Foreign Travel In Horoscope – Vedic Astrology – A Detail Ananlysis

Foreign Travel In Horoscope – Vedic Astrology: If we talk about transportation, in today’s world that has become so compact & distances between one place to another seem to have become so reduced that one can go or travel anywhere in the world within a couple of days with no physical harassment. Due to these advantages, people have become very much interested in going to foreign countries or abroad/ Overseas. It is true that – reasons for visiting foreign countries are not the same for everybody. Some are going for education purposes, some to get new jobs, some people are going on a business trip to grow his/her own business and make international relationships. Some are going on a trip for self-pleasure etc. Objectives are different but all are foreign journeys. You must be thinking that – is it possible to know that – is there any indication in horoscope or Kundli of foreign travel/ planetary positions for foreign settlement or not? the answer is “yes”. Foreign settlement clues you will be getting from this article but in detail, I will discuss later. Today I will only tell you the way in detail How to do foreign travel prediction by date of birth, time and place. After making the horoscope with the help this information:

Now the question is how to determine from that particular birth chart or horoscope that – is there any “foreign travel yoga” or not? In the Vedic text, we get numerous yogas that can guide us in this matter. Today I am going to share with you that knowledge including my own experience. Let’s start.

Foreign Travel In Horoscope – Vedic Astrology

(foreign travel in horoscope)

(travel abroad astrology)

According to “Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra” 10th house and 4th house combination are very important for foreign travel. It says the lord of the 10th house in any nativity whenever is associated with 4th house or its lord with the full strength it indicates foreign travel. “Sarvatha Chintamani” also supports Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra but adds two more houses with that, those are – 7th house and 9th house. But, in present days scenarios, we also find one house which plays an important role that is the 12th house.

In my experience I have seen four houses are very important in the case of foreign travels:

  • 7th
  • 9th house
  • 10th house
  • 12th house

(planetary combinations for foreign travel)

Sometimes the 8th house also plays a very important role to make one move to foreign countries. But, as the 8th house is not the auspicious house so very carefully we have to judge this. Only 8th house matters can create such a situation in your life that you will be compelled to go to a foreign land. That I will discuss later, but for the time being, take the above-mentioned houses as primary to take the decision about foreign journeys.

Strong 8th house if aspected by benefic planets and associated with the 11th house so it can give sudden or easy gains in foreign lands. But, always remember that, when the 8th house will be associated with any gain in life so that gain will bring tension and huge mental pressure. Sometimes in some charts, I find the 4th house is damaged by a strong 8th lord. 4th house is your motherland or birthplace if that is damaged and there is a strong foreign travel yoga in horoscope so that will send the native to foreign land obviously. Because the person won’t be able to stay in his/her birthplace for a long period of time due to several problems.

The 10th house or its lord is connected with the 12th house it also shows journeys to foreign or distant lands. The profitability of staying there in foreign lands largely depends on the signification (Planetary signification).

7th house, 9th and 12th house & their associated planets are primary planets where our focus should go while judging any horoscope in search of foreign journeys yoga.

In Vedic Astrology, Rahu is called the “Foreign Planet”. It always represents foreigners. If in any birth chart or horoscope “foreign travel” houses are connected and there is a connection of Rahu with that particular yoga, so it is definite that In Rahu Mahadasa or Antardasa the person will travel foreign countries.

If somehow, Rahu is connected with any inauspicious planet and not aspected by any auspicious planet so there can be difficulties in foreign travel or foreign travel won’t be beneficial for him/her. Rahu keeps a person always moving from one place to another if this planet is under any bad influence or ill-placed.

The connection between the 1st and 12th house always keeps a native away from his/her birthplace, but if the 4th house is also strong so the person will return to his birthplace at a certain age. The age depends on the Dasa/ Antardasa of 4th house lord or its associated planets.

9th house connection with foreign travel yoga indicates that the travel is related to searching for “Guru” or Master or Mentor or a good Teacher. It is not always religious “Guru” or Master. Sometimes this indicates travel like – the native wants to learn something from a particular person (organization or institute) who stays in the foreign land. The 9th house also indicates a journey to a foreign land for higher studies or research. In this case, the 5th house also should be involved. In some research fields 8th house and Rahu, two have a great impact. Especially those research fields which are not related to the mainstream.

Some astrologers opine that – if maximum planets in a horoscope or birth chart are connected with movable or dual Rashi or sign so the person will travel foreign lands. In my practical experience, I have seen that it is true but partly. If there is no involvement of 7th, 9th or 12th houses in this yoga so the foreign travel is impossible, only movable sign indication is not enough.

If the 7th house is associated with 12th house or 9th house so the travel would be in business purpose to make international relationships. If the 10th house is also associated with this yoga so that could be a foreign journey due to any high administrative purpose.

If somehow 6th house connects with foreign travel-related yogas so the travel would be in the purpose of his/her service field related. ( Company will sponsor the travel, where the native works).

The Timing Of Foreign Travel:

(foreign travel astrology)

Now the question is when one will travel abroad. Here the Dasa System will come into the picture – Vimsottori Mahadasa and Antardasa.

Here 9th lord first comes into the picture. In maximum cases 9th lord makes the situation to go abroad If this lord is associated with strong 5th or 4th house lord so that would be on the purpose of higher studies. But, if the 9th house or lord has any connection with the 10th house or lord so that would be work or job purpose.

As I mentioned earlier that Rahu always represents foreign land, on this planet’s period the foreign travel very much possible.

Associated planets with 7th, 8th, & 12th house indicate foreign travels. So in their Mahadasa or Antardasa foreign travel is possible.

(foreign travel astrology)

Transit also plays a very important role. For example – If Jupiter is placed in 7th or 9th or 12th house in transit so in that time foreign travel is possible. But, please remember, if there is no foreign travel yoga in horoscope or if any foreign travel-related yoga planet’s Dasa is not going on at that time so the transit system won’t work.

If you want to know planet wise, so, I have observed that in maximum cases Mahadasa of some planets has become responsible for moving somebody to foreign lands – Those are – Jupiter Mahadasa, Rahu Mahadasa, Ketu Mahadasa, and Saturn Mahadasa. In the case of Ketu, Mahadasa Sign lord is very important.

If you go by houses, so, obviously those are – 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th, & 12th houses, their maha Dasa or periods and Antar Dasa or sub-periods will be responsible for sending somebody to a foreign land. 6th and 10th houses alone can not send anybody to a foreign land but those two houses give or add extra purpose to go.

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