bhoh Surjya   Yagacha Yagachetyadi|”

      Mantra to remove negative energies of Sun in Astrology

“Om Rhim Rhim Surjaya||”

      Prarthana Mantra to remove negative energies for Sun in Astrology

“Om Bandhukapushpa Shankasho Rakhtotpalasamaprabhah|

Loknatho Jagatdeeph Shantim Jajchhatu Bhaskara||”

Start above procedures from any Sunday in ‘Brahama Muharta*’. Chant the mantra 108 times in a day. Total mantra jhapa would be 60,000 times, 600 times havan on the same mantra, 60 time tarpan, 6 times Abhishek and feed food to any Brahmin.

*Is a time period which starts from 1 hr 45 mins before and after Sunrise and Sunset times respectively

ii.            Yogic Procedure to remove negative energies of weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology

Sun represents or Sun energy resides in ‘Sahasrara Chakra’ or Solar Plexus, the highest Chakra or energy center in human psychic body. Every day before going to bed and after waking up as long as possible for you, just concentrate on ‘Sahasrara Chakra’ which is on top of your head as shown in the picture below and chant the mantra “ Om Rhim Rhim Surjaya” mentally. Please do remember to sit in any pose or ‘Sukhasana’ and keep your back straight and keep your eyes close.

iii.            Visualization to remove negative energies of weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology       

 As you will be concentrating on Sahasrara Chakra’ or Solar Plexus or and will be mentally chanting the mantra be in this stage for five to ten minutes. After that you need to start the visualization process.

Visualize that your problem is already over or that you have come out of the problem and leading that stage of happy and normal life. Problem vary from person to person, so you need to concentrate accordingly.

For example, if you have career problem, then see yourself as if you have progressed in your career. Very importantly at this type of stage of visualization or meditation oriented remedies, always focus on improvements or solutions and not on the problem.

iv.            Tamah guna- based remedies for weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology

Some kind of ‘Aghori Rel;ated’ remedies comes under Tamah guna remedies. This type of procedure is not widely accepted and it has a lot of side effects too and in my opinion, this type of remedies are not recommended and so I am not going to discuss on these remedies now.

2.      Rajah guna- based remedies for weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology

All kind of gem stones, metal, foods, color, numbers, etc come under this type of remedy procedure.

Below are specific remedies based on Rajah guna for Sun which strengthen the planetary energy. Always remember Rajah guna –based energy strengthen the planetary energy, it basically means that if your Sun is a bad significator, for example- 8th lord and you are doing Rajah guna based energy, then you are increasing negative energy of Sun. Rajah guna-based remedies should be performed only is the Sun in horoscope is in debilitation stage or afflicted by other planets. If it is a bad house lord, do not go for Rajah guna-based remedies otherwise it will increase the bad results in your life and that’s the reason who wear gem stones, all the people do not get positive result. You need to judge all aspects of a planet in the horoscope and do not become conclusive or hurry to go to the conclusion. See all aspects of planets before doing this type of remedy.


i.      Gemstone to remove Sun’s negative energy from your life:

Ruby is the gemstone for Sun. Wear Ruby in Gold (if not possible wear it in Silver) in Ring finger. Choose any Sunday after taking bath in the early morning and wear it in the Ring finger.

ii.      Metal represents Sun energy: Copper

iii.      Day Of Sun In Astrology: Sunday

iv.       Number Of Sun In Astrology: which represents Sun’s energy is 1. So try to do or start all remedial procedures of Sun on those dates which represents number 1. For example, 1st or 10th or of any month

v.      Color Of Sun In Astrology: Red represents the Sun’s energy

vi.      Food Of Sun In Astrology: Khichdi

vii.      Time Of Sun In Astrology: 12 PM or Noon. Sun’s energy is at its highest point at this time during a day

Always remember, to do remedies mean to balance a certain energy level within you. The psychic energy within you controls all energy of your body and your life as well. What you see in your outer world is a mere reflection of your in inner world. Now the remedy will work as nicely as you will be balancing with nature.

  • Ruling Deity which represents Sun’s energy : Lord Shiva
  1. Rudraksh Of Sun In Astrology: One Mukhi or 12 Mukhi Rudraksh soothes Sun’s negative energy
  2. Dasha Mahavidya Of Sun In Astrology: Devi Matangi


My Experience/Opinion n remedies for weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology

If you ask anybody or search in the internet about remedies, you will get variety of opinions which can confuse you a lot. Do not get very confused and always remember the key to success in any field is to follow a certain procedure continuously with patience and perseverance, then only you will attain success. Otherwise if you follow all procedures one by one for a short period of time, it will not take you anywhere and ultimately you will start disrespecting this holy system of remedies.

I have mentioned many types of remedies but among them Yogic Procedure (point (ii) under Satya guna-based remedies) is the most powerful, fast and effective procedure if you can follow properly. 

In case of any questions, please ask them below in the comments section.

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