Foreign Travel In Horoscope – Vedic Astrology – A Detail Ananlysis


Foreign Travel In Horoscope – Vedic Astrology: If we talk about transportation, in today’s world that has become so compact & distances between one place to another seem to have become so reduced that one can go or travel anywhere in the world within a couple of days with no physical harassment. Due to these advantages, people have become very much interested in going to foreign countries or abroad/ Overseas. It is true that – reasons for visiting foreign countries are not the same for everybody. Some are going for education purposes, some to get new jobs, some people are going on a business trip to grow his/her own business and make international relationships. Some are going on a trip for self-pleasure etc. Objectives are different but all are foreign journeys. You must be thinking that – is it possible to know that – is there any indication in horoscope or Kundli of foreign travel/ planetary positions for foreign settlement or not? the answer is “yes”. Foreign settlement clues you will be getting from this article but in detail, I will discuss later. Today I will only tell you the way in detail How to do foreign travel prediction by date of birth, time and place. After making the horoscope with the help this information:

Now the question is how to determine from that particular birth chart or horoscope that – is there any “foreign travel yoga” or not? In the Vedic text, we get numerous yogas that can guide us in this matter. Today I am going to share with you that knowledge including my own experience. Let’s start.

Foreign Travel In Horoscope – Vedic Astrology

(foreign travel in horoscope)

(travel abroad astrology)

According to “Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra” 10th house and 4th house combination are very important for foreign travel. It says the lord of the 10th house in any nativity whenever is associated with 4th house or its lord with the full strength it indicates foreign travel. “Sarvatha Chintamani” also supports Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra but adds two more houses with that, those are – 7th house and 9th house. But, in present days scenarios, we also find one house which plays an important role that is the 12th house.

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In my experience I have seen four houses are very important in the case of foreign travels:

  • 7th
  • 9th house
  • 10th house
  • 12th house

(planetary combinations for foreign travel)

Sometimes the 8th house also plays a very important role to make one move to foreign countries. But, as the 8th house is not the auspicious house so very carefully we have to judge this. Only 8th house matters can create such a situation in your life that you will be compelled to go to a foreign land. That I will discuss later, but for the time being, take the above-mentioned houses as primary to take the decision about foreign journeys.

Strong 8th house if aspected by benefic planets and associated with the 11th house so it can give sudden or easy gains in foreign lands. But, always remember that, when the 8th house will be associated with any gain in life so that gain will bring tension and huge mental pressure. Sometimes in some charts, I find the 4th house is damaged by a strong 8th lord. 4th house is your motherland or birthplace if that is damaged and there is a strong foreign travel yoga in horoscope so that will send the native to foreign land obviously. Because the person won’t be able to stay in his/her birthplace for a long period of time due to several problems.

The 10th house or its lord is connected with the 12th house it also shows journeys to foreign or distant lands. The profitability of staying there in foreign lands largely depends on the signification (Planetary signification).

7th house, 9th and 12th house & their associated planets are primary planets where our focus should go while judging any horoscope in search of foreign journeys yoga.

In Vedic Astrology, Rahu is called the “Foreign Planet”. It always represents foreigners. If in any birth chart or horoscope “foreign travel” houses are connected and there is a connection of Rahu with that particular yoga, so it is definite that In Rahu Mahadasa or Antardasa the person will travel foreign countries.

If somehow, Rahu is connected with any inauspicious planet and not aspected by any auspicious planet so there can be difficulties in foreign travel or foreign travel won’t be beneficial for him/her. Rahu keeps a person always moving from one place to another if this planet is under any bad influence or ill-placed.

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The connection between the 1st and 12th house always keeps a native away from his/her birthplace, but if the 4th house is also strong so the person will return to his birthplace at a certain age. The age depends on the Dasa/ Antardasa of 4th house lord or its associated planets.

9th house connection with foreign travel yoga indicates that the travel is related to searching for “Guru” or Master or Mentor or a good Teacher. It is not always religious “Guru” or Master. Sometimes this indicates travel like – the native wants to learn something from a particular person (organization or institute) who stays in the foreign land. The 9th house also indicates a journey to a foreign land for higher studies or research. In this case, the 5th house also should be involved. In some research fields 8th house and Rahu, two have a great impact. Especially those research fields which are not related to the mainstream.

Some astrologers opine that – if maximum planets in a horoscope or birth chart are connected with movable or dual Rashi or sign so the person will travel foreign lands. In my practical experience, I have seen that it is true but partly. If there is no involvement of 7th, 9th or 12th houses in this yoga so the foreign travel is impossible, only movable sign indication is not enough.

If the 7th house is associated with 12th house or 9th house so the travel would be in business purpose to make international relationships. If the 10th house is also associated with this yoga so that could be a foreign journey due to any high administrative purpose.

If somehow 6th house connects with foreign travel-related yogas so the travel would be in the purpose of his/her service field related. ( Company will sponsor the travel, where the native works).

The Timing Of Foreign Travel:

(foreign travel astrology)

Now the question is when one will travel abroad. Here the Dasa System will come into the picture – Vimsottori Mahadasa and Antardasa.

Here 9th lord first comes into the picture. In maximum cases 9th lord makes the situation to go abroad If this lord is associated with strong 5th or 4th house lord so that would be on the purpose of higher studies. But, if the 9th house or lord has any connection with the 10th house or lord so that would be work or job purpose.

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As I mentioned earlier that Rahu always represents foreign land, on this planet’s period the foreign travel very much possible.

Associated planets with 7th, 8th, & 12th house indicate foreign travels. So in their Mahadasa or Antardasa foreign travel is possible.

(foreign travel astrology)

Transit also plays a very important role. For example – If Jupiter is placed in 7th or 9th or 12th house in transit so in that time foreign travel is possible. But, please remember, if there is no foreign travel yoga in horoscope or if any foreign travel-related yoga planet’s Dasa is not going on at that time so the transit system won’t work.

If you want to know planet wise, so, I have observed that in maximum cases Mahadasa of some planets has become responsible for moving somebody to foreign lands – Those are – Jupiter Mahadasa, Rahu Mahadasa, Ketu Mahadasa, and Saturn Mahadasa. In the case of Ketu, Mahadasa Sign lord is very important.

If you go by houses, so, obviously those are – 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th, & 12th houses, their maha Dasa or periods and Antar Dasa or sub-periods will be responsible for sending somebody to a foreign land. 6th and 10th houses alone can not send anybody to a foreign land but those two houses give or add extra purpose to go.

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    had done the interview for foreign job.possible of travelling and staying duration.

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    My name is Arpitha.M, Date of birth is 20/8/1992 ,time 12:25:55 PM ,place : Harohalli Bangalore -79
    My question regarding about my marriage sir what type of person I may get because I am prusing M-tech sir

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    I am vijay. I want to know if I can permanently settle in USA. Does my horoscope support permanent settlement abroad?

    DOB: 24/06/1978
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    I am vijay. Can I settle permanently abroad in USA.

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    Hello Sir,
    My name is Bhavesh and I already out of India since 2011. Kindly guide me when I am going to settle permanently in foreign land like Canada / Australia or Newzealand.
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    Place : Nadiad /Gujarat

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    Hi my name is Bharath. My date of birth is October 6 1989 time of birth is evening 4 o clock . Place of birth is Bangalore. Rashi: dahnur rashi. Nakshatra :moola I want to know about my foreign country visit, as I am planning to go there for studies.i also want to know about the job opportunities as of now.

    • Dr. Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

      Please read the above article carefully dear, and judge your horoscope accordingly, you will get your answer, if you still do not get any answer, just let me know which part of the judgment is puzzling you, I will obviously help you regarding that…

  8. Hemlata says:

    Hi Sir,
    I am looking for settlement in CANADA. Do you think I should go ahead with the plan?
    My DOB: 29th feb, 88
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    Please guide.


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    I am willing to settle in Canada or USA with my wife and 2 kids. Below are my queries:

    1. Are there any possibility to get settled in Canada or USA? If yes, then when?
    2. If not, how many years I can live in foreign country with my family? From which date it is possible?
    3. I don’t want my family is in India and I am travelling alone. Is it possible?

    Date of birth: 14-Nov-1972
    Time: 1:05 AM (it may vary)
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  11. Badhri says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am looking for foreign chances from past 10 years but I am not getting and asked many pandits, astrologists for getting foreign chance but not telling correctly. Few pandits told me that I will get abroad chance in 2014 but I did not get.

    I am working as software engineer since 9 years but no luck. Last year I have applied for H1 B visa but no luck for this also.

    I hope you can tell my foreign chances and please help on this. If I wont get any chance in my life I will not look & wait for foreign chances.

    My details

    DoB 28.03.1974

    Time : 12:45 PM (not exactly)

    Place of Birth : Mummidivaram (Andhra Pradesh)

  12. Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear Mr. Gupta,

    I have already discussed this thing many times in this blog, in many replies and in article also, but still before before into more deep regarding the subject – Foreign travel or settlement in horoscope – astrology please read this reply – foreign travel and settlement in abroad combination, you will understand the rest, after reading and following the procedure of judgement if you face any problem to find-out your answer, please let me know.

    May God Bless You Dear

  13. Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear Prashanath,

    First of all I want to tell you, that – my official number is flashing in every webpage at the top and bottom, for any astrology consultation. Sometimes it becomes unreachable due to some network problems or if I am already busy in another call or if many people are trying to call me at the same time. Reasons could be many, but that is my number for consultation. You can reach me through “Whats-App” also, you can send massage here, go to the last portion of the page – Astrology consultation.

    Now, as far as your question is concern – To see whether you will get green card in foreign land or not, you have to see the strength & connections of the Ninth house, 12th house, lagna and their lords in horoscope. “Nakshatra”, Argala or Planetary Intervention also should be judged, specially the Arudha Lagna of 12th house and 9th house – their planetary connections. If all are well connected and well placed so you will get the green card. Arudha Lagna is very very important here (Arudha Lagna represents your existence in this world of illusion – your appearance to the society).

    I believe this much will help you, if you need more guidance, just let me know, I will guide you further with more information.

    May God Bless You Dear

  14. Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear Krishna,

    without proper birth data I can not tell you anything through traditional vedic astrology system. But, there is another way to get the answer, that is through “Horary Astrology”. In this system if you do not have correct birth details then also I can predict your future. Palmistry is also there and most importantly “Birth Time Rectification Formula”, with the help of which your birth time can be corrected, if you at least know the approximate time. Numerology will also help to some extent.

    Now all these things cannot be done here, for that, because all those procedures are time consuming and you will have to be live at least over phone, because I need some other information from you, while judging your horoscope.

    May God Bless You Dear

  15. Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear Sagnika,

    Your birth time is not fully clear to me, is it am or pm? I think you missed it out. Anyways, I will show you the way how to see that – there is any foreign travel yoga or combination again in your horoscope or not. One thing is for sure that you have that combination in your birth chart otherwise it would not be possible for you to travel abroad last time. But whether you will be able to travel again or not for that you will have to concentrate on Dasa System – Mahadasa and Antardasa both, and most importantly the “gochar” or transit. Judge your horoscope properly last time in which dasa and antardasa you had gone to foreign land? then look for it’s associated planets with their “Nakshtra” and “Argala” or “Planetary Intervened” planets. Also see among them who is in good relation with the dasa lord and where those planets are in transit. If these two planets what you have sorted out are also connected in transit somehow so the 50% work is done. In Rashi chart and transit – 9th & 5th house is very important in case of higher educational purpose.

    Now another 50% will be depending upon the houses and on a Divisional Chart Called “Siddhyamsa” or D-24. You know, houses are very important here. As higher education is your objective to go to foreign land, so D-24 will play a very important role over here. This Divisional chart is called “The Chart Of Education”. How you have looked for foreign travel yoga in your Rashi Chart (the clue you will get in this article) just search for the same in D-24. Only two things you will have add – 1. Argala, 2. Nakshatra. Always remember if there is a clear indication in your Rashi Chart that – you will go to foreign land but your D-24 is not supporting that, so, after trying a lot also your all efforts will be in vain, as far as your education purpose is concern.

    I believe, these tips will help you to find out your answer from your horoscope> As you some basic idea to judge so, that’s why I have mentioned some short steps over here.

    If still you are unable to find out, just let me know, i will guide you further.

    May God Bless You Dear

  16. Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear Samira,

    In this free advice I won’t be able to judge your horoscope at all, but I can tell you some ways to find-out the answer of your questions. You have asked many questions at a time. In one comment box, it is not possible to give you answer of all those. To do that I have to write articles, obviously I will cover these topics in my future articles, especially the children matter. Foreign travel in horoscope I have already covered.

    May God Bless You – JAY SHRI RAM

  17. meharkumar says:

    hello sir my name is Mehar Kumar my DOB is 06-08-1975 09:40 am right know not settled in any job and family matter, first marriage broken, i have two sons ( my marraige date : 10-03-1996) and i interested to settle abroad or this conuntry when i settle my life can u explain if possible.

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    Hello Sir,
    Name: Hemanth Suman
    My DOB is 30th October 1980,
    Birt time 11.45 am,
    Place of birth Khammam,Andhra Pradesh,India.

    Sir I am planning to apply for Canadian Permanent Visa in 2016 with my wife, please let me know is their any chance or it a good time to apply.

  19. Sahil says:

    Hi sir, In my horoscope venus is lord of 4th and 9th house and is sitting in 12th house with mars and rahu. I am going to germany for higher education in april, Is it going to be beneficial?

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  22. Humaira says:

    I just wanted to that there are chances for me to settled in foreign counrty and in direction by which month of 2016. However my sun sign is pieces 12th house rahu.

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    Hello Sir, my DOB is 10th April 1973. I am looking for overseas opportunities and nothing is working out properly. Can you suggest which countries i should try and focus.

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    My dob is 22nd July 1994. I am interested to go abroad and settle down there. Kindly advice me which country will be suitable for me Australia, New Zealand, Canada or USA? also I would like to know when is the right time to go abroad?

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    I am always curious to go abroad but unfortunately never had the chance. Could you tell me if this is possible for me in coming life/time.

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    Best Regards

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    hello sir,
    My DOB is 16/07/1983 @ 8:30 PM place maihar.
    Is there any possibility of going abroad for long term…?
    If yes then what is the probable time/year.
    If not, what should i do to make it happen as soon as possible.

    Thank you so much.

  27. richa says:

    My DOB 17/18 Jul 1981, time 2:20 AM, Place Jalandhar (Punjab), various pandit je are saying to apply for abroad, shall I apply and will it be successful, or I should go for PR/Study
    Respected sir, if you could share your views I shall be very obliged.

  28. Viswanath says:

    Hello Sir,

    My DOB : Jan 7th 1982. Birth Time : 12:30 PM. I visited foreign land 3 times on business trip only. When can I get the opportunity to stay at least 3 -4 years in foreign land.Please share your comments.


  29. Bhargavi says:

    Hello Sir My dob :18/3/1988 at 4:30 pm Hyderabad
    Can you please tell me whether i have chances to travel abroad and how will be my career



  30. kaviyarasan says:

    I am kaviyarasan.
    What type of job I will get,can I become chartered accountant?,will I go to foreign country?

  31. Sudarshan Iyer says:


    I am about to file my Visas for USA, for further education. I am going through Mahadasha of Jupiter which is seated in 9th of my natal horoscope.

    9th Lord is seated in 7th house. and 5th house lord Moon is seated in 12th house. One of the astrologers had told me before that I have no yoga’s for settling abroad and infact travelling abroad. Please let me know if i should try to go for Student Visa or not.

    Pisces ascendant
    12th lord – exalted Saturn is in eighth house in Thula rashi, with Venus (the lord of eighth house having mooltrikona degrees itself)
    Rahu is in 3rd house in Vrishabh rashi.

    DOB details
    Date: 10/12/1983
    Time 14:34
    Place of birth : Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    I want to have your paid consultation. If possible face to face. I am ready to pay the fee as required.

    • Laxmi says:

      Dear Sudarshan,

      I am an amateur who is interested in astrology !! You can always contact Dr Sankar for his paid consultation, in which he will surely guide you with his great expertise 🙂

      Yes, It seems like, the earlier predictions of the astrologer whom you consulted is true. You do not have any strong yogas for foreign travel or settlement. Following are the the observations from your birth chart analysis.

      Before proceeding I want to briefly update you regarding the important houses that needs to be considered for the foreign travel and settlement. They are 1st house (home), 4th house(motherland), 9th(long distance travel), 12th(foreign land, settlement)

      4th house represents home. Any affliction to this house will initiate long distance travels.

      Rahul OR Saturn OR Mars OR Ketu in 4th house either from ascendant or Moon initiates foreign travel yoga

      In your kundali, there are no planets in the the 4th bhava or house

      4th lord in 9th or 12th initiates foreign travels

      In your kundali, no such observation is found (4th lord is in 10th house)


      4th lord with 9th or 12th lords also initiates foreign travels

      In your kundali, no such observation is found


      9th lord in 4th or 12th house is one more combination for foreign travel.

      In your kundali, no such observation is found (9th lord Mars is in 7th house)


      12th lord in 7th or 4th house is another combination of foreign travel.

      In your kundali, no such observation is found (12th lord Saturn is in 8th house)


      6. Ascendant lord with 12th lord OR in 12th house or in 7th house also generates this yoga.

      In your kundali, no such observation is found (Ascendant lord Jupiter is in 9th house)


      Only one hope in your horoscope is that the presence of Moon in 12th house; some times this will generate foreign travel yoga. Again, even though Moon is in 12th house, it is not very strong. This will diminish the chances again !!

      According to your horoscope’s planetary combinations, you have a very low chances of foreign travel or settlement. Even though, some how, if you travel, it will not be fruitful stay. You might have to come back; reasons may be many.

      Please do not get demotivated by this predictions. I strongly feel that, god might have very good plans for you in your home country only !! Its all due to your past karmas.

      All the very best !! God bless you dear


  32. Alphonse says:

    I believe this is one of the most significant info for me. And i am satisfied reading your article. However wanna observation on few normal issues, The website taste is wonderful, the articles is in reality excellent : D. Excellent task, cheers

  33. Karan kumar saxena says:

    Dob 9 june 1986
    Time 05 53 am
    Place etah(up)
    Iam looking for a foreign i have this yog in my kundli.
    I am just about to apply.
    So please let me know whether i should apply or not.
    Thank you

  34. Vaibhav says:

    Dear Sir,

    Presently I am jobless and in a very tense situation as I am engaged and marriage can take place in near future anytime. I want to go abroad for job purpose. Please tell me if it is possible. And also when I’ll get good a job. Please suggest me any remedies if possible.

    DOB 20-04-1982
    TOB 5:19 pm
    Place Delhi

    I was into software field, Which field will suit me more.

    Sincere regards

  35. Ambar says:

    Sir .
    I will really like to know I I can settle abroad. In a couple of months I will be starting with mars dasha with moon antar. In my horoscope they both exchange houses. I have Scorpio lagna. Mars is in ninth house. I am hoping something will happen around this time. Plz advice.
    Dob 21 DEC 1977, 6 am , Lucknow.

    • Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

      If you want to see the settlement in abroad combination is there in your chart or not, you need to check at first that whether you have any foreign travel yoga or not or any combination that connects you with foreign land is present in your birth chart or not. If the connection is absent so there is no logic to judge the horoscope for foreign settlement at all. Why I am saying so? The answer is to judge whether you have the foreign settlement combination in your chart or not, that is a bit of advance level part of Vedic Astrology. So before going to advance level we should start with the basic, if the basic is not supporting so no need to go into deep, just be relax and concentrate on your present job.

      To check that – Read the above article. It will help you to find out your answer. In this case you have to judge two charts. 1. your rashi chart or natal chart 2. your d-10 or “dasamamsa”. D-10 will come into the picture because so many people are going to abroad for professional purpose. Also check the D2 or Hora chart to see there would be a rise in income level or not. It is an optional part, you may not check. If you check so you will get a good idea about your journey. Please include “Nakshatra” and “Argala (planetary intervention)” in judgement. Specially check the 9th house and 12 house Argala (A9 and A12). If you get the connection so please let me know, I will further guide you how to see, that, you have foreign settlement yoga or combination in your horoscope or not.

      May God Bless You – JAY SRI RAM

  36. Amar Ghatak says:

    My dob is 23/01/1976 time 1.05Am and place is kolkata.
    Foreign job is there in my luck?
    If it is in my luck Pls suggest me what time I should try for it?

    • Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

      To see whether you have career in foreign country or not you need judge your Natal chart and D-10 or Dasamamsa, which is called the chart of Career. At first try to find out foreign connection in your horoscope with the help of the above given information (Add nakshatrik yoga too, what has not been mentioned here, because it is little bit advance judgement procedure in astrology), if there is any foreign connection then see whether 10th house or lord somehow is associated with that combination or not. Connection doesn’t mean all the time it should be palnetary directly, you need to see all kind of connections, like – Nakshatrik connection, Argala connection (planetary intervention) etc., beside all planetary connections like – aspect, planetary exchange, placement etc. All these what I have mentioned you have to see from D-10 and Rashi Chart. If all connections are there so you will definitely get a foreign job. If not so the result will be negative..

  37. Pallav Soni says:

    Respected Sir,
    Currently I am doing year left).
    After my should i go for MBA or govt. exams.
    Or if i do MBA then is there any chance for me to do my MBA from Abroad or can i get a job in abroad.
    And please clarify Currently i am in which mahadasha.
    Is the present mahadasha Good or bad.
    My earlier mahadasha(rahu) was very terrible.

    So Sir please Clear these doubts.
    Plz reply sir.
    DOB-3rd Aug 1993
    Birth Time-18:30

    • Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

      Whether you should go for MBA or not, one chart can only unfold that mystery properly that is D-24 or “Siddhyamsa” – this chart is called the chart of education. From this chart we come to know that which stream of education someone needs to take for his/her future career improvement. MBA is also subdivided into many parts which is called “specialization”. Like – MBA in Finance, MBA in Marketing etc. You never have mentioned the specialization but still for your help I can tell you that – In Astrology education is judged from 4 houses – 2nd house, 4th house, 5th house and finally ninth. Sometimes 8th house also plays a very important role in research based education. In your case it is the matter of 9th house. If you want do MBA in finance so see the connection between Jupiter, 5th house and lagna in D-24 of your horoscope. If that is marketing so see the connection between 1st house, 2nd house, 3rd house and Mercury. Remeber all combinations should be well connected with 9th house too. See which connection is present in your chart (include- nakshatra, argala connection too). Which connection will be present in chart that will be your stream, if there is no connection or any dusthana lord is associated with any of the mentioned combination, so do not go with that stream of education.

      Now as far as your Mahadasa question is concern, so, any dasa could be bad if the dasa lord is ill placed or badly influenced and any dasa could be good if the dasa lord is well placed or under good influence. So look at your horoscope and see the state of dasa lords.

      In case of government job yogas the strength of Sun and 10th house should be very strong, after that other planets can help you too, but it is simply depending upon the type of field you are talking about. For example – If you are trying to get teacher job in government sector so Jupiter will come into the picture. The yoga should be checked from Rashi chart and D-10 both.

      • pallav says:

        Sir thank u for the reply….But u r very technical….Do sir if possible pls be specific and direct to the point.
        Will wait for ur answer.

        • Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

          Life is all about techniques, you can take any subject, technique is the main part to find out any answer in life. Life is with full of complexity, and if you expect any easy solution or answer to this so sooner or later you will be failed dear. Now if you close your eyes and say that – “no, life is simple, it is not complex at all” – so that is different. Remember by avoiding something you cannot run away from the practical side of that. So try to apply the technique, what I have said or you can simply ignore it. If you want to solve the math yourself you can apply the technique or you can hire a teacher to solve it, it is very simple dear.

  38. Amar says:

    Sir my dob and time is 23/02/1976 1.05AM birth place kolkata. Can I go and work in foreign country?

  39. datta says:

    my son pavan wants to become doctor..his dob is 1jan 2000 ,tob-1248 pm place bangalore..wants to do md in abroad ..pls advice us

  40. P. ARUN KUMAR says:

    Name: P. ARUN KUMAR
    DOB: 13.09.1984
    Birth time: 7.05 a.m.
    Birth place: Coimbatore

    I would like to work in foreign country, is there any luck for me to work there….

    Thanks in advance..!

  41. dhwani says:

    birth date:28.6.1999
    birth time:9:00 am
    birth place:vadodara,gujrat

    i wanted to know how my life will shape up and also if there is a chance of settling in a foreign country


  42. shekhar says:

    My dob is 11-april-1984 time 6:37am Birth place ludhiana india. In my birth chart there is any chance of foreign travel??? I want to start import export bussiness so tell me will it be better or not

  43. mathew says:

    Hello Sir,

    My date of birth is 9 Dec 1987 6.00 am. My (scorpion)lagna lord Mars is in 12th house.Venus lord of 7th and 12th is in 2nd house. 2nd and 5th lord jupiter in 5th house is making aspect on 9th house(9th lord moon in 9th house). Currently i am under mercury maha dasha and mars antar dasha. According to above article, I am supposed to leave to foreign land, but never happened. Instead i went through my lifes toughest phase and lost everything what i had, almost seen death near by. Can you explain me why this happened?

    • Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

      Dear Mathew,

      It is very nice to ask question when you are in doubt. Please keep asking questions in this way. Now let's come to the point. You never have given me your full birth data, so I do not have any other choice without taking as final data what you have mentioned here. If you read Astrology properly so you will find that one house doesn't indicate only one part of life. It represents many other parts as well. Like that 12th house also does the same. 12th and 9th really deals with foreign land, but remember 12th is also the highest malefic house in Horoscope. Again this 12th house is also represents "Moksha" or enlightenment. So what do you think every person who are going through 12th lord or 12th house connected planets dasa, they all are getting the same result? If that would be, so there was no need to study Astrology more deeply. Life shows us many colours of its own. The 12th house represents just some of them. I have said in my several articles that – there is no thumb rule in Astrology when you are going deep into it. In this article what I have mentioned that is very basic. It will match with maximum people but not all. If I want to discuss the same topic in more detail so that will become a tiny book. Because, "Nakshatra" or "Stars" will come into action, and when you add "Nakhshatra" in your judgment, then so many other combinations will come into the picture. It will make the matter more complex, and who has just some basic knowledge on astrology he/she won't be able to understand, in result he/she will ignore it.

      So many good books are there on "Nakhshatra" please read one of them, I can suggest you one very good book – that is "Nakhshatra Pradipika". So many other research oriented books are also there on this subject written by some modern authors some of them are really good.

      At the end again I am saying the same – please, do not go with the thumb rule always. If you do so, – so you will misunderstand this holy science & will deprive yourself from knowing the truth of life.

      Astrology is not just a mathematical subject, it is more than that.

      With best wishes
      Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee

  44. Ankit dahiya says:

    my name is ankit dahiya

    D.o.b is 4 sep 1992

    Time 12:48 am friday

    Place pf birth : rajauri garden , new delhi

    Can you tell me about my life please


  45. Sonali says:

    Hello Sir,

    My birth date is 11-October-1989, Time: 5:55PM, Wednesday.

    Place of birth: Sholapur, Maharashtra, India (17.6800° N, 75.9200° E)

    Could please let me know if I have foriegn travel yoga in future?

    Also what will be the financial condition in future.


    • AstroSanhita Group says:

      Dear Sonali,

      Asking any specific question is no longer a part of Free Consultation. If you want to ask any specific question so please book your appointment at first. To do so go to Consultation Page to choose from variety of astrology consultancy services, which can fulfill your need more. If you have any other query please do not hesitate to ask.

      You also may like this – Free Horoscope Prediction

      Thanks & Regards

      AstroSanhita Support Team

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