Mars Remedies In Astrology-Weak, Debilitated,Afflicted, Combust

Mars Remedies Astrology For Weak,Debilitated,Afflicted,Combusted State

Mars Remedies Astrology for Weak, Debilitated, Afflicted, Combusted State: In horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart:

Are you looking for answers to the following questions?

  • Do you have a weak Mars in your horoscope?
  • How does a weak Mars affect your life?
  • Do you want to remove the negative energy of Mars from your life?
  • Can you make a weak Mars strong/positive?
  • What are the various types of effective remedies to strengthen Mars’s energy?

Then do not skip any part of this article read everything attentively.

Remedies for weak, debilitated, afflicted Mangal

Mars is a very misunderstood planet in Astrology due to numerous opinions about this planet in various scriptures. But one thing is common in all of them which states that Mars is a Warrior or a Fighter who does not know to back off. Mars energy is very active energy, full of impulsiveness like sudden embark of fire. Mars influenced people to make decisions on the basis of a situation arising at a certain point in life.

They do not have patience and want everything right away. Mars represents brotherly bodies in family and society both. It is male energy, always ready to take action without thinking about the future. It wants to live life in the present lacking future planning. An individual who has a bad influence on Mars in his horoscope can put a person in huge debt.

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Mars represents the 3rd and 6th house significance of horoscope, which includes initiative of any kind in life whether it is a career, relationship, etc. Mars helps in taking the first initiative to do anything.

That means the first step in life you take with the help of Martian energy. This means that if Mars is debilitated, weak, or afflicted by other malefic planets, then an individual will only keep planning but will lack the ability to take action for the same. Being a fighter, Mars destroys the individual’s enemy or fights to conquer or win over obstacles or competition in life.

If Mars is exalted in your horoscope, particularly in some houses like 3rd House, 6th House, 10th House or 11th House then it can bring ultimate success in a respective path of life. But remember, here also, it should not get any affliction from Saturn or the positive results mentioned above will not be seen in your life.

On the other hand, if Mars is badly influenced or weak in your horoscope then you will feel a lack of vigor, courage, and reluctance to take initiative at every stage of your life. Thus you will fail miserably in the most important stages of life. Badly influenced Mars also gives stage fear or inability to represent him/herself in public forums.

Today I am going to focus on the remedial aspect of Mars in Astrology. Because the fact is, to predict something in astrology is easier than to provide the solution for the same.

Let us move directly to all remedial aspects of Mars, so that if there is any of Mars’s negative energy which is working in your life then you can solve it to some extent. If you can follow the procedure of these remedies then your problems can get resolved completely. 

It is also true that to get a proper solution for any problem, you always need expert guidance on whether the problem is medical, legal, financial, astrological, etc.


When will one require Mars Remedies In Astrology?

Look at your horoscope and see the position of Mars. If the Mars in your horoscope is afflicted by another malefic planet, debilitated or in its enemy sign, you need to understand that you need the remedy for Mars. Otherwise, the house represented by Mars and other aspects of Mars which can give benefits in life, will not manifest.

For example, if your Mars is in Cancer within 28 degree and if it is in 6th house of your horoscope, then Mars has become debilitated in this house and it will give bad results in terms of putting you in extreme debt and will feel a lack of confidence and whatever initiative you will take that may have chances of going towards the wrong direction.

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As mentioned earlier, Mars represents the first step or initiative of any kind. Your first step decides your future and if so, due to weak Mars if you’re not able to take any initiative then nothing will happen in your life.

Mars or Mangal remedy in vedic astrology

Adverse effects of Mars in the 12 houses in your horoscope

Before going to remedy part let us focus on how the placement of planet Mars can cause negativity in different houses that can negatively impact your life. The following results are only applied when Mars in horoscope is afflicted by other malefic planets or house lords, debilitated or enemy sign.

  • Weak, Debilitated, Afflicted Mars in Astrology in 1st House:  Negative placement of Mars in this house makes the individual prone to accidents. Mars in 1st house always gives a lack of willpower and creates failure situations in any competition.
  • Weak, Debilitated, Afflicted Mars in Astrology in 2nd House:  It is an unfortunate position for monetary matters. It destroys all your money and forces you to live life in debt. It also gives speech-related and teeth-related problems and gum problems. It is not a good position for any kind of financial dealings in business.
  • Weak, Debilitated, Afflicted Mars in Astrology in 3rd House: Person with the negative placement of Mars here, has a lack of courage, confidence, vigor and he/she has a fearful nature. This characteristic prevents him/her to improve in life because 3rd house Mars also aspects 9th house of luck. Generally, this placement of Mars will the native in unnecessary arguments and thus will create a lot of enemies as the result.
  • Weak, Debilitated, Afflicted Mars in Astrology in 4th House: It takes away overall happiness from life in family affairs. It gives an insecure feeling in the family itself, due to that the person suffers from extreme mental pain and gives an extremely fearful nature with a lack of self-confidence. This position gives suffering to the person’s mother too. If the Moon and 4th house lord are also afflicted, then this type of individual suffers from a psychological disorder on a long-term basis.
  • Weak, Debilitated, Afflicted Mars in Astrology in 5th House: This placement of Mars gives progeny-related problems and in case of females it gives several miscarriages. Individuals harm him/herself due to their own wrong decisions in life. Such a position of Mars always gives the signal that the individual should not invest in speculative businesses. Mars in 5th house also harms love life.
  • Weak, Debilitated, Afflicted Mars in Astrology in 6th House: This position of Mars makes the native less energetic, involved in unnecessary trouble, less interested in any kind of physical work, and gives blood pressure-related diseases. Mars in 6th house also brings debt situations in life.
  • Weak, Debilitated, Afflicted Mars in Astrology in 7th House:  This placement of Mars causes disharmony in marital life. This gives quarrelsome characteristics of the spouse. The unhealthy situation of married life will force the natives to involve in extramarital or illicit relationships. Mars in 7th house is not good for partnership business too.
  • Weak, Debilitated, Afflicted Mars in Astrology in 8th House: This placement of Mars gives emotional insecurity and a lack of self-knowledge in every stage of his/ her life. Mars in 8th house gives sexual organ-related diseases that can be due to sexual bad habits or no habits at all. This placement of Mars in horoscope is not good for the longevity of the spouse.
  • Weak, Debilitated, Afflicted Mars in Astrology in 9th House:  Negative placement of Mars in this house gives problems in achieving goals in life and higher education. It gives the inability to face instinctual challenges and creates sudden obstacles in the path of the native’s life. Badly placing Mars in 9th house also gives bad luck to the native’s father.
  • Weak, Debilitated, Afflicted Mars in Astrology in 9th House: Badly placed Mars in this house degrades the overall social status of the natives and creates a barrier in career too due to lack of courage, and lack of fixed goal in life. Improvements in professional affairs become hard to achieve.
  • Weak, Debilitated, Afflicted Mars in Astrology in 11th House: This negative placement of Mars, gives frustrated, frequent ups and downs monetary income. It also destroys the friend circle’s social activities. This position also gives obstacles in the path of any kind of success in life.
  • Weak, Debilitated, Afflicted Mars in Astrology in 12th House: Bad placement of Mars in this house makes the native a spendthrift. Such a native may also have debt on account of his spendthrift nature. This placement of Mars is also bad for marital happiness, It destroys the bed pleasure.
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Type of Remedies for weak, debilitated, afflicted Mars In Astrology

Remedies are of basically three types on the basis of three Gunas.

  1. Satya
  2. Tamah
  3. Rajah

These are the basic gunas on which our physical and psychic existence are based. God or Supreme Energy is out of the influence of these three Gunas. In short, the existence of three Gunas gives the existence of body and mind. Later in my other article, I will discuss these three Gunas in detail.

Now let us understand the remedies mentioned above based on the three Gunas in detail.

1. Satya guna- based remedies for weak, debilitated, afflicted Mars in Astrology

These types of Kriyas are also called Shanti kriyas which means actions to establish peace. These are basically psychic-based remedies. It is the most powerful of these three types of remedies. All mantra-related, real tantra related, all Vedic rituals and psychic ability and meditation-based remedies come under this type. Let us discuss this one by one below.

i. Vedic procedure or rituals to remove Mars’s negative energy from your life

      Mars Or Maghal Dhyan (Chintan) Mantra:

“Om aabantyang khatryang raktang meshasthang chaturangulam |

Aaraktamalyabasanang bharadajang chaturbhujam ||

Dakkhinordhokrumachhatkti – barabhayogadakaram |

Jalapratya Aadityadimukhang debang tatdebo samahayet |

Skandadhidaibatam bhaumang khitiprayadhidaibatam ||”

      Avahan Mantra for weak, debilitated, afflicted Mars Remedies in Astrology:

“Om Bhurbhurvahswah abanti deshodvabah bharadajo gotra rakta barnanang bhoh ihagachha ihagachhyatyadi||”

      Tantric Mantra to remove negative energies of weak, debilitated, afflicted Mars Remedies in Astrology

“Om hung shring mangalayo||”

      Prarthana Mantra

“Om Dharani garvasambhutam bidyutpunjasamapravam |

Namaami Kumarang Shaktihastancha louhatangang namamyaham ||”

Start the above procedures from any Tuesday in ‘Brahama Muharta*’. Chant the mantra 108 times a day. Total mantra Japa would be 8,000 times, 800 times havan on the same mantra, 80 times tarpan, 8 times Abhishek, and feed food to any Brahmin.

*Is a time period that starts from 1 hr 45 mins before and after sunrise and sunset times respectively


ii. Yogic Procedure to remove negative energies of weak, debilitated, afflicted Mars in Astrology

Mars represents or Mars energy resides in ‘Root (Mooladhara) Chakra’, the base Chakra or energy center in human psychic body. Every day before going to bed and after waking up as long as possible for you, just concentrate on ‘Root (Mooladhara)  Chakra’ located at the base of the spinal cord or back tail bone as shown in the picture below and chant the mantra “Om hung shring mangalayo” mentally. Please do remember to sit in any pose or ‘Sukhasana’ and keep your back straight and keep your eyes close.

      Visualization to remove weak, debilitated, afflicted Mars Remedies in Astrology

 As you will be concentrating on ‘Root (Mooladhara) Chakra’ and will be mentally chanting the mantra, be in this stage for five to ten minutes. After that, you need to start the visualization process.

Visualize that your problem is already over or that you have come out of the problem and leading that stage of happy and normal life. The problem varies from person to person, so you need to concentrate accordingly.

For example, if you are in huge debt, then see yourself as you have come out of all debts and have become very happy and content. Very importantly, this type of stage of visualization or meditation oriented remedies always focuses on improvements or solutions, not on the problem.


2. Tamah guna- based remedy for weak, debilitated, afflicted Mars in Astrology

Black Magic comes under Tamah guna remedies. This type of procedure is not widely accepted and it has a lot of side effects too in my opinion, these types of remedies are not recommended to practice without a proper guru or master and so I am not going to discuss these remedies.

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3. Rajah guna- based remedy for weak, debilitated, afflicted Mars Remedies in Astrology

All kinds of gemstones, metals, foods, colors, numbers, etc come under this type of remedy procedure.

Below are specific remedies based on Rajah guna for Mars which strengthens the planetary energy. Always remember Rajah guna–based energy strengthens the planetary energy, it basically means that if your Mars is a bad significator, for example- 8th lord and you are doing Rajah guna-based energy, then you are increasing negative energy of Mars. Rajah guna-based remedies should be performed only if the Mars in horoscope is in debilitation stage or afflicted by other planets. If it is a bad house lord, do not go for Rajah guna-based remedies otherwise it will increase the bad results in your life and that’s the reason who wear gemstones, all the people do not get positive results. You need to judge all aspects of a planet in the horoscope and not become conclusive or hurry to go to the conclusion. See all aspects of planets before doing this type of remedy.


i. Gemstone to remove Mars’s negative energy from your life:

Red Coral is the gemstone for Mars. Wear Red Coral in Silver or Gold (preferably Gold) on Index or Ring finger. Choose any Tuesday after taking bath in the early morning and wear it in the Index or Ring finger.

ii. Metal Of Mars In Astrology: which represents Mars energy: Iron

iii. Day Of Mars In Astrology: Tuesday

iv. Number Of Mars In Astrology: which represents Mars’s energy is 9. So try to do or start all remedial procedures of Mars on those dates which represent number 9. For example, 9th, 18th or 27th  of any month

v. Color Of Mars In Astrology: Blood red represents Mars’s energy

vi. Food Of Mars In Astrology: Masur dal or any food made of Masur dal.

vii. Time Of Mars In Astrology: 6 AM or at the time of sun rising Mars’s energy remains at its highest point.

viii.      Always remember, to do remedies means to balance a certain planetary energy level within you. The psychic energy within you controls all energy of your body and your life as well. What you see in your outer world is a mere reflection of you in the inner world. Now the remedy will work as nicely as you will be balancing with nature.

  • Ruling Deity which represents Mars’s energy in Astrology: Dev Kartikeya
  1. Rudraksh Of Mars In Astrology: 9 Mukhi soothes Mars’s negative energy
  2. Dasha Mahavidya represents Mars energy in Astrology: Devi Ma Bagalamukhi
  3. Read Hanuman Chalisa every day to remove Mars’s negative energy from your life, especially when you are in debt-related problems.
My Experience/ Opinion in remedies for weak, debilitated, afflicted Mars

If you ask anybody or search on the internet about remedies, you will get a variety of opinions which can confuse you a lot. Do not get very confused and always remember the key to success in any field is to follow a certain procedure continuously with patience and perseverance, then only you will attain success. Otherwise, if you follow all procedures one by one for a short period of time, it will not take you anywhere and ultimately you will start disrespecting this holy system of remedies.

I have mentioned many types of remedies but among them, Yogic Procedure (point (ii) under Satya guna-based remedies) is the most powerful, fast, and effective procedure if you can follow it properly.

In case of any questions, please ask them below in the comments section.

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  1. Amrita Mukherjee says:

    My mars is in cancer sign in Capricorn ascendent..this is in 7th house..many astrologers tell me to wear red coral for mangalik in youtube and Google everyone is saying not to wear red coral as mars will give negetive result in this situation.what should I do??

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