Jupiter In 12th House Love, Sex, Marriage, Career, Loss, Health, Jail

Jupiter In 12th House Love, Sex, Marriage, Career, Loss, Health, Jail

Jupiter in 12th House Love, Bed Pleasure, Sleep, Loss & Expenditure, Troubles, Foreign connection & Resident, Marriage:-  Jupiter 12th house makes native curious, stubborn, researcher, ambitious, focussed and goal oriented and successful in their career.

Guru/ Brihaspati in 12th from Lagna for all Ascendant

Native will be confident and believe in hard work and will have lot of self-confidence. He or she will wise and will fulfill promise of each commitment in life. Native will be very hard working but childhood of native will not be normal. He or she may fave poverty during inital years of life.

Jupiter or Guru in 12th house From Lagna For All Ascendant General Effect:-  Effect and Result of Jupiter in 12th house can differ from person to person as placement of different sign in 12th house, malefic& benefic dignity, degree, aspects, affliction, combination, conjunction of Jupiter in 12th house, Jupiter in different Nakshatra(Constellation) as well as strength and dignity of 12th bhav.

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Native will very spiritual and their aim will be to know higher -self, to gain enlightenment, to pacify humans and animals,to attain liberation and emancipation. Native will be successful in their most endeavors and their desire regarding materialistic wealth and career will be fulfilled. Native will be wealthy and prosperous from middle years of life. Native will lead comfortable life after facing hardship in childhood and teen years of life.

Jupiter in 12th house in Horoscope and Love Life

Jupiter/ Guru/ Brihaspati in 12th house gives unsatisfactory love life and unfulfilled love desires. Native’s romantic affairs will be short lived and he or she may get cheated in  committed romantic relationship. Native will have crave for serious true love of life and may fantasize about soul mate but most of them never met their ideal match in  this lifetime and some may loose them in a unrealistic manner. Native will have heartbreaks and suffering due to love. There will be dull moments, isolation and aloofness in the life of native.

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Jupiter in 12th house Marriage and Bed Pleasure/ Sex

There will be chances of divorce or separation for some people due to native’s inclination towards self-love, spirituality, love for isolation, self-centered attitude, etc. Some native may not marry at all in their lifetime. Native will have some satisfaction when it comes to sexual pleasure but that too will be once in a while due to romantic, clandestine affair.

No sexual satisfaction from marriage. Jupiter in 12th bhav will make native aloof and drive away from pleasure and opposite sex from middle years of life.Overall, Married life will not be happy for most of the native especially if 7th lord is not well placed.

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Jupiter in 12th house in Horoscope/ Kundli and Career

Jupiter in 12th house can make native spiritual guru, an inspiration or pioneer for others, mass leader, IAS, IPS officer due to meritorious education and success in competition. Native can also become Yoga teacher, Healer, Tarot Reader, Successful Astrologer and may gain popularity due to their occult practice. Native can also become a teacher, professor in Government school or college.  Native can also become  Jewel merchant in advanced years of life or may deal with Gemstones. Native can also become a  popular doctor, dentist, physician, etc.

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Jupiter in 12th house in Horoscope and Loss/ Expenditure

Jupiter/ Guru/ Brihaspati in this house minimizes losses and give big gains after some transformation in life. Native also helps in making change in other’s life as well due to their preaching, deeds, practice etc. Jupiter in 12th house gives pleasure from spirituality and big materialistic gains from spiritual or educational pursuit.

Native will spend on their luxury and comfort but overall native will be saved from losses. Native will have good income from middle years of life with high savings. Native will be frugal in spending only during traveling or may spend for their hobbies.

Jupiter/ Guru in 12th house Health and Hospitalization

Native will suffer from cold, cough, and fever regularly in life. There can be some serious health issues during childhood and in old age for native. Although, Native will live a very comfortable life with good lifestyle and good health during young and middle years of life. Native may get hospitalized due to liver failure, kidney failure or due to some minor accidents in life. Although, Native will have long life with better health for most years in life.

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Jupiter in 12th House and Foreign Resident/ Settlement

There will not be permanent foreign settlement for native but native will travel in foreign country and may also live for few years there. Native may obtain Higher Education degree from foreign land. Many native will live in their homeland and hometown in a prosperous manner. Although, there will be lot of short and long travels in the life of the native.

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Jupiter in 12th House in Birth Chart and imprisonment/ Jail

There will be no chances of litigation, court case, legal issues, or any kind of imprisonment for native in their homeland or in foreign land. Some frauds and cheating may happen with native but native will recover from its losses in few years easily. Some deportation or immigration problems may happen in foreign land during travel.

Special Effects of Jupiter or Guru in 12th house in Vedic Astrology

Jupiter/ Guru/ Brihaspati in this bhav makes native successful in attaining Higher education or gives success in competitive examination. Native will have disturbance in their night sleep and he or she may suffer from insomnia.

Native will have more than 1 house of their own in their lifetime. There can be some travel, transfer, and settlement in various cities in the life of the native. Native will search for peace from young age and will lead a peaceful life, sometimes self-employed life from middle years.

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